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“MS Dhoni cried that night,”: Harbhajan Singh shares unheard tale from IPL 2018


May 23 2023
Harbhajan Singh, MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings to their record third IPL title in IPL 2018.

Former India and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) star Harbhajan Singh revealed an unheard tale of MS Dhoni, who is usually stoic and doesn’t show emotions, crying during the IPL 2018. It was the year when the CSK franchise made their return to IPL fold after two years of ban.

Fans frequently refer to MS Dhoni as “Captain Cool” because they believe that he constantly keeps his emotions in check. It would be exceedingly unusual to see Dhoni lose his composure, regardless of how stressful things are on the pitch. Dhoni is a difficult player to predict on the pitch due to his emotionally impermeable nature.  

Harbhajan Singh, a former colleague of Dhoni’s from both India and Chennai Super Kings, has recently stated that on one occasion Dhoni even broke down in tears while being surrounded by his CSK teammates.

In a video posted by Star Sports, Harbhajan said that the incident occurred in IPL 2018, as CSK was making their comeback in the tournament after serving a two-season suspension for allegedly taking part in the IPL betting scandal.

“There is a story which I want to share. Back in 2018, when CSK made a comeback to this league after a 2-year ban, there was a team dinner. I have heard the saying that ‘Men don’t cry’, but MS Dhoni cried on that night. He became emotional. I think no one knows about this. Right, Imran (Tahir)?” Harbhajan said.

It was a very emotional moment for him MS Dhoni – Imran Tahir

The South African cricketer attested to Harbhajan Singh’s account of Dhoni crying and even said that it was a proud victory for him and the team as they were given being called ‘too old’ by the experts.

Yes, of course. Even I was there. It was a very emotional moment for him (MS Dhoni). Looking at him like that, I came to know how close this team is to his heart. He considers the team as his family. It was very emotional for all of us.

We came back after 2 years and won the trophy. And when people give your team the tag of ‘buddhe’ (old men), and even I was in the squad that season, but we won the title. I am very proud of that victory,” Tahir said.

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