FC Augsburg’s Felix Uduokhai: I think Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the world

Keshava VermaKeshava Verma

June 1 2023
Augsbrug FC Felix Uduokhai

The 25-year-old also spoke about his preferred position, Bundesliga season

Ever since joining Augsburg back in 2019, Felix Uduokhai has been a resolute server, whose incredible defensive traits, have very much benefited his side, in maintaining their position in the German top Flight.

Felix Uduokhai joined 1860 Munich, who play in the German third division, back in 2016. A year later, Wolfsburg signed the youngster. After spending two seasons with the Wolves, Felix Uduokhai was loaned out to Augsburg, with an option to buy. 

Impressed with his performances at the WWK Arena, Augsburg bought the player on a permanent deal in 2020, and have since reaped the benefits of his incredible stature and defensive abilities.

Khel Now recently got the opportunity to exclusively interact with the German centre back Felix Uduokhai. Here are some of the excerpts from the conversation with Felix Uduokhai.

Thoughts on the current season

Ausburg have had a decent 2022-23 season, as they successfully guaranteed another year of Bundesliga Football, and have now been in the Bundesliga for the last 10 years. Other than that, they also defeated teams like Bayern and Leipzig, which further adds to their takeaways from the season. 

“The season was filled with highs and lows. We had so many great moments against good teams, for example the win against Bayern or Leipzig or Leverkusen away. But also (there was) some part of the season where we were not in such a good mood. So both Good and bad times, but there’s a great potential in the team.” Feliz told Khel Now.

Also, when asked about his individual performance throughout the season, Feliz siad, “Of course I had my injuries this season so far, but I came back, always and the parts which I could have played were great. I think I had good games and I did well.”

Felix Uduokhai’s exclusive interview with Khel Now: Video

Bundesliga journey so far

Having been a part of the German top flight for quite some time now,  Felix Uduokhai holds a high regard for Bundesliga, and commends it for its competitive nature.

“It’s been a great experience every single match. I can remember my first game, the Bundesliga, it was crazy. Time runs fast, it’s great that I made 100 appearances and I’m proud about it and yeah, hopefully I’m going to make much more, Play much more games in the future.” he said.

Dream CB partner past or present

When asked about his dream backline partner from the past or present, Felix had a very interesting answer.

“There’s one centre back or central defender who inspired me a lot. It’s Carlos Puyol from Barcelona and if I could, I would wish to play with him together in the central back because he’s such a great defender.” he asserted.

“In current time, in the Bundesliga, I think it’s Mats Hummels from Dortmund. We faced against each other the last weekend. He’s also a great defender and All around in the world, I think Sergio Ramos is still, yeah, so good defender, maybe not at his peak anymore, but he’s still good.” Felix added when asked about his favourite center back in Bundesliga and football.

On his positional change

Felix Uduokhai played in the midfield in the early years of his footballing career. When asked about this transition from being a central midfielder, to playing as a centre back, the German had this to say.

“Yeah, I can remember when I was young, around 16 or 17 I played in the as a winger, left forward. And with time I also made a step back, first I played in the central midfield and then one more step back in the central back. And I I think there are a lot of adventures with it. So I have a good game with the ball and maybe that’s one part of it because I played in the youth team as a left winger or right winger.”

Message to Augsburg Fans

Felix Uduokhai also had a short and sweet message for all the loyal Augsburg supporters throughout the world. “Throughout the world, we have great fans. Here in Augsburg, I think fans love the club totally, who are behind the club fully. I just want to thank the fans in the name of the whole club, in the name of the whole team.”

Aspirations for the upcoming season

Felix Uduokhai also opened up about his biggest goals and aspirations for the upcoming season, and exclaimed the following.

“To look forward, I think it’s going to be the aim to get into the middle positions in the Bundesliga, get back there and let’s stay in the task we need to face next season.” 

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