Asian Volleyball Championship

Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship 2023: Schedule, fixtures, India squad and live streaming details

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August 28 2023
Asian Women's Volleyball Championship 2023
(Courtesy : Asian Volleyball Confederation)

Winner is set to qualify for World Championship in 2025

The Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship 2023 is scheduled to commence from 30th of August 2023 to 6th of September 2023. Organized by the Asian Volleyball Confederation, the tournament will take place at MCC Hall, The Mall Nakhon Ratchasima and Korat Chatchai Hall in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

The Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship is an esteemed international volleyball competition held in the regions of Asia and Oceania. This tournament showcases the skills and talents of senior women’s national teams affiliated with the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC), the governing body for volleyball in this continent.

Traditionally, the championships were held every four years, but since 1987, they have been organized biennially, serving as a platform to foster excellence and camaraderie among participating nations.

The tournament have been won by three different national teams. China has been the most dominant team in the history of the Asian Championship, clinching the title a staggering thirteen times. The Chinese women’s national volleyball team has consistently showcased their prowess and tactical brilliance on the court, earning them a reputation as one of the powerhouses of women’s volleyball in Asia.

Not far behind China is Japan, another formidable force in Asian women’s volleyball. With five Asian Championship titles under their belt, the Japanese team has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Known for their agility, speed, and exceptional teamwork, the Japanese players have consistently displayed their exceptional skills on the volleyball court.

Though not as successful as China and Japan, Thailand has also made a mark in the Asian Championship. The Thai women’s national volleyball team has captured the title twice, showcasing their resilience and determination in the face of tough competition.

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Unfortunately, the 2021 edition of the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship had to be canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So, the reigning champion is the Japan women’s national volleyball team, who secured their fifth title at the 2019 edition.

This year, including the host nation Thailand, thirteen more nations are going to be part of the championship. The teams are as follows – Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei, Iran, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship 2023 Groups

Pool A: Thailand (Host), Australia, Mongolia

Pool B: Japan, Iran, India

Pool C: South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, Uzbekistan

Pool D: China, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Philippines

India’s best performance in Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship

In the year 1979, India made its debut in the tournament and secured the 7th position, which still stands as their highest achievement in the event. Their next highest recorded placement was achieved in the 2017 and 2019 editions, where they secured the 10th spot.

India squad for the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship 2023

Jini KS, Maria Sebastian, Nirmal, Shaalini, Saranya, Ezhilmathi, S. Soorya, Shilpa, Anusree Ghosh, Minimol, Anagha, Ananya Das

Where and how to watch live telecast and live streaming of Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship 2023?

The Live telecast of the Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship won’t be available on any TV channels. Fans can catch the live action on the Youtube Channel of Asian Volleyball Confederation.

Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship 2023 full schedule and fixtures (All Timings are in IST)

Preliminary Round

30 August (Wednesday)

10.30: Iran 0-3 Japan (Pool B)

10.30: Hong Kong 0-3 China (Pool D)

13.30: South Korea 2-3 Vietnam (Pool C)

13.30: Kazakhstan 3-2 Philippines (Pool D)

16.30: Australia 0-3 Thailand (Pool A)

16.30: Chinese Taipei 3-0 Uzbekistan (Pool C)

31 August (Thursday)

10.30: Mongolia 0-3 Australia (Pool A)

10.30: Kazakhstan 3-0 Hong Kong (Pool D)

13.30: India 3-1 Iran (Pool B)

13.30: Philippines 0-3 China (Pool D)

16.30: South Korea 3-2 Chinese Taipei (Pool C)

16.30: Vietnam 3-0 Uzbekistan (Pool C)

1 September (Friday)

10.30: India 0-3 Japan (Pool B)

10.30: Hong Kong 3-0 Philippines (Pool D)

13.30: Uzbekistan 0-3 South Korea (Pool C)

13.30: Chinese Taipei 1-3 Vietnam (Pool C)

16.30: Thailand 3-0 Mongolia (Pool A)

16.30: China 3-0 Kazakhstan (Pool D)

Classification Round

After the first round the teams will again be divided into four groups as per their standings in the initial phase.

Pool E – Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia

Pool F – Japan, China, Kazakhstan, India

Pool G – Chinese Taipei, Mongolia, Uzbekistan

Pool G – Hong Kong, Iran, Philippines

3 September (Sunday)

Thailand 3-0 South Korea

Australia 0-3 Vietnam

India 0-3 China

Japan 3-0 Kazakhstan

Mongolia 3-0 Uzbekistan

Iran 3-2 Philippines

4 September (Monday)

South Korea 3-0 Australia

Thailand 3-1 Vietnam

Japan 2-3 China

India 0-3 Kazakhstan

Iran 3-2 Hong Kong

5 September (Tuesday)

9th-12th place matches

Chinese Taipei 3-0 Hong Kong

Mongolia 0-3 Iran

5th-8th place matches

South Korea 3-0 India

Australia 2-3 Kazakhstan


Thailand 3-2 Japan

Vietnam 0-3 China

6 September (Wednesday)

11th place match

Hong Kong 3-2 Mongolia

9th place match

Chinese Taipei 3-0 Iran

7th place match

India 3-2 Australia

5th place match

South Korea 3-0 Kazakhstan

3rd place match

Japan 3-2 Vietnam


China 2-3 Thailand

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