Top five WWE superstars Brock Lesnar never faced

Ruby AgarwalRuby Agarwal
November 2 2023
Top five WWE superstars Brock Lesnar never faced

In the vast tapestry of WWE history, where legacies are etched through epic battles and iconic rivalries, there exists a select group of formidable competitors who have never crossed paths with the legendary Brock Lesnar. Over the course of Lesnar’s storied WWE career, which has unfolded in two distinct periods — first as an active member of the roster from 2002 to 2004 and later, in his extended part-time schedule since 2012 — he has engaged in fierce battles with numerous adversaries.

Yet, intriguingly, these five remarkable wrestlers have remained conspicuously absent from his list of opponents. The absence of these encounters has left fans and pundits alike speculating about the potential clashes that could have unfolded in the hallowed WWE ring.


Another glaring omission from Lesnar’s list of adversaries is the resilient Irish bruiser, Sheamus. Despite his impressive track record as a four-time World Champion and a multi-time champion in various other divisions, Sheamus has never clashed with Lesnar in a televised encounter.

For newer fans who might not fully grasp Sheamus’s prowess, a match against Lesnar could serve as a revelation, showcasing Sheamus’s exceptional wrestling abilities and fierce determination. His experience and in-ring expertise position him as a compelling opponent for Lesnar, one who could pose one of the most significant challenges The Beast has faced in recent memory.

Big E:

At the forefront of this list stands the reigning WWE Champion, Big E, whose meteoric rise as a singles star has been nothing short of spectacular. The prospect of a showdown between him and Lesnar looms large, promising an intense battle that could reshape the landscape of the WWE.

Big E’s newfound confidence, both in the ring and on the microphone, positions him as a formidable contender. The tantalizing prospect of him facing off against The Beast gains further intrigue when one considers the potential involvement of his New Day cohorts, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Their unity and unwavering support for each other could amplify the challenges for Lesnar, adding layers of complexity to the potential storyline.

Chris Jericho:

Lastly, the absence of a prolonged rivalry between Lesnar and Chris Jericho remains a tantalizing ‘what-if’ scenario in WWE lore. Despite Jericho’s intermittent appearances in the main event scene, his exceptional wrestling abilities and charismatic persona position him as a fitting opponent for Lesnar.

Jericho’s talent both in the ring and on the microphone is unparalleled, making him one of the most versatile performers in WWE history. The clash of styles between the powerhouse Lesnar and the crafty technician Jericho could have yielded memorable matches, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of WWE history.

JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield):

John Bradshaw Layfield, better known as JBL, is another notable absence from Lesnar’s list of opponents. JBL’s rise to prominence in WWE occurred just after Lesnar’s first departure from the company. As a result, the two never had the opportunity to engage in a rivalry. JBL’s ability to generate heat and engage in controversial storylines made him a despicable heel in the classic sense.

His commanding presence and exceptional mic skills would have undoubtedly added layers of intrigue to any feud with Lesnar. A feud between these two larger-than-life personalities could have created compelling television, showcasing the artistry of storytelling in the world of professional wrestling.


In the realm of missed opportunities, the absence of a rivalry between Lesnar and Batista is particularly conspicuous. Although both wrestlers were in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) at the same time and even had a match there, a main roster clash between these powerhouses never materialized. Batista’s sporadic returns to WWE have consistently fueled rumors about a potential match against Lesnar.

The dynamic between these two larger-than-life personalities, coupled with their respective journeys in the wrestling world, could create a compelling storyline. The clash of their contrasting styles, coupled with their undeniable star power, could draw substantial interest from fans and critics alike, making it a marquee matchup worthy of the grandest stage in WWE.


While these matchups have yet to materialize within the WWE arena, the unpredictable nature of the wrestling world leaves the door slightly ajar for these dream encounters. As fans eagerly await the unfolding chapters of WWE history, the possibility of these legends facing off against The Beast continues to tantalize the imaginations of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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