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Explained: The selection process for FIH Award winners

Published at :October 9, 2022 at 7:55 PM
Modified at :October 9, 2022 at 8:40 PM
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Indian ace Harmanpreet Singh was awarded the Player of the Year 2021-22.

The FIH player of the year award is an annual hockey award presented after each calendar year. It is granted by the IHF or the International Hockey Federation to male and female field hockey players, coaches and umpires. The awards were introduced in 1998 and have been going on ever since. Additionally, the FIH Young Player of the Year was also included in 2001. That recognized the contribution of young players WITHin the age range of 21.

In fact, we just had the FIH Hockey Awards hosted in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 7th this year. Coincidentally it was none other than India's hockey star Harmanpreet Singh who won the prestigious player of the year award for the 2021-2022 season. On the other hand, Felice Albers of the Netherlands won the women's Player of the Year Award.

So today we are going to dive down and find out more about the selection process and procedures followed to find out the elite winners.

Procedure of Selection

The selection committee of the FIH consists of different members from varied backgrounds. This is strictly done to ensure fairness in the process of selection. Keep in mind that the FIH Player of the Year Award is as prestigious as the Ballon D'Or (football) so it is mandatory to ensure neutrality. The committee is made up of an expert group of players, former players, coaches and officials selected by the continental federations.

The voting process giving weightage to each vote has been renewed as well. This new voting process as per FIH includes a group of experts whose votes will count for 40% of the overall result. Votes from National Associations, represented by their respective national team's captains and coaches, will count for a further 20%.

The fans and other players (20%) as well as the media (20%) will make up the remaining 40%. Votes by fans and other players will count for 20% as well as votes cast by the media. The voting process becomes active for a stipulated time. After which they are tallied to find out the winners.

List of Awards

The List of Awards includes the following categories.

  1. FIH Player of the Year (Women & Men)
  2. FIH Rising Star of the Year (Women & Men, under 21 years old and/or have participated in the FIH Junior World Cup)
  3. FIH Goalkeeper of the Year (Women & Men)
  4. FIH Coach of the Year (Women’s & Men’s Team)
  5. FIH Umpire of the Year (Women & Men), to be selected by the FIH Officials Committee


The criteria for selection for the players is their performance in the specified time over different formats of the game. The performance data of these shortlisted players are analysed and sent to the Expert Group. This Expert Group is solely responsible for handling the list of this final set of nominees. The Group also has the liberty to add or amend the list as they deem fit. The following events are generally considered for the selection process.

  1. FIH Hockey Pro League
  2. FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup
  3. FIH Hockey Junior World Cups
  4. Continental Championships (Senior Category)