The former Liverpool boss has come out in support of all the British managers.

Leicester City and Arsenal meet at King Power Stadium as the Foxes look to climb to the second spot in the Premier League table. Under Brendan Rodgers, they have managed to bag 23 points in the first 11 games and certainly look to secure Champions League spot for the next season.

In a latest, Rodgers has come out in defence of British coaches, as he feels they do not get enough chances because they are not ‘Showmen’. To put into perspective, David Moyes and Frank Lampard are the only British coaches permanently appointed by ‘top six’ clubs after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in May 2013.

A report from Daily Mail quoted Rodgers saying, “We have many outstanding coaches, managers, innovators. We are not showmen on the side, that’s definitely what we are not. It’s not how we are, it’s not how we work.”

“We try to do honest jobs, work hard, develop our players, and we are not all-singing, all-dancing on the side. But British coaches and managers are as good as any in the world,” he further added

The ex-Liverpool boss also expressed his disappointment about lack of opportunities to British managers and said “What you find is that when a club are struggling, they normally go for a British manager or coach. Then they come in and create an environment and a spirit and a quality that allows players to flourish. Then when, they are flourishing sometimes it feels there is something else (another manager or coach) needed.”

Brendan Rodgers spoke about his development and snapped, “If I look at my own development, the Championship is one of the toughest leagues in Europe. If you get promoted out of that (as he did with Swansea in 2011) then you know you have worked for it. We are then judged when we come into the Premier League which is the most competitive league in the world.”

He then reiterated his point and continued, “If you get the opportunity to work with top players and great players you have a greater chance to win trophies but there are also lots of outstanding British managers. Whether we get the same opportunity or not I tend to not go down that route. You do your best and you see what happens.”

Meanwhile, the Northern Irishman’s counterpart Unai Emery is struggling to get results at Arsenal on which he said, “Unai Emery has proven his value both in Spain and working at Paris St Germain, and he is a very good manager.”

Further, Brendan Rodgers has also denied all the talks linking him to Arsenal. “People link me, at times, to top clubs – I’m already in a top job,” he added.