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AFC Asian Cup 2023 Final: Jordan vs Qatar: All time head-to-head record

Published at :February 9, 2024 at 9:23 PM
Modified at :February 9, 2024 at 9:23 PM
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Rutvij Joshi

Both sides have clashed 22 times in the past.

The highly anticipated final of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 final is set to take place on 10th February at Lusail Stadium. This momentous game will determine the winner of the most coveted crown in Asian football – the AFC Asian Cup. Host nation Qatar aims to defend their title and secure their second Asian championship, while Jordan, the dark horses of the tournament, seek to claim their first-ever Asian title. 

The narrative of Jordan’s journey parallels Qatar’s run in the 2019 edition, where they defied the odds to reach the finals and even defeated Asian powerhouse Japan. Now, five years later, the tables have turned, with Qatar established as an Asian powerhouse and Jordan making their debut in the final. Will the story of a rookie winning the Asian title continue, or will the powerhouse prevail in the Asian conditions?

Historical Significance

The first encounter between Qatar and Jordan dates back to 1980, marked by an international friendly. Since then, these Arab sides have clashed 22 times, with their most recent meeting occurring in an international friendly in 2018. 

Qatar well ahead in Head-to-Head

In the 22 encounters between Qatar and Jordan, the Qatari team has demonstrated superiority, securing victory in 12 matches, while Jordan secured victory in 5. Additionally, 5 matches between the two sides ended in a draw.

This head-to-head advantage positions Qatar as a formidable opponent for Jordan in the upcoming final. However, in the unpredictable nature of football, past encounters serve as mere statistics, and the final outcome will depend on the performance on the day of the match.

The AFC Asian Cup 2023 Showdown: An Ultimate Quest for Glory

The AFC Asian Cup 2023 final represents the ultimate quest for glory for both Qatar and Jordan. While the stakes are the same – claiming the prestigious Asian title – the significance of the crown differs for each team. For Jordan, winning the title would etch their names forever in the annals of Asian football and mark their arrival on the world football stage.

On the other hand, for Qatar, the victory would signify redemption. It presents an opportunity to rectify any shortcomings since their triumph in Dubai in 2019 and prove that their past glory was not a fluke. Additionally, it offers a chance to showcase that their disappointing performance in the 2022 FIFA World Cup was an anomaly and that they remain a force to be reckoned with in international football.

As the final showdown approaches, the anticipation among football enthusiasts reaches a crescendo. The clash between Qatar and Jordan promises to be a spectacle of skill, determination, and passion, as both teams vie for the ultimate prize in Asian football.

Jordan vs Qatar: All meetings

06 Sep 1980: Qatar 0-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

08 Sep 1980: Qatar 3-0 Jordan (International Friendly)

21 Sep 1984: Jordan 0-2 Qatar (AFC Asian Cup)

15 Mar 1985: Jordan 1-0 Qatar (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

12 Apr 1985: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

05 Jul 1985: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (FIFA Arab Cup)

06 Jan 1989: Qatar 1-0 Jordan (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

27 Jan 1989: Jordan 1-1 Qatar (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

12 Mar 1993: Qatar 1-2 Jordan (International Friendly)

26 Sep 1998: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (FIFA Arab Cup)

08 Apr 2000: Qatar 2-2 Jordan (AFC Asian Cup)

05 Jan 2001: Qatar 3-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

06 Jan 2001: Qatar 3-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

31 Mar 2004: Jordan 1-0 Qatar (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

17 Nov 2004: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

27 Jul 2006: Jordan 0-0 Qatar (West Asian Football Federation Championship)

16 Mar 2008: Qatar 2-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

13 Aug 2008: Jordan 3-0 Qatar (West Asian Football Federation Championship)

08 Oct 2012: Qatar 1-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

10 Oct 2012: Qatar 1-1 Jordan (International Friendly)

07 Jan 2014: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (International Friendly)

23 Dec 2018: Qatar 2-0 Jordan (International Friendly)

Jordan vs Qatar: All results

Total matches: 22

Jordan wins: 5

Qatar Wins: 12

Draws : 5

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