Bray Wyatt was supposed to start new program in September before passing

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

September 18 2023
Bray Wyatt WWE

Bray Wyatt was one of the most creative and creative pro-wrestlers, who had a great run in WWE under different names and Gimmicks. He debuted as Husky Harris, re-debuted as “Eater of the Worlds” Bray Wyatt, returned in 2019 as Fiend and Firefly Funhouse host, and finally with Uncle Howdy. His final run was so brief as his television appearance was cut short due to real-life illness.

Wyatt had a long hiatus and the only information that came was about his passing. He passed away in August, which made the entire world sad and flooded their eyes in tears. At this stage, Ted DiBiase who attended Bray’s funeral reported the actual return plans of Wyatt.

Million Dollar Man on Bray Wyatt

The Million Dollar Man recently appeared on the Everybody’s Got a Pod show, where Ted DiBiase revealed that Wyatt was supposed to return to WWE TV and host a new show.

Ted DiBiase on Bray Wyatt,

“Windham was a great kid, he really was. They were just getting ready to go back, they were supposed to start again in September and start up something new. Now he’s gone,”

He then spoke about Bray’s father,

“I got on a plane, I flew to Tampa, and I went to his funeral. It was sad, it really was. I talked to Mike [Rotunda] briefly, obviously, he was happy I was there. Shane McMahon was there, somebody told me that they saw Stephanie and Triple H, and you know, I was like, I don’t know how I would have missed that. I guess anything was possible.” [h/t Wrestling Inc.]

Ted DiBiase and Mike Rotunda are real life friends and have worked together in WWE as a team named Money Inc. and Million Dollar Corporation.

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