Watch: Anushka Sharma sledges Virat Kohli, imitates his celebration, Kohli’s reply goes viral

Sagar PaulSagar Paul

May 27 2023
Watch: Anushka Sharma sledges Virat Kohli, imitates his celebration, Kohli's reply goes viral

Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma seen in an event engaging in a funny banter.

In a recent event, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma made a joint appearance that captured the hearts of many. The charismatic couple, comprising the Royal Challengers Bangalore star and the renowned Bollywood actress, engaged in various games that delighted the audience. Their lively conversations have already become a sensation on social media. In one segment of the chat show, Anushka was prompted to playfully taunt Kohli, and she brilliantly executed a sledge while imitating a wicket-keeper.

“Aaj 24th April hai, aaj toh run bana le Kohli (Today April 24, at least score runs today, Kohli),” Anushka said. However, Kohli swiftly crafted a response that left the audience bursting into laughter.

Watch the video here:

“Jitni tumhari puri team ne April, May, June, July mein run nahi banaye hai utne match hai mere. (I have more matches than all of your team’s combined scores in April, May, June and July).

Anushka Imitates Kohli’s Passionate Celebration

Anushka was requested to copy Kohli’s celebration after he takes a wicket. Kohli is famous for celebrating passionately when a wicket is taken. Anushka managed to imitate his spirit successfully. She ran around the area and celebrated with great enthusiasm while Kohli couldn’t stop laughing.

“Dekho,ye sab cheezein hoti hain moment mein, ye baar baar chala ke aise mat kiya karo yaar, mere ko badi sharam aati hai (See, such things happen in the heat of the moment, don’t play them again, I feel embarrassed), Kohli said while pointing towards the TV as the crowd cheered Anushka’s attempt.

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