The 27-year-old spoke about learning new things from the FIH Hockey Pro League matches.

The Indian women’s hockey team defender Reena Khokhar has been mesmerized with the way the Netherlands upped the ante in their second FIH Hockey Pro League match against Great Britain.

After closing out their first encounter through a penalty shoot-out, the Netherlands raised their game to another level to win 3-0 in the second match. Reena Khokhar expressed that it has been amazing for her to see the way the Netherlands have put pressure on Great Britain through early goals.

“It’s been really nice to see international hockey back in action since September. I have been watching the games very closely. It has been absolutely amazing to see the way The Netherlands have put pressure on Great Britain via early goals in both their matches in the FIH Hockey Pro League,” said Reena Khokhar.

“Scoring an early goal gives a huge advantage to any team and it’s something that we keep discussing as well. As a Defender, our job is also to ensure that we don’t concede an early goal, otherwise, it can become quite tough for us.”

Reena Khokhar, who has played 45 matches for the national side, expressed that the next few months will be the most crucial phase of her career.

The defender remarked, “I have already experienced a lot of ups and downs in my short career so far and I have dealt with injuries as well. However, now, I am completely fit and feeling very good about my game. I am very determined to utilize the extra year and improve drastically as a player. My first and foremost goal is to make it to the Olympic team and then contribute to the side winning a Medal in Tokyo. The next few months is certainly the most crucial phase of my career and I have to make the best use of it.”

When asked about her best moments in her career so far, she said the FIH Olympic Qualifiers 2019 is her favourite tournament to date. Reena Khokhar stated, ” The kind of reception we got from the crowd after we defeated USA at the FIH Olympic Qualifiers 2019 is something that’s unbeatable. It was just magnificent to experience the support we received from our home crowd.”

“We have grown as a team in the last few years and a lot of credit has to go to Hockey India for the way the federation has supported us and given us a chance to perform on the big stage by ensuring that we have the best facilities and Coaches with us. With their continued support, we will certainly rise to greater heights,” she concluded.