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Top 10 footballers who rejected FC Barcelona

Published at :April 13, 2023 at 8:26 PM
Modified at :April 13, 2023 at 8:26 PM
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Ankan Chakraborty

The Blaugrana are one of the biggest clubs in football

A football club is a group of players, staff, management, trophies, icons, etc, which every individual who is a fan of modern-day football talks about. A football club is not only a club of 11 players whose main motive is to achieve 3 points every match day.

Rather it’s more than a team, for all those millions of people whose television sets bring a shine after showing the presence of the players and the sound of the referee’s whistle. To give you all a better understanding of a football club, it’s a roller coaster of laughs, cries, excitement, and competitiveness. But some clubs are different, they are not the fruit of this football legacy rather they are the roots that gave world football a new level.

For instance, India is having a total population of 140 crores and is currently holding the top spot in population as a huge sports enthusiast nation. Although most of its population is a cricket-liking nation still football has started capturing the Indian parts like Goa, West Bengal, and the southern part. People who don’t know much about sport in this nation, still are marketed and get to know some basic words of it which include Barcelona, Messi, Ronaldo, and Manchester United.

FC Barcelona are something that is an emotion throughout the whole world if we try to call them by thier nickname then you can call them “Visca Barca”.

Everything is magical in the club but let’s give a read to those professional top 10 players of the world who rejected Barcelona!

10. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva has been a fan of Barcelona since his childhood but after coming into professional football this dream started burdening down due to personal issues. While Silva was in AC Milan he was being offered by Barcelona but PSG offered the Brazilian defender higher wages. Thus in 2012, Thiago Silva went to PSG for 42 million euros after declining Barcelona’s offer.

9. Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon
Gianluigi Buffon rejected Barcelona to join Juventus in 2001

The legendary goalkeeper of Italy is also on this list when he was in hot pick during the 2001 transfers and was given a price of 39 million pounds from both Juventus and Barcelona while he was in Parma. The keeper gave Juventus more priority than Barcelona.

8. Alessandro del Piero

The Italy and Juventus forward were also on the radar of Barcelona and Manchester United during his young days. Barcelona targeted the forward while Juventus was in turbulence and later landed in the relegation stage. Many players resigned at that stage from the club but del Piero’s promises and good managerial offers by Juventus saved them from resigning their star forward.

7. David Beckham

It was the summer transfer of 2003 when Manchester United had just won a league title and Beckham was ruling the field while he stayed at Manchester United. This ruling had notified the entire football world but the attitude overshadowed his performance in front of Alex Ferguson. He was sold to Real Madrid while both Barcelona and Real Madrid were fighting for him. He chose Real Madrid for 35 million euros.

6. Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo was an exchange option that Pep Guardiola wanted to have in place of Zlatan Ibrahimovic but Pirlo kept the decision uncertain till the last minute and later denied the deal as Ibrahimovic was coming to AC Milan which fulfilled Pirlo’s decision.

5. Frank Ribery

Frank Ribery marked his name in the football world within a few years of signing with Bayern Munich in 2007. Barcelona tried to sign him in 2009 but could not complete it because the French were happy with the German side and thus extended the deal.

4. Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand was approached by Manchester United, Roma, Chelsea, and Barcelona after he showed some commendable performances at Leeds United. He wanted to stay in England and had a prior interest in Manchester United thus he rejected Barcelona’s offer. Later at that transfer window, he broke the English transfer window record by going to Manchester United for 30 million pounds.

3. Karim Benzema

Recent Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema was approached by Barcelona when he was excelling in Lyon but he had a greater interest in Real Madrid, which later led to sealing the deal with FC Barcelona’s arch-rivals.

2. Dennis Bergkamp

four assists premier league
Bergkamp is considered as one of the best Arsenal players of all time

Dennis Bergkamp was one of those players who had a very close relationship with Johan Cruyff while he was coaching FC Barcelona. He was ready to shake hands with the Dutch forward but as Dennis Bergkamp wanted to go to Serie A as it was the top league at that time, he joined Inter Milan for 7.1 million pounds.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2009 it was only a matter of a few steps which gave the world one of the biggest rivalries and rise of the GOAT debate. Barcelona had approached Cristiano Ronaldo but due to earlier promises, he joined Real Madrid.

How will world football have shaped itself if Cristiano and Lionel Messi would have played for the same team?!!!