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Asian Games 2023: Bhambri, Raina annihilate Pakistani opponents to enter Round 3

Karishmit KeswaniKarishmit Keswani
September 26 2023
Asian Games 2023: Bhamri, Raina annihilate Pakistani opponents to enter round 3

The Indian pair did not drop a single game in their convincing display.

The Indian mixed doubles pair of Yuki Bhambri & Ankita Ravinderkrishan Raina defeated their Pakistan counterparts Sarah Ibrahim Khan & Aqeel Khan (6-0, 6-0) to seal a comfortable victory in their second-round match at the Asian Games 2023.

In the highly anticipated opening match of mixed doubles tennis at the Asian Games, the Pakistan mixed doubles team faced an uphill battle from the very start. Throughout the first set, they struggled immensely, finding it exceptionally challenging to secure even a single game. On the opposite side of the court, Ankita Raina, representing the Indian team, showcased an extraordinary display of her serving skills. Her serves were not only powerful but also remarkably accurate, earning her valuable ace points that further cemented her team’s advantage.

The Indian mixed doubles team capitalized on their momentum and secured a clean sweep against the Pakistan doubles team, not conceding a single game in both sets. This dominant performance led to a decisive two-set victory, with both sets ending 6-0 in favour of the Indian team. The Indians completely dominated the match, leaving the Pakistan team struggling to gain any foothold throughout the contest.

The Pakistani players, on the other hand, grappled with the unenviable task of returning the relentless and skillfully placed serves delivered by the Indian duo. Their efforts to counter the Indian serves proved futile, leaving them in a state of frustration as they grappled with the velocity and precision of each serve.

Moreover, the Pakistani team found themselves woefully unprepared for the volley exchanges at the net, struggling to maintain control and coordination in this crucial aspect of the game. It was Yuki Bhambri, partnering with Ankita Raina on the Indian side, who truly stole the show. Bhambri’s performance was nothing short of masterful. He not only dominated the service game but also demonstrated complete authority in the net play, executing perfectly timed volleys with finesse and precision. Bhambri’s exceptional skills ensured that the Pakistani team had no respite from the relentless pressure applied by the Indian side.

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The outcome of the first set left no room for doubt, as the Indian mixed doubles team exhibited a remarkable level of dominance, securing a flawless 6-0 victory. This resounding win showcased their superior skill, teamwork, and strategic prowess, leaving the Pakistan mixed doubles team without a single game to their name.

In reflecting on the broader context of Indian tennis at the Asian Games, it’s important to note that in the previous edition of these Games, the Indian tennis contingent achieved notable success by securing three medals. Given their commanding performance in this mixed doubles match, there is a palpable sense of anticipation that the Indian team is well-positioned to exceed their previous medal tally, setting a promising tone for their overall performance in the tennis events of these Games.

Akil Khan, representing Pakistan, displayed remarkable skill in returning the services delivered by the Indian team. However, the seamless teamwork exhibited by the Indian mixed doubles team proved to be insurmountable for their Pakistani counterparts. Notably, the Indian team secured victory in both sets without conceding a single game. This dominant performance propels the Indian mixed doubles team to the next round of the Asian Games.

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