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Ratings: Cleiton drives East Bengal to first win in ISL 2023-24

Published at :October 1, 2023 at 4:49 AM
Modified at :October 1, 2023 at 4:49 AM
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East Bengal won their first ISL game this season.

East Bengal FC secured a valuable victory against Hyderabad FC, emerging triumphant with a 2-1 scoreline at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata. The game commenced with an early goal from Hitesh Sharma in the 8th minute. However, East Bengal FC quickly responded, leveling the score just two minutes later with a goal by Cleiton Silva in the 10th minute of play.

Although a longer part of the game with both the teams trying to find the net for the second time, it was again Cleiton Silva who scored a brilliant goal with a free kick in the 93rd minute of play to give East Bengal FC a much needed win with three points on the board.

Here are the player ratings for the game.

East Bengal (By Gourav Samal)

Prabhsukhan Gill - 7

Gill displayed significant engagement in the initial half as Hyderabad FC consistently sought to launch offensive maneuvers. He showcased admirable poise while in possession of the ball throughout the match.

Harmanjot Khabra - 6.5

Khabra exhibited exceptional proficiency in distributing the ball, showcasing his abilities in making overlapping runs and actively contributing to the team's offensive play. Additionally, his defensive skills were notable, as he executed crucial clearances and blocks, delivering a commendable performance in the backline.

Jose Antonio Pardo - 6

Despite an initial error leading to a goal in the early stages of the match, he subsequently displayed commendable defensive prowess. Effectively fortified their defensive line and effectively neutralized the opposing team's threats. 

Mandar Dessai - 6.5

Dessai displayed a composed presence in the defensive line and demonstrated adeptness in reacting promptly to potential threats, effectively executing crucial clearances on numerous occasions.

Nishu Kumar - 6.5

He demonstrated remarkable defensive skills, exhibiting a composed composure while distributing the ball fluidly across the field. Moreover, his defensive contributions were unwavering, presenting a solid foundation for the team.

Saul Crespo - 7

Crespo displayed a commendable performance in the midfield by effectively maintaining the cohesion between the midfield and the backline. He showcased exemplary skills in his role, contributing significantly to the team's overall performance in that area.

Souvik Chakraborty - 6.5

Chakraborty was replaced at the commencement of the second half. During his time on the pitch, he effectively utilized his inventive passes, delivered exceptional assists, and generated several promising opportunities.

Borja Herrera - 6.5

Borja displayed remarkable proficiency in both facets of the match, showcasing exceptional offensive capabilities by advancing the ball and delivering pivotal saves within his own penalty area.

Naorem Mahesh Singh - 6

Despite making some blazing runs and getting into prime areas, his shots were never converted but were effective with passes and crosses.

Nanddha Kumar Sekar - 7

Nanddha Kumar was frequently observed commanding the right flank as he adeptly delivered remarkable crosses, exerting significant influence over the game for East Bengal from that particular side.

Cleiton Silva - 7.5

Silva swiftly netted the equalizer just two minutes after HFC's opening goal. And a brilliant right footed free kick that just took the game away from Hyderabad.


Mohammad Rakip - 6.5

Rakip was substituted for Chakraborty at the onset of the second half. In summary, it was a match full of promise for Rakip, as he consistently displayed impressive skills throughout the game.

Javi Siverio - 6.5

Came in at 83rd minute and had two beautiful chances of scoring the goal but couldn’t capitalize on it.

Suhair VP - N/A

Suhair's contribution remained limited as he was replaced towards the end of the match.

Gursimrat Gill - N/A

Gill only had a brief moment on the field, being substituted for Silva in the 90+8th minute.

Hyderabad FC (By: Analoy Majumder)

Laxmikant Kattimani: 7.0

Against the Torchbearers, the Hyderabad FC goalie had difficulty. Kattimani had to concede an early goal due to a defensive error, but after that, he gained confidence and made several key saves. However, he eventually had to leave the game and make his way out for Anuj Kumar due to a possible injury sustained in a collision with Cletion Silva.

M. Mohammed: 6.5

Mohammed didn't draw much attention, but he did make a couple solid runs with the ball and assisted the defence in keeping the attackers from having much momentum in the final third.

Joao Victor: 8.5

Jao Victor was absolutely phenomenal today at Hyderabad FC’s backline. Denied Borja and Cleiton Silva multiple times from finding the back of the net. As a captain, he demonstrated strong leadership on the defensive line by making a number of important interceptions, strong tackles, and final-third stops.

Nim Dorjee: 6.5

Nim Dorjee was missing in most parts of the game and was not at his best today. Gave good defensive support to Joao Victor, Nikhil Poojary and made few important runs with the ball and tried to link the play between the defence and midfield but left no noticeable impact.

Nikhil Poojary: 7.0

As usual, Nikhil Poojary performed well both defensively and offensively today, showed solid command in the backline, and even attempted to create offensive possibilities. Nikhil frequently carried the ball into the attack, made excellent passes out of the middle, and frequently attempted to go past East Bengal's defence.

P. Pennanen: 7.0

Pennanen was a strong midfielder who frustrated the EBFC players today by restricting their ability to generate plays in the middle. He placed a lot of pressure on the players, ending with quite a few positive tackles and a couple of needed interceptions while winning duels and regaining possession on a consistent basis. However, he failed to wrap up his performance strongly as the match went forward.

Sahil Tavora: 7.0

Sahil did well both defensively and offensively. Tavora added more creativity in the middle and sought to put together a strong striker-midfielder combo. He also helped out the foreign maestros like Joe Knowles and Joao Victor.

Hitesh Sharma: 8.5

Hitesh sharma scored the opening goal of today’s game for Hyderabad FC. Hitesh was not only effective in the attacking scenarios but also he gave great defensive support and was there in the defence line whenever needed. Hitesh was really a key playmaker for Hyderabad FC today and delivered more than expected.

Joe Knowles: 7.5

From the beginning, Joe Knowles had the EBFC defence on their toes. He made many strong attempts at goal but failed to score. Joe provided one assist today, which helped Hitesh Sharma score the game's first goal. Every time Knowles got the ball, he sought to use it to his advantage and give Hyderabad FC chances to score.

Felipe Amorim: 7.0

Amorim was quite lethal in the attacking part of Hyderabad FC today, opened the chances of scoring but left to convert. The playmaker won three ground duels while creating a significant opportunity. Despite not being at his best, he nonetheless contributed to the attack well and posed a persistent danger before being replaced at the hour mark.

Mohammad Yasir: 7.0

Mohammad Yasir often came extremely close to scoring but missed out on the opportunity. performed admirably in the offensive third and gave his side effective attacking assistance when playing alongside Joe Knowles and Hitesh Sharma.


Anuj Kumar: 7.5

Anuj Kumar took charge of Hyderabad FC’s goal after Kattimani’s uncertain injury before the end of first half. Anuj seemed quite confident under the post as he made a couple of good collections and delivered good voices from the back and made many important saves.

Vignesh Dakhishinamurthy: 6.0

Prior to the last quarter of the second half, Vignesh entered the game to inject more innovation into it, but he was unable to have any beneficial effects on the Hyderabadi team.

Aaren D'Silva: 7.0

Aaren brought in more creativity in the middle after coming. The gaffer brought Aaren D Silva in search of their much needed goal but he failed to meet the expectations. He paired well in the middle with Joao Victor but was not able to bring any goals.

Alanis: 6.5

Alanis made his debut in ISL in Hyderabad’s jersey. Made quite good attempts towards goals and created a few positive chances.