The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand.

The Indian men’s and women’s hockey teams are very excited to engage with the fans through a skills-challenge to celebrate the occasion of National Sports Day on Saturday – the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand.

Athletes are looking to motivate the fans as they will carry out various skills with the hockey stick such as dribbling and balancing the ball on the stick through the skills-challenge on social media. Hockey India will be posting videos of various players challenging the fans to carry out certain skills on its social media pages.

Indian men’s hockey team midfielder Rajkumar Pal expressed that he is looking forward to motivating fans to carry out a few skills with the hockey stick.

“The National Sports Day is a very important day for us and we are extremely excited to be celebrating the day with hockey fans. Sport is an integral part of anyone’s life and everyone should play any sport as a profession or as a hobby. We learn the importance of determination, dedication, discipline and teamwork through sports and it’ll surely help anyone lead an active and healthy life. I am looking forward to throwing a skills-challenge to the fans and hopefully, they’ll have a lot of fun carrying out the challenge,” said Rajkumar.

Another midfielder Sumit said that the skills-challenge will help the players to interact with their fans on a special day. He remarked,” Sport is nothing without its fans and therefore the skills-challenge will be a fantastic way for us to interact with our fans on the National Sports Day.”

“Hopefully, the fans will find the skill challenges engaging. We couldn’t have found a better way to celebrate the great Major Dhyan Chand’s birth anniversary. Sports teaches us many important lessons for leading our lives and hopefully, we will be able to motivate our fans to play sports on a regular basis.”

Indian women’s team forward Navjot Kaur expressed that she is looking forward to sharing an interesting skill with the fans. “It’s going to be very interesting to take part in the skills-challenge. I am really looking forward to sharing an interesting skill to engage with our fans to celebrate National Sports Day. We have received a lot of support from our fans whenever we play any match and therefore it’ll be really nice to engage with them through the Skill-challenge,” said Navjot.

Navneet Kaur also said that she is thrilled to be taking part in the skills-challenge. She said, “The skills-challenge is going to be very exciting for us and the fans. The National Sports Day is a very special day for us and it’s only fitting that we celebrate the day with our fans.”

“I am sure that the fans will find the skills engaging and it will certainly motivate them to play hockey on a regular basis. Playing a sport regularly will help everyone maintain their mental and physical fitness and therefore it’s a vital part of all of our lives,” Navneet concluded.