WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (September 22, 2023): IYO SKY retains the WWE Women’s Championship

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

September 23 2023
WWE SmackDown Results & Winners

IYO SKY retains the WWE Women’s Championship, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso brutalized AJ Styles & John Cena, and more!

The September 22, 2023 episode of SmackDown is over and is filled with some of the exciting segments and matches. Where John Cena’s opponent for Fastlane has been announced, IYO retains her championship, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso brutalized Cena and Styles, and so on. Get to know what actually happened in detail, as we came out with the complete summary of this week’s episode of SmackDown, with results, ratings and winners list.

SmackDown Summary

John Cena & AJ Styles wants a fight with The Bloodline

John Cena kicked off the Friday Night SmackDown and addressed the WWE Universe. He says that after his return he has been the guest for the talk show, host of Payback, referee for a match, backstage host and WWE official. However he says that today he came to fight. Cena asks WWE Universe permission. “Is this the right night to fight?”

He says that he is angry with The Bloodline after last week’s attack and thanks “The Phenomenal One” for having his back. AJ Styles walked his way to the ring and asks the WWE Universe, do they want AJ Styles & John Cena vs The Bloodline. After a huge yes, he calls out Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa in Cena’s style “If you want some, come get some”. Both Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa confronted them, but retreated.


John Cena & AJ Styles argue with WWE official Adam Pearce about making the match with The Bloodline tonight. He replies that it is complicated when it comes to Bloodline, so he need to have a word with them and asked them to stay calm.

Ratings: 4/5

LWO vs Street Profits

Dawkins and Escobar start the match. Dawkins lock the head of Escobar, as Escobar tries to escape, Dawkins with a Shoulder tackle. Escobar with a drop kick and twist of and to tag Rey in. Ford tagged-in, as Mysterio went for a Crossbody and sent Ford out. As Rey tries to slide outside the ring for a Splash, Dawkins pulls Ford, making Rey land on the floor. Dawkins ran through Rey with a Bulldozer.

After the commercial, Ford hit Rey with a devastating Clothesline. Rey fights back and sneaks to tag Escobar, but Ford caught his legs. Rey sent Ford face first to the turnbuckle and tags Escobar in. Escobar is fired-up and delivers a Crossbody, Hurricane rana and a Knee Splash.

Ford fights back and tags Dawkins in, he hit Escobar face first, but Escobar kicked out and tagged Rey in. Rey measures Dawkins with a 619, but Dawkins with a Spine burster. Rey however sent Ford out and Dawkins threw Rey over the Top rope, which lands on Ford. When Rey tried to enter, Lashley hit him with a Slam to the Aperid and helps Dawkins, but Rey rolls out and pins Dawkins for the win.

After the match, the Street Profits visits Bobby Lashley and apologized, but Lashley asks them to finish the LWO.

Winner: Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar Ratings: 4/5

WWE Women’s Championship- IYO SKY(C) vs Asuka

Before the match kicks in, Charlotte Flair marches her way to the ring side, to watch the match.Both twist each others hands and with a headlock, by countering each other. Asuka with a couple of Shoulder throw. IYO with a Super-Shoulder throw from the top rope to send Asuka out. IYO went for a outside Moon-sault but nobody holds. Asuka hit her with a big boot.

After the commercial, IYO pulled Asuka’s arm down, slide kicks Asuka right on the face, drop kicks and hit her with a double leg stomp. IYO went to the top rope, but Asuka caught her, hit her with rapid kick to the face and Super-plex from the top rope.

Asuka with a Clothesline, IYO with a Clothesline. IYO delivers a German Suplex, but Asuka turns it out into a Kimura and Arm lock. As IYO counters, Asuka went for the missile drop kick, a sliding kick and rapid strikes puts IYO down. Asuka went for a top rope, but IYO with a stomp to the back of the neck, and powerbomb to the floor. Asuka tried to roundhouse kick IYO but ends up hitting her leg on the ring lost. IYO delivered a Moon-sault on Asuka outside the ring.

IYO locks Asuka with a Neck Lock and delivers a German Suplex, but isn’t enough for a win. IYO with a cross-face, but Asuka counters with a Asuka Lock. As IYO breaks, Asuke went for a missile drop kick of the middle rope. Both exchange hands, but Asuka locks IYO with an Armbar and Asuka Lock. Bayley pulls IYO’s leg to the rope to break the lock, and Charlotte attacks Bayley. IYO uses the distraction to hit knee on the back of the head and hit a Moonsault on Asuka for the win. IYO retained her WWE Women’s Championship.

Winner: IYO SKY Ratings: 4.5/5


Adam Pearce asks The Bloodline to have a match tonight against John Cena and AJ Styles with a contract to make it official. But Heyman says not tonight, but to book the match for Fastlane as Jimmy says they will settle it in the ring. Heyman says that the decision making is not in Jimmy’s hands and the decision should be made by The Tribal Chief. Jey walks through, and Solo teases of finishing Cena and Styles tonight. Heyman calls Roman Reigns through phone.

Brawling Brutes vs Austin Theory & Grayson Waller

Theory and Butch started the match, as Brute went for the first strike, but Theory took the control and tags Waller in. Butch twists Waller’s hands and stomps on the elbow. Holland tags in and took Waller to a Spin by locking his head  and with a vertical throw down. Butch stags in and locks Waller’s hands behind on the barricade, as Holland locks Theory’s hand on the ropes for a 10 beats to the chest.

During the commercial, Theory tags in and hit butch with a drop kick. Waller tags in, as Theory and Waller with cheap shots by distracting the ref. Holland tags in and delivers a couple of slam on Waller. Butch sends Waller out, as Waller tries to deliver a Sliding Stunner, Holland took him with a throw down. Holland hit Theory with a Alabama Slam and locks him with a Jericho lock. Butch locks Waller with a sleeper hold, but Waller breaks it and hit Holland with a Stunner, and Theory hit Holland with a A-Town Down for the win.

Winner: Austin Theory & Grayson Waller Ratings: 4/5

Contract Signing

Adam Pearce introduces “The GOAT” John Cena, who cane to the ring. He calls his tag team partner AJ Styles, but he didn’t showed up. Styles was attacked backstage by Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. Jimmy took Styles over the table, where Solo hit him with a splash from a 15 ft big container squashing Styles. Cena rushed to backstage only to see Styles laying down and surrounded by officials and medical team.

Paul Heyman walks towards the ring as AJ Styles is taken in the Ambulance for medical emergency. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso cleared the stage, with contract in the hands of Paul Heyman. Heyman with the microphone, He says Cena will be fighting without a tag team partner at Fastlane.

Jimmy took the mic. from Heyman and talks mocking Cena and Styles. Cena rushes to the ring and attacks Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. He hit Jimmy with a shoulder tackle and lifts Solo for an AA, but Jimmy hit him with a Superkick. Solo hit a couple of Samoan Spike and Jimmy hit a couple of Uso Splash on Cena. Jimmy and Solo signed the contract and lift their fingers to the top.

Ratings: 4/5

SmackDown Results

Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar (W) defeated Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins by Pinfall.

IYO SKY (C) defeated Asuka to retain the WWE Women’s Championship by Pinfall.

Austin Theory & Grayson Waller (W) defeated Butch and Ridge Holland of Brawling Brutes by Pinfall.

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