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Major format changes, modifications announced by LIV Golf ahead of new season

Published at :February 4, 2024 at 5:12 PM
Modified at :February 4, 2024 at 5:12 PM
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(Courtesy : LIV Golf)

Manjit Verma

Expanded field and scoring tweaks are among the enhancements made.

The LIV Golf has revealed a number of format changes targeted at boosting the competition and giving spectators an even more exciting experience. These changes are effective immediately and address a number of league topics, such as field size, scoring, individual point distribution, standings at the end of the season, and the coveted Team Championship.

The league’s commitment to providing an exciting product for players and fans has led to these changes, according to David Benne, Senior Vice President of Competition Management at LIV Golf. One of the main strategies for making sure that the LIV Golf competition keeps getting better and better is working with elite players and teams.

Major changes announced by LIV Golf ahead of new season

Field size and team composition

One of the most significant changes comes in the form of an increased field size, with a total of 54 players now participating in each event. This includes 13 teams, each comprising four players, along with the addition of two Wild Card players. This expansion sets the stage for a more competitive and diverse playing field, allowing fans to witness a broader range of talent in action.

Counting scores evolution

In another strategic move, LIV Golf has modified the counting score system. The top three scores of each team will now be considered for the first two rounds, offering teams flexibility in strategizing their approach. However, the final round will see all four scores contributing to the team’s overall performance, introducing an element of heightened drama and unpredictability.

Individual points distribution and standings

Individual point distribution has also been revamped. In cases of ties, points for players finishing with the same score will be added up and distributed evenly. Tiebreakers will only be utilized to determine podium positions, adding a fair and competitive edge to the individual standings.

Speaking of which, the season-long individual standings will maintain the Lock Zone for positions 1–24, with adjusted cut-offs for the Open Zone (25–48) and Drop Zone (49 and below) to accommodate the increased field size.

Players finishing in the top 24 at the end of the regular season will secure their spots in the 2025 league, while those in the 25–48 range will need to be re-signed or picked up by another team. Players finishing 49 and below will face relegation but have the opportunity to qualify for the 2024 LIV Golf Promotions tournament.

Team championship and broadcast details

The Team Championship, a pinnacle event in the LIV Golf calendar, will feature the top 12 teams following the 13th regular-season event. Notably, the 13th-placed team will attend the championship but will not compete, adding a unique dynamic to the concluding phase of the season.

The CW, The CW App, and LIV Golf Plus will all carry LIV Golf competitions in the United States on Saturdays and Sundays. The CW App and LIV Golf Plus will also feature Friday rounds. The league is available in over 180 territories and more than 380 million homes globally through LIV Golf Plus, the LIV Golf YouTube channel, and other international broadcast partners.

To get access to hospitality tickets, exclusive updates, and grounds passes for events with live music and kid-friendly fan activities, fans will have to register for LIV X. Golf fans all over the world can expect an exciting and immersive experience from the 2024 LIV Golf season, which is expected to completely redefine the game.

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