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5:00 PM We will be back tomorrow for all the action from day 13 of the Tokyo Olympics. Once again many medal hopefuls will be seen in action at Tokyo 2020. You can read our Day 13 Preview of the Tokyo Olympics. Read here.

4:55 PM That brings to an end all the action from day 12 of the Tokyo Olympics for the Indian contingent. It has been a hugely disappointing day. None of the Indian athletes in action was able to taste success today. The Indian men’s hockey team suffered a defeat against Belgium in the semi-finals. They will now contest the bronze medal match. Promising wrestler Sonam Malik was ousted in her first match itself. On the other hand, javelin thrower Annu Rani and shot putter Tajinderpal Singh Toor failed to make it through to the final of their respective events.

4:50 PM Men’s Shot Put: After that review, Rio 2016 bronze medalist Tomas Walsh of New Zealand finishes in the top spot. Brazilian Darlan Romani finishes in second and Amr Mostafa Hassan of Egypt finishes in the third spot in the qualifications.

4:48 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tomas Walsh’s third attempt has been announced as valid, after a review. 21.49m in his third attempt. Pure drama!

4:45 PM Men’s Shot Put: That brings to an end the Group A qualifications of men’s shot put. India’s Tajinderpal Singh Toor finishes in 13th place.

4:40 PM Men’s Shot Put: Rio 2016 bronze medalist Tomas Walsh with an invalid throw in his last attempt. He is currently in 8th place. Off day for him, and it might well be that he will not be seen in the final. Unbelievable!

4:30 PM Men’s Shot Put: Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Tomas Walsh’s second attempt which was earlier given as a foul attempt has now been registered. He had achieved a 20.38m with his second attempt.

4:25 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tajinder’s third attempt is also invalid. His 19.99m throw will probably not be enough to make it through to the final. Very disappointing performance today! However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that he has competed despite suffering a serious injury.

4:22 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tomas Walsh of New Zealand with another invalid throw this time. The Rio 2016 bronze medalist can’t believe it!

4:18 PM Men’s Shot Put: American Joe Kovacs with a 20.93m with his second attempt. Kovacs is still in the top 3.

4:15 PM Men’s Shot Put: Pan American Games champion Darlan Romani of Brazil is on fire today. His first throw was 21.00m and now he achieves 21.30m with his latest throw. Romani is still in the top spot and has directly qualified.

4:12 PM Men’s Shot Put: The third attempt will be a make or break throw for Tajinderpal Singh Toor. Can he deliver?

4:10 PM Men’s Shot Put: Bahrain’s Abdelrahman Mahmoud and Jason van Rooyen of South Africa has crossed the 20.00m with their second attempts. It pushes Toor further down the pecking order.

4:08 PM However, Tajinder’s throw of 19.99m in his first attempt has him in the 6th spot in the standings.

4:06 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tajinder’s second attempt is invalid. Disappointing outcome! The Indian needs to forget about this second attempt and focus on the next.

4:02 PM Men’s Shot Put: Rio 2016 bronze medalist Tomas Walsh of New Zealand with a foul throw in his first attempt. His attempt was over the qualifying mark, but his feet had just touched the edge of the circle.

4:00 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tomas Stanek of the Czech Republic with 20.23m in his first attempt. He overtakes Toor, but the Indian is still in the top five.

3:56 PM Rio 2016 silver medalist Joe Kovacs with an effort of 20.81m in his first throw.

3:53 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tajinder’s throw of 19.99m today places him in the third spot so far. However, Joe Kovacs and Tomas Walsh are yet to arrive on the scene.

3:48 PM Men’s Shot Put: Toor’s performance was pretty impressive at the Indian Grand Prix 4. His throw of 21.49m would have been good enough for a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. American duo Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs had finished top of the pile with throws of 22.52m and 21.78m respectively. However, Toor’s throw would have eclipsed Tomas Walsh of New Zealand, who had achieved 21.36m on that occasion.

3:45 PM Men’s Shot Put: Tajinderpal Singh Toor with a throw of 19.99m in his first attempt. Decent start!

3:42 PM Men’s Shot Put: Group A consists of the likes of World No. 2 Tomas Walsh of New Zealand, World No. 3 Darlan Romani of Brazil, World No. 4 Joe Kovacs of USA, World No. 6 Konrad Bukowiecki of Poland and World No. 9 Armin Sinancevic Of Serbia. It will not be easy for Toor, but can he deliver on the big day?

3:38 PM Men’s Shot Put: 16 athletes will take part in this qualification event in Group A. This will be followed by another bunch of athletes in Group B. The 12 best performers will advance to the final. A 21.20m throw will also enable an athlete to make it through to the final.

3:35 PM Men’s Shot Put: Indian shot putter Tajinderpal Singh Toor will soon be in action in the men’s shot put qualification event.

This is Atrayo Bhattacharya signing off that’s all from the morning session from the Tokyo Olympics. It has not been a great morning for Indian sports lovers with Annu Rani failing to qualify for the finals followed by the Indian Men’s Hockey team’s defeat against Belgium and lastly young freestyle wrestler Sonam Malik also lost her first bout. We will now take a break and bring live updates from Tokyo when Tajinder Toor will be in action for Men’s shotput qualifications which will begin 3:45 PM IST onwards.

Despite the scoreline ending 2-2, Sonam Malik lost by virtue of the opponent picking up more points from a single move.

8:59 AM Wrestling Women’s Freestyle 62 Kg: That’s all for Sonam Malik, the young Indian wrestler has lost the bout after that takedown from her Mongolian opponent. She will have a chance via repechage if Bolortuya Khurelkhuu reaches the finals.

8:58 AM Wrestling Women’s Freestyle 62 Kg: Takedown from the Mongolian! That can be very decisive for her and if it ends this way then the Mongolian will win.

8:56 AM Wrestling Women’s Freestyle 62 Kg: Another push out by Sonam, she gets another point. She is looking to take command over her Mongolian opponent.

8:54 AM Wrestling Women’s Freestyle 62 Kg: Both grapplers have been very cautious but Sonam takes the lead after the first three minutes.

8:51 AM Wrestling Women’s Freestyle 62 Kg: Following Hockey action, we take you to Wrestling where Sonam Malik will be in action against Mongolia’s Bolortuya Khurelkhuu. We are underway with Sonam taking the initiative.

8:47 AM – Men’s Hockey – India’s hopes of a silver or a gold have been crushed. Belgium hold on to their lead and win the contest by a 5-2 scoreline. India will play in the bronze medal match but will be bitterly disappointed by their performance. Too many penalty corners handed to Belgium by the officials crippled India’s rhythm as they slowly lost their grip on the match. Belgium showed their class even after going down by 2-1 after the first-quarter. India must forget today’s performance as soon as possible and focus all of their energies for the bronze medal match.

8:44 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium score a fifth thanks to Dohmen.

8:40 AM – Men’s Hockey – Three minutes left to play and India still trail by two goals. Belgium are defending in numbers and Graham Reid’s men have to take risks here to find a goal here. India 2-4 Belgium

8:37 AM – Men’s Hockey – India expectedly are throwing everything in their arsenal at Belgium. However, one can’t help but think those flurry of penalty corners and the eventual penalty stroke snatched the game away from India’s grasps. Five minutes left to play.

8:35 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium scores. Hendrickx scores a hattrick and his team is 4-2 up. Is it over for the Indians?

8:33 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium get 12the penalty corner and the attempt from Hendrickx is saved by Sreejesh. The subsequent events leads to 13th penalty corner for Belgium which is blocked by Manpreet Singh. 14th penalty corner almost leads to another one but the umpire referral is checking if there is a possibility to hand the Belgians a penalty stroke.

8:29 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium are dominating the possession and India cannot find any sort of rhythm to create scoring opportunities. Meanwhile Belgium get another penalty corner. Their 11th of the game. All three goals have been scored from them.

8:25 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium leads. After three consecutive penalty corners Hendrickx was bound to find the target. Heartbreak for India as they now trail by 3-2.

8:22 AM – Men’s Hockey – Lalit Upadhyay is causing some issues to Belgian defenders. Meanwhile Manpreet Singh is out as he receives a green card.

8:19 AM – Men’s Hockey – Fourth and final quarter is underway to decide which team will go to the final. The match is still at 2-2. India needs to put in a more industrious performance to create scoring chances and keep the opponents at bay.

8:16 AM – Men’s Hockey – Third quarter comes to an end and it did not have a goal. However, the Belgians finish the quarter on a high even though India dominate the possession stats by having 54% of the ball. Graham Reid needs to motivate his players to find a winning goal.

8:09 AM – Men’s Hockey – India get a penalty corner, first of the third quarter and fourth overall. Belgium have also lost their video referral. The attempt is however blocked bravely by the rushing defender from Belgium.

8:05 AM – Men’s Hockey – Hardik Singh’s dribbling and passing are on point here. The goal against Great Britain has improved his confidence and he has been one of India’s best forwards. He is also doing his defensive duties well too.

8:00 AM – Men’s Hockey – India is trying to create space by moving the ball across the turf with good cohesion. However, the Belgians are defending in numbers and keeping the attackers at bay. They are vary of India’s prowess in attack.

7:57 AM – Men’s Hockey – Third-quarter begins and the match between India and Belgium is hanging in balance at 2-2. Two quarters of 15 minutes left to play and the winner will book a place in the final and thereby assure a medal. Lots to fight for here for both teams.

7:48 AM – Men’s Hockey – Second-quarter comes to an end with the scoreboard reading 2-2. India couldn’t continue their tempo in the second quarter and the flurry of penalty corners for Belgium have hurt the men in blue considerably.

7:47 AM – Men’s Hockey – Harmanpreet Singh shoots wide from a penalty corner. A chance to regain the lead wasted just before the conclusion of the second-quarter.

7:44 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium get another penalty corner and Amit Rohidas puts his body on the line to prevent Belgium from scoring. India must avoid giving away penalty corners to Belgium as both of their goals have come from them.

7:40 AM – Men’s Hockey – Close! Mandeep Singh’s cross goes narrowly wide as no attacker is able to deflect the ball inside the goal. Meanwhile, a video referral goes against India and they lose their referral. Five minutes left to play in the second-quarter and the game is perfectly in balance at 2-2.

7:35 AM – Men’s Hockey – Sreejesh makes a great save from a close-range attempt by Sebastian Dockier. India are all over the place in terms of marking and are finding it hard to track Belgium’s movement. They need to find their rhythm and quick.

7:31 AM- Men’s Hockey- GOAL!! Belgium scores through Hendrickx after yet another penalty corner for Belgium. Two goals and both coming from penalty corners for Belgium. India 2-2 Belgium

7:29 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium get their second penalty corner of the game and the attempt hits the Indian defender leading to the third penalty corner. The following attempt leads to a fourth penalty corner. The fourth attempt goes over the cross-bar and the Indians get some respite.

7:25 AM – Men’s Hockey – The second-quarter is underway at the Oi Hockey Stadium with India leading Belgium by a 2-1 scoreline. The next goal is vital here! There’s no respite from the scorching heat but the Indian players will be adept to playing in such conditions.

7:22 AM – Men’s Hockey – First-quarter ends after exhilarating action from both teams. Belgium opened the scoring but India showed incredible determination to take the lead themselves by scoring two goals. They lead by 2-1 after first 15 minutes of play. One can expect more goals to come from this match if the first-quarter is any indication.

7:18 AM – Men’s Hockey – SAVE!! India are awarded their third penalty corner and the attempt is saved by Vincent Vanasch brilliantly. Indians are finishing the first quarter on a high. Their attacking quality has crippled the Belgium’s ability to attack themselves

7:15 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium have been certainly shocked here after a strong start themselves. The Indian team showing incredible mentality by scoring two quickfire goals to take the lead in the first quarter. Mandeep Singh scores his first goal of the tournament at the perfect occasion. Eleventh scorer for India at the tournament!

7:13 AM – Men’s Hockey – GOOOAAALLLLL!!!!! 2-1!!! India leads!!! After trying to use the momentum and looking for the next goal and they find it through Mandeep Singh, who scores his first Tokyo Olympics goal. India 2-1 Belgium

7:10 AM -Men’s Hockey- GOOOAAAALLL!!! India take the lead. Harmanpreet Singh finds the goal by slotting the second penalty corner of the game for India. India 1-1 Belgium. That’s the 5th goal of Harmanpreet in this tournament

7:09 AM – Men’s Hockey – Belgium have certainly looked better in-sync in the attacking department. They have 55% possession after the first 7 minutes of the first quarter. Meanwhile, there is a video referral taken by India, and they get their first penalty corner of the game!

7:05 AM – Men’s Hockey – Not the kind of start the men in blue were hoping for. However, they must not panic here. More than 55 minutes of hockey to play before the final whistle. Hardik Singh from the left-flank is looking sharp in the early stages.

7:02 AM – Men’s Hockey – GOAL!! Belgium score!! An early goal from the first penalty corner of the game. Scored by Lupaert, Sreejesh was helpless as the drag flick was hit hard in the bottom corner. India 0-1 Belgium

7:00 AM – Men’s Hockey – And the action is underway! India playing in blue while the Belgians are playing in white kits. Will India cause a huge upset here and march their way into the final of the hockey tournament at the 2020 Olympics?

6:55 AM Men’s Hockey- India’s semi-final clash against Belgium is about to start at the Oi Hockey Stadium. A win here ensures a minimum silver medal for the Indians! Huge stakes in play for both teams.

6:51 AM Indian men’s hockey team has seen 10 different scorers up till this point. Showcases how there are multiple sources of goals in this all-round team. Belgium are the World No.1 team and will be backing themselves against the Indians. They won a silver medal during the 2016 Rio Games and would like to go one step better this time around.

6:46 AM Indian men’s hockey team has seen 10 different scorers up till this point. Showcases how there are multiple sources of goals in this all-round team.

6:38 AM The lineups are out! The onus falls on senior pros to guide the new stars. Belgium, a heavily tactical side, will be a massive puzzle to unlock. However, Manpreet and Co. have the tools.

6:35 AM The day hasn’t had the best beginning. However, we move on to the Indian hockey team that plays Belgium, the World No. 2 in the semi-finals. India has made it to the final four for the first time in 4 decades and it has been inspiring from Graham Reid and his boys. Here’s why a medal in hockey this time can revolutionize the sport in India.

6:31 AM 54.04m! That’s all she could manage. She fails to qualify for the finals. From sugarcane fields to Tokyo 2020, she’s had a great journey. However, the attempts weren’t enough. She did not look to be in the best shape as well.

6:30 AM Nikola hits 57.41m. Time for Annu to give her best! It’s NOW OR NEVER for her.

6:29 AM Scores 58.93m. Her first attempt should be enough to take her to the next round. We move on to Nikola, who is followed by Annu.

6:28 AM Murillo with a foul throw, and she ends with 54.98. Tasiana is now on the line and is set to take her throw. She hit 60.78 in her first attempt.

6:26 AM Little Mackenzie didn’t trouble to scorecard holders. She doesn’t need to, to be fair to her. She’s hit her personal best of 62.37m in the first attempt, which makes her look very close to qualification.

6:25 AM Third round of attempts set to get underway with Madara Palameika. She’s hit 60.30m, her season best so far in the first attempt. Improves it by a little to make it 60.94. She is currently third on the roster.

6:25 AM Croatia’s Sara Kolak with another foul! She’s yet to register a score. Meanwhile, Brazil’s Jucilene Lima scores 60.14 to rise to 5th on the rankings. Annu slips to 14th.

6:20 AM Improvements are very important. They show that the athlete is in the right rhythm and frame of mind. Annu needs to let go the pressure of the stage and throw big. Anything just over the 60m will help her in automatic qualification. At the moment, she’s just borderline qualified.

6:15 AM She is taking some time to make her 2nd attempt. Hits 53.19m! A little improvement on the 50.35m from her first attempt. However, she continues to be 12th on the rankings.

6:11 AM Annu has dropped to 12th, courtesy other throwers. Needs a good throw to rise up the ladder. She takes the centre-stage.

6:09 AM Annu Rani will follow Nikola Ogrodnikova from Czech Republic. Nikola’s first throw was a foul. She hits a 60.03 to jump to the 5th rank! Annu time!

6:08 AM Anete Kocina from Latvia hits 58.84m after her first attempt was a foul. She sits on 6th on the table. Tansiana with a foul throw. Sits on 3rd with 60.78 in her first attempt.

6:07 AM Maria Murillo hits 54.98m after a 49.48m got her underway. Improved!

6:07 AM Aussie athlete Little Mackenzie, too, fails to better her mark. Hits 58.94m. Her first attempt was 62.37m.

6:05 AM Madara Palameika with a 59.85m throw, but her first throw of 60.30m will be counted. The bigger, the better is the order of this game!

6:04 AM Poland’s Maria Andrejczyk hits 65.24m to sit atop the rankings! The first round is over. Annu sits 9th on the table. 2nd attempts to get underway…

6:02 AM Two more invalid throws ensure there’s no change in the rankings at the moment! Annu desperately needs to cross the 60m mark at least. It’ll boost her confidence immensely.

6 AM Chinese and Hungarian athletes more cross the 57m mark, but fail to hit the 60m line. Annu ranks 8th currently, with her throw of 50.35.

5:58 AM USA’s Kara Winger hits 57.95. She wouldn’t be too happy with herself, and would be hoping to come back better.

5:56 AM Annu Rani scores 50.35m; not the best throw from her, but pushes her to 4th on the rankings basis other throwers. Needs a big throw in the other two attempts. The automatic qualifying mark is 63m.

5:55 AM Nikola Ogrodnikova is on the line now, and Annu is set to get into action after her. The Czech makes a foul throw. Cheers of ‘India, India’ in the background!

5:54 AM Latvia’s Anete Kocina with a foul throw. She’d have to come back better in the next attempt. Tatsiana Khaladovich is next, and she hits 60.78 to rise to the second spot. Annu is warming up!

5:53 AM Maria Murillo from Colombia with a sub-par score of 49.48m. She’d be roaring to do better in the next attempt!

5:51 AM And we’re underway! Madara Palameika and Little Mackenzie have the first two throws, hitting 60.30 and 62.37 respectively.

5:48 AM Here’s all the other action that you can look forward to, for today! Comment and let us know what will happen in arguably Indian hockey’s biggest match in four decades!

5:47 AM Annu is set to start 7th, wearing a bib number 2291. Her world ranking at the moment is 13, which helped her qualify for the finals.

5:45 AM 10 athletes participating in the qualifiers have a personal best better than Annu, with Poland’s Maria Andrejczyk at the top with 71.40m!

5:40 AM Big names left to participate? Who’re India’s best chances for a medal even now? Read here.

5:38 AM Her personal best of 63.24 is one of the lower best scores compared to athletes participating in the qualifiers. 12 best throws will qualify for the finals. She needs to make a mark – and that’ll need a humongous effort from the 28-year-old from Meerut.

5:32 AM Factfile – Annu Rani isn’t just the best female javelin thrower in India’s history, she’s also broken her own record time and again. That shows that she can outdo herself – something she’d need to make a mark at the event.

5:20 AM Annu Rani will represent India in the women’s javelin throw event. She has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics on the basis of the world rankings. The 28-year-old is the greatest female javelin thrower that the country has ever produced. Rani has broken the national record eight times. Rani is all set to become only the second Indian javelin thrower to compete at the Olympic Games, after Gurmeet Kaur at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The Men in Blue had entered the Tokyo Olympics as genuine medal contenders. They have lived up to the reputation under the stewardship of Graham Reid. The Indian team defeated Great Britain 3-1 in the quarterfinals to book a spot in the semi-finals for the first time since the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The Indians will now face a tough challenge against reigning world champions Belgium in the semis.

Medal hopefuls Sonam and Tajinder in action

Sonam Malik set the country buzzing by becoming the youngest Indian woman wrestler to qualify for the Olympic Games. The 19-year-old won plenty of plaudits including from ace Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat. She has beaten Rio 2016 bronze medalist Sakshi Malik several times, which goes to show her immense potential, irrespective of her age. All eyes will be on her when she takes centre stage in the 62kg women’s freestyle wrestling.

Tajinderpal Singh Toor qualified for the Tokyo Olympics with a hefty throw of 21.49m at the Indian Athletics Grand Prix 4. The 26-year-old’s previous best was 20.92m. In fact, Toor went past the qualifying mark of 21.10m with each of his four legal puts. His throw of 21.49m would have been good enough for a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Toor had previously won a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games. He will be hoping for another stunning showing in Tokyo, to bring home the country’s long-awaited maiden Olympic medal in athletics.

5:15 AM Hello and welcome to Khel Now’s live updates of Day 12 of the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics Day 12 will witness several Indian athletes in action. On Sunday, the Indian women’s hockey team reached the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time ever. On the other hand, Kamalpreet Kaur and Fouaad Mirza reached the finals of their respective events. However, they fell short of a podium place at the Tokyo Olympics.

On Tuesday, several Indian athletes will be seen at Tokyo 2020. The Indian men’s hockey team, Tajinderpal Singh Toor, Sonam Malik and Annu Rani will be seen in action in their respective events.

Day 12 Full Schedule

Athletics: Women’s Javelin Throw Qualifications

Men’s Hockey Semi-final: India Vs Belgium

Wrestling: Women’s Freestyle 62kg – Sonam Malik Vs Bolortuya Khurelkhuu

Athletics: Men’s Shot Put Qualifications

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