Overview of how the Argentine’s goals and assists defied football

The 2022 World Cup victory was a landmark in Lionel Messi‘s life. He had been treated unfairly by pundits and the media for Argentina’s lack of international success. And despite the fact that he won the Copa America in 2021 and Finalissima in 2022, the later was still not taken into consideration as it was believed that the competition was minimal.

And those burdens and hopes of many people around the world were lifted when the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner raised the Jules Rimet trophy, as he won the prize that had lingered from his touch.

Also, the 35-year-old’s accomplishments at the club level were overshadowed by his FIFA World Cup victory, which allowed him to join Pele and Diego Maradona at the same table.

From being told he cannot play football due to his small stature, Messi continued playing and moved to Barcelona to pursue his football career leaving his family, Messi’s career has kind of been a fairground ride. Also, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has gone through all the peaks and valleys in life.

Then came his dramatic farewell from Barcelona, the club where he spent his formative years and played for 17 years, winning every trophy along the way and shattering records left and right.

Numerous spectators lined up outside Paris to catch a glimpse of him after joining PSG, but his performance failed to win over the crowd, as he was booed for the first time in his life after PSG’s shocking Champions League loss to Real Madrid.

FIFA World Cup 2022

Firstly, After being left off the list for 2022, Messi is now the favourite to win his eighth Ballon d’Or. Secondly, the Argentine has shown this with his on-field goals and assists, and, to top it all off, his valiant World Cup performance.

Social media will also go into a frenzy when he retires since there will never be another player like Lionel Messi, who inspired us with his play, goals, and really unbelievable passes.

Also, Messi has accomplished something that other players simply cannot, and we will be eternally grateful to have seen it, his goals and records he has broken in his football career.

And below we take a look at his overall goals and assists with club and country.

Club Football:


Games: 778

Goals: 672

Assists: 303

Paris Saint-Germain

Games: 61

Goals: 28

Assists: 29

National Team:


Games: 172

Goals: 98

Assists: 55


Games: 1011

Goals: 798

Assists: 387

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