The defender amazed everyone with his raiding skills.

Telugu Titans performed very poorly in the eighth season of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). After watching the team perform, it never seemed that they would make it to the playoffs. Telugu Titans played a total of 22 matches in the last season of PKL, winning only one and losing 17 matches. Their four matches were also tied. In every match, the team kept doing the same mistakes over and over again. As a result, they were not able to challenge any team during the tournament.

The biggest problem for Telugu Titans was that their team’s biggest star raider Siddharth Desai succumbed to injury at the very beginning of the season. He failed to contribute in any way of form till the end of the season. Siddharth Desai could have won any match on his own, but when such a big raider gets injured at the start of the season, it affects the morale of the team. After Siddharth’s exit, the entire team was shattered and failed to make a comeback. Captain Rohit Kumar also failed unite the team and his performance was also very poor.

Even though the performance of the team was awful, in the meantime some players made a different identity with their brilliant game. Sandeep Kandola and Ankit Beniwal impressed a lot. On the other hand, left corner defender Adarsh ​​T also performed better than expected. Apart from defence, he also impressed a lot in the raiding department. He was one of the few players on the team who was able to give fightback against the opponent teams.

Adarsh took more points in raiding despite being a defender

The left corner defender showed excellent all-round play. He scored 86 points in 21 matches. However, you will be surprised to know that Adarsh ​​T took 76 out of these 86 points in raiding. He was playing as a main defender in the team but he could bring only 10 tackle points in defence while getting 76 points in raiding. He also showed excellent skills in raiding.

His tremendous skills include scorpion kick and the running hand touch. During the season, it didn’t feel like he was playing as a defender in the team.

Adarsh ​​T may have performed brilliantly for Telugu Titans but due to a lack of support from the other players, the team could not achieve the victory. Contribution from all the players is an integral part of any team’s achievements. If the team is dependent on only one or two players, then it might win one or two matches but it becomes difficult to move ahead in the tournament continuously. Adarsh ​​T showed through his game that the situation could have been different had other players also played with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

He began his career for Bengal Warriors in PKL

Adarsh T started started his playing career for Bengal Warriors in PKL. He was in Telugu Titans in the eighth season of the eague. In Season 6, he was brought in as a backup to the legendary defender Ran Singh in the Bengal team and impressed a lot with his game in a very short time. Adarsh ​​T scored 12 tackle points. This was the reason that Bengal retained him for the seventh season as well. However, before the eighth season, the team released him and during the auction, Telugu Titans bought him for ₹10 lakhs.

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