A same old story was repeated in the CFL match today between Mohun Bagan and Tollygunge Agragami..

It was no new in the CFL as we have seen in the past referees being beaten up and matches called off. CFL has always been full of drama in Kolkata Maidan and Mohun Bagan club has always been an integral part of all these drama. It was nothing new today.

Kolkata football witnessed a chaotic and dramatic match in the CFL today in the Mohun Bagan ground between hosts Mohun Bagan and Tollygunge Agragami. It was the injury time of the match (90’+2′) when Azharuddin Mallick’s goal was dismissed by linesman Ujjal Halder. The match was in a stalemate at 1-1 and that goal could have gifted Bagan the all important 3 points.

Angry Mohun Bagan fans broke the fence , later on Police has to come into action.

This was not the first time a goal was dismissed it was the third occasion. The first goal of Mohun Bagan was scored by Daniel Bidemi at the beginning of the match and was discarded by the referee as Bidemi was in the off-side position. Later in the 21st minute Prabir Das scored the only goal for the team. Prabir coming from the right wing placed the ball inside the net dodging the goalkeeper. In the second half another goal of Prabir Das was discarded claiming off-side. however, controversy has been raised over the decision of the linesman.

Tollygunge equalized the scoreline at 87th minute when Alfred Jaryan scored a very descent goal. That likely ended the hope of Mohun Bagan as supporters started fuming.The match rolled for an added time of four minutes. The drama began when a goal of Azharuddin Mallick was dismissed by the linesman Ujjal Halder on the one and half minutes of the injury time.

Angry Mohun Bagan Fans

After the goal whistle from the linesman, supporters broke the fencing of the Mohun Bagan ground. The club officials also made their way to the field to cool down the crowd. Supporters were desperate and started throwing bottles towards referees and Tollygunge players. At last the match was called off by match commissioner Udayan Halder due to poor law and order.

Mohun Bagan President, Swapan Sadhan Bose said, “We don’t want to play the match any more. if the replay is not given and we will write a letter to the IFA”.

“You all have seen what had happened in the match. It was clearly seen that the referee forcibly wanted us to lose points”, added Swapan Sadhan Bose.

After the match, Anjan Mitra said, “We will write a letter to IFA to reschedule the match and until and unless IFA reschedules the match we won’t take any further part in the CFL.”

IFA secretary, Utpal Ganguly said, “We are not in any hurry to take a call. Let us first receive the letter from Mohun Bagan then we will collectively take a decision.”

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Match Report by Khel Now Correspondent Rony. Sports passionate and content writer. He is big football and cricket fan.