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Exclusive: “New players to bring in expensive bids in PKL 10 auctions”: Rishank Devadiga

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August 3 2023
Exclusive: “New players to bring in expensive bids in PKL 10 auctions”: Rishank Devadiga

The former raider shared his insights on the upcoming auctions.

Rishank Devadiga, a renowned name from Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has been an exceptional talent and is among the first few stars of the league.

Devadiga had left an indelible mark in the first season of PKL and was a crucial part of the title-winning team U Mumba. However, he has not been playing in the last two seasons and has ventured into commentary. Rishank Devadiga spoke exclusively with Khel Now and revealed how the popularity of PKL has consistently grown, earning the players immense respect and recognition. He also anticipates that the upcoming season might see the rise of new players making headlines.

How PKL changed Rishank Devadiga’s life?

Kabaddi is amongst the oldest sport in India, and the Indian team has been performing well at the international level for many years. However, the players didn’t get as much recognition until PKL came along. With the broadcasting of matches at a grand and magnificent level and the advent of social media, kabaddi players became an integral part of every household, gaining immense popularity among fans. 

According to Rishank, Pro Kabbadi League provided kabaddi players the recognition that they truly deserved.

He said, “Before PKL, we had no idea that kabaddi could offer us so much. PKL made us visible in our homes, and people started loving the game. Now, wherever we go, people take pictures with us and ask for autographs. It’s not just about money; respect and recognition are more important, and PKL has given us that.

PKL’s Journey Ahead

Since Pro Kabbadi League will be completing its tenth year, it has achieved a significant success story for Kabbadi. Every Kabaddi fan eagerly awaits the commencement of the Pro Kabaddi League. 

He remembered his experience in the first season and said, “During the first season of PKL, we received so much love that it became immensely popular. I believe it will last at least for 20-30 seasons.

A Game-Changing Rule

To make PKL more thrilling, a new rule was introduced. As per the rule, when a raider fails to score points in two consecutive raids, then the third raid becomes a critical “Do or Die” raid. If the raider also fails to score in this raid, then the team loses a player. 

Rishank Devadiga suggests this rule should also be implemented in the second raid to keep the game more exciting. 

He said, “Until now, in all the nine seasons, the third raid has always been a ‘Do or Die.’ Because of this, the game slows down in the first 10-15 minutes. If we have ‘Do or Die’ in the second raid, the matches will become more interesting and enjoyable for the audience.

Need for More International Matches

India hosts several big tournaments like the Pro Kabaddi League, but there are not many international tournaments at the international level. There are only a few big tournaments like the Asian Games, Asian Kabaddi Championship, and Kabaddi Masters. Rishank believes that there should be regular tournaments at the international level.

He said, “We need more domestic tournaments, and besides that, if there are more international tournaments, it will give us more exposure. Many young players are coming up in India, and that’s why there should be more matches at the international level.“

Eagerly Awaiting the Emergence of Fresh Talent 

Throughout PKL’s history, player auctions have always been marked by high bids. In the last season, Tamil Thalaivas secured Pawan Sehrawat for over two crores. Rishank Devadiga shared his insights on the upcoming auctions, predicting that young players could fetch higher bid value in Pro Kabbadi League Players Auction 2023. 

Devadiga said, “It’s challenging to predict auction outcomes. We have players who could command bids of over two crores, but many top players are retained and may not be available in the auctions. I believe expensive bids might be directed towards the new players.”

Pro Kabaddi League’s Season 10 Player Auction to take place from 8th to 9th September

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