The Blue Tigers intend to continue their winning run even after qualifying for the AFC Asian championship 2019.



 01′ Naing OO

 13′ Chhetri

 20′ Kyaw

 69′ JEJE 



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Our special video celebrating India’s journey to the AFC Asian Cup 2019

Jerry and Germanpreet eventually had an average outing in the end. Weren’t blistering well, and it’s still a wonder why Thapa does not start. He must, he should. Just because Germanpreet is better physically? 

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FULL TIME: INDIA make it a 13-game unbeaten run and match Belgium in the longest streak in World Football currently, just behind Germany, who are at 20. India should’ve, though, done better with their chances as they draw the game and continue their domination in the AFC Asian Cup Group A. Myanmar would, too, rue missing their chances. Sunil Chhetri came close on a couple of occasions as well. 

India need to work off their rustiness and they need friendlies before such crucial encounters. India could’ve well been caught on the break. Jhingan made several mistakes throughout the game. 

90+3′ In the last minute, Myanmar with another attempt from outside the box. Is over the bar and Sandhu hits another one long. Jairu crosses after India control possession and build, but the cross is poor. All eyes on the referee and he blows it. FULL TIME! 

90+2′ 3 minutes of added time, and it seems India are happy with the streak of unbeaten. Jeje combines one with Chhetri, Thapa with a delightful chip to find Chhetri and is OVER! THE CAPTAIN IS DOWN! WAS IN THE 6 YARD BOX! VERY CLOSE! LAST CHANCE OF THE GAME FOR INDIA? Maybe! 

90+1′ Anas clears another attack from the visitors. Could’ve been costly had the 28-year-old not intervened. 

90′ Late drama, can we expect? Sure! Both teams are playing it with the same tempo as the half started, and the No. 22 is replaced by No. 15 for Myanmar. 

89′ Myanmar start another move with a free kick, but India continue to press high. Chhetri desperately wants another, his vigour shows that. 

88′ Jeje is the man of MAN OF THE MATCH. Has equalised, been a presence, and has controlled a lot of long balls. 

87′ Myanmar build, but Thapa is pressing well. Diminutive, but is a good presence, this lad. Gurpreet comes out to collect a through ball. 

86′ Muddle in front of the goal. Can the captain pull another blinder and make it 3-2? He’ll have to hit it with something. GOAL, BUT DISALLOWED! THE BALL DID NOT MOVE! 

85′ Germanpreet and Thapa combine and Chhetri is playing the farthest forward now. One chance, and the captain will make it 3-2. Indirect free kick in the box as a Myanmar defender passes one to the goalkeeper. Thapa and Chhetri combine for the free-kick. 

84′ Chhetri standing over it. To Jhingan wide, and the defender places it straight onto the palms of the goalkeeper. Should have squared it for Jeje. 

82′ Comes and hits one! Is over. Youth vibrancy is at its show now, and Thapa is heading it. India’s best talent in terms of box to box at the moment, Anirudh Thapa is India’s future. Chhetri is pulled down for another freekick. 

81′ Anirudh Thapa is coming on as Udanta Singh writhes in pain after a crunching challenge. Thapa is set to replace Eugeneson Lyngdoh. 

80′ Corner to the Reds, is in the hands of Gurpreet. Chhetri is brought down on the counter. Jairu loses possession once again. How will he pass with his head down? I wonder! 

79′ Official attendance of the game: 5546. Poor, to be fair, but the people who didn’t come, surely missed some good action. A long ranger comes in, but is wide and over. 

78′ Jerry and Jairu share a confused moment on the left. India consolidating possession at the moment. 

77′ Chhetri battles hard in the midfield and wins possession. The captain has taken it upon himself to create it from the back. 

76′ Bikash Jairu is coming on for Holicharan Narzary.

75′ Myanmar slowly build in from the back and create another goal attack. A long shot comes in, and India’s flying goalkeeper blocks it confidently. Jeje brings another one down confidently, but can’t play it out to Chhetri.

74′ Throw in to Myanmar on the right wing. They’re playing more in the Indian half now. Bad omen? 

73′ Kotal with a horrible error as Myanmar capitalise. Gurpreet calmly collects the attack in his arms. The right back needs to make fewer mistakes at this level. 

72′ India defending with 10 now, Jeje only up to. Chhetri and his resilience rubbing on the team as India regain possession with high pressure. 

71′ Narzary with another cut in from the left. No one with the follow-up. Could have been a stunner, if Xabi Alonso played for India. 


68′ The possession has been 50-50, exactly like the game. Gurpreet’s been fairly unaffected in this half. Jerry with a throw-in from the left, lose possession, the Tigers. 

66′ Free kick to India from the right. Eugene tries one from a 50-50 ball, is rightly tackled and goes flying. Pure fitness from the ATK midfielder. 

65′ India living dangerously as another ball and attack comes in the Indian box. India finally clear it out with Narzary the protagonist. The hosts are building it from the back at the moment. Udanta hits another one poorly as Jeje brings an Anas long-ball brilliantly. 

64′ Anas has been resolute like always. No compensation from the Jamshedpur Steelman.

63′ Chhetri is offside on a move as Kyaw makes way for the Myanmar No. 7. The second goalscorer is off. 

62′ Kotal and Udanta are combining better down the right. India is coming ahead from the right more. Jerry, too, is playing closer to Narzary. Udanta lays one for Kotal, cross comes in, Chhetri brings it down, Narzary sends the pass in, is close! Is defended eventually.

60′ Udanta makes another chance and cuts in from the wide for Jeje. The No. 12 can only win a corner and get Eugene interested. 

59′ India win a throw in from the right. Build up from the back breaks down. 


57′ Myanmar come close, but India counter with Chhetri finding Narzary with a through ball. The long-distance effort is easily collected by the goalkeeper. Too imaginative? Certainly!

SUMMARY: India have started the second half brightly, almost controlling proceedings. The Blue Tigers, though, still miss the cutting edge. Can they score twice and make it 13 out of 13?

56′ Germanpreet Singh needs to pass the ball forward on more occasions. India concede a throw on the left with poor control from Jerry. Germanpreet tries another one from distance, but is wide and over. 

55′ Myanmar attack, Jhingan stands tall and powerful. Chhetri’s through ball finds Udanta, but is a little too heavy. Good move though.

54′ Eugene loses easy possession to play a wall pass. India win a throw-in, and Chhetri’s eventual ball goes unread by Kotal. 

53′ Myanmar win a throw on the left, with Udanta losing control of possession. Cheap conceding! Long distance attempt from the eventual build up, is wide. 

52′ Myanmar have only played in the AFC Asian Cup in 1968, and were the runners-up behind Iran. India are certainly better than that. 

51′ Jhingan falls down while trying another defensive block. Slippery grounds? Jerry clears the attack for a goalkeeper. 

50′ Germanpreet firmly keeps possession under pressure. India have started the second half strongly in terms of possession. Jerry with a cross, and it was close for an OWN GOAL! COLLECTED BY THE GOALKEEPER IN THE END.

49′ Holicharan with a poor cross after a good India build up. Chhetri playing very low in the Indian half, almost in the midfield. 

48′ Shockingly, Udanta looks to be slowing the game down. The Indian flash is famous for his speed though. Needs to work on his strengths more. Also, needs to coordinate better with Kotal. 

47′ India was caught yet again, but Myanmar could not really connect in the Indian box. Another Jhingan miscontrol and error. 

46′ The action starts again. India start off with 4-4-2. Chhetri looks determind to make it big. No changes at the beginning of the next 45. 

46′ The kick-off is set to happen, with the hosts taking the ball. India will need to take the early momentum. 

Will the non-given penalty play spoilsport in the end, or will the fans in the stadium go back home smiling? We’ll have to wait till the end, and until Chhetri is there, the Blue fans can be assured that the National team is not going to give it up. 

HALF-TIME REVIEW: Sunil Chhetri’s penalty lowered the deficit as India concede two against Myanmar with two errors from young starters Jerry and Germanpreet. Equal in terms of chances and possession, the Blue Tigers can bring it back to a victory, but need to finish better. 

Will Sunil Chhetri make a special appearance in the second half? Who will make it big this time around from the bench? Manvir Singh, is your time here? 

45+2′ Myanmar will be happy with what they’ve got at Goa. 2-1 against the hosts, and the Reds will be a happy team. HALF-TIME WHISTLE.

45+1′ Two minutes of added time. The space in between the lines and in the channels is obvious in the Indian shape. Positional poor awareness. 

45′ Narzary to Jeje and the Sniper finds the captain with a good lob in space. Brilliant forward ball and run, and the attempt is just wide. India come close again.  

44′ Lacklustre, the word for the half. No. 9 interested in the ball. Gurpreet carefully watching his wall. Hits the wall and India create with Udanta running up top. 

43′ Myanmar build under pressur, and continue exchanging possession outside their attacking third. Free kick in a great position to the Reds. Just outside the box. 

42′ Jhingan is in the opposition half. Shows how high India is pressing at the moment. The No. 5 has been a threat at set-pieces. Good stuff after the initial mistakes. Rustiness takes it toll. 

40′ Another corner for Myanmar as Jerry clears a move down the left. Gurpreet is arranging his defence well, collects it calmly and cleanly. Udanta gets the long ball, plays it to the superb running Chhetri, who misses the pass to play it back to Udanta. Unlucky.! 

39′ Eugene curls it, falls for Jhingan after a header, and the No. 5 shoots it just over. Was a powerful attempt, is close. Good try by India to level scores. 

38′ Chhetri to Udanta and it’s a six from the No. 15. Worth an attempt, surely. Holicharan has been really good and positive on the right today, smart as well. Free kick to India as Eugene is brought down. No. 8 replaces No. 19. 

37′ Kotal to Jeje, Jeje brings it down for Chhetri. The captain takes too long to arrange it for a shot. Is dispossessed easily. 

36′ The left-back is being taken out. Has been influential. Looks to be a forced substitution. 

36′ Myanmar No. 19 is down. The game is paused. Stephen looks in a contemplating mode. 

35′ Good low shot, is cleanly cleared by a diving Sandhu. Throw in from the left to Myanmar. 

34′ Free kick to Myanmar as Jhingan brings down a player outside the box. About 30 yards away from Gurpreet. Kyaw standing over it. 

33′ The goalkeeper is pushing his team up, but his goalkeeper is not even close to the half line. 

32′ Chhetri is absolutely shocked. Udanta makes a run down the left, cuts in, but is defended to safety. India win a throw. Jerry takes it and runs it out for a throw-in. 

31′ Consecutive corners as Jhingan meets the ball with a delightful header. German takes another shot, is deflected wide again. Chhetri play it close with Eugene. The captain is brought down in the box, a certain push! PENALTY DENIED! 

30′ Corner to India. Eugene standing over it. 

29′ India defending with 8 Red players in their own half. Poor position or pressure? Chhetri makes a run, lays it for Germanpreet, shoots straight, is deflected wide. 

28′ Chhetri is penalised for an elbow in the air while trying to control a long ball. The No. 11 is absolutely shocked. 

27′ Low, poor and cleared for a throw in. India survive that one easily. Chhetri will need to put across a few words in the break. India counter attack with Jerry crossing after a run from the left, is in a melee, but is eventually defended. 

27′ Another corner for the visitors as Anas clears one. From the left, No. 16 curls it in. 

26′ India have now transformed to a 4-4-2 formation. Chhetri playing almost parallel to Jeje. Who do we see coming on in the second half. Bench strength Balwant Singh is also out. Manvir? Will he be the impact hero? 

25′ Preparational friendlies, thus, are important. AIFF and Constantine, please take note. this is too spacious a gameplay for any team to concede.

24′ Too open a game, as India create from the left. Chhetri plays it to Udanta, who crosses a low on in. Take a deflection, in the hand of the goalkeeper. 

23′ India build from the back with Anas and Jhingan. Back to Gurpreet after keeping the ball for a while. The Bengaluru FC custodian hits it in the orbit. 

22′ Shambolic presence in the Indian half, this. India allowing way too much space. Jhingan with a strong tackle and stops another attack. India should be better way better at home. No real concentration. Starting Blues for Jerry and Germanpreet? 

21′ We made a point that India haven’t played a friendly before the game. Looking really rusty, this side, after the long off season. 


19′ Jeje to Udanta on the right, and India win a throw with a Myanmar clearance. Eugene tracks back to ensure safety as Kotal and Udanta lose possession. 

18′ Myanmar’s throw from the left. They back it back and build it up. Domination on the ball? Slightly. 

17′ Myanmar are now building from the right, but Germanpreet breaks it down. Another attack from the visitors, but it was close. Just wide from Sandhu’s left post. Poor defending from the hosts. 

16′ Nyanmar try to build it from the left, but Udanta brings down the opposition left back. 

15′ India can now calm down, knowing they’ve the streak safe. Wonder what Constantine will be thinking? 

14′ Chhetri has a brilliant strike rate at Goa. Got 2 against Bangladesh the last time they played here. Can he double it up today and continue to perfect winning run at AFC qualifiers. 

13′ GOOOOOLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAZZZZZOOOOOOOO! Chhetri makes it 1-1! Bottom left corner, never under pressure. Makes it 56. 


12′ Narzary to Chhetri, back to Narzary, cross comes it, but Jeje is pressurized by the goalkeeper to security. 

11′ First corner, from the left, to Myanmar. Kotal pushes a ball out when he could clear it for a throw. The ensuing play is out for a goalkick as the cross is over and wide. 

10′ Myanmar with a throw on the right. Chhetri is absolutely furious with the pressing from Eugene. India regain possession and Eugene loses it again. 

09′ Eugene tries to find Jeje with a first time lob after getting a backpass from Chhetri. Just a little too heavy for the Mizo Sniper. 

08′ The crowd cheers the high pressing from Narzary that helps India with a respite in the opposition half. 

07′ Anas tries a long ball to Narzary on the left. Is just over. India have now come to terms with the game and are now looking at the ball more. Eugene is playing above Germanpreet. Chhetri the No. 10 and second striker. 

06′ Foul on Udanta on the right. Jerry standing over it. Can he redeem himself after that howler? Good ball in, Jeje heads it to the goalkeeper.

05′ Jhingan is playing higher up the pitch, and has arranged the Indian defence accordingly. That’s improvisation. Successful or failure, we’ll tell you later. India is pressing high, very high on the pitch. 

04′ India is now slowly coming to terms. Playing in the opposition half. 

03′ The crowd, the players and the coach are all yet to come to terms, with the score. Could be 2-0, with Jhingan the criminal, but Gurpreet with a good save. The players need to calm down and breathe. 

01′ The match begins. Myanmar with the kickoff. And it’s goal. 15 seconds. The first attack, first goal. Goal headed from over Jerry!  The Myanmar No. 14 with the goal.

19:58 PM: This is a must win fixture for Myanmar if they want to qualify for the AFC Asian Cup 2019. All set for a fiery encounter, the ground is cheering for the Blue Tigers! 

19:57 PM: The Indian National anthem fills the stadium. Players singing it is a great feeling, we must tell you. Gratitude to play for the country, Chhetri’s voice on it! Goose-bumpy! 

19:55 PM: The National anthems are set to start. Both teams in their home colours. India blue, Myanmar Red. The stadium isn’t even close to full strength, but given Goa’s differences with the AIFF, it’s understandable. 

19:53 PM: The Blue Pilgrims are also making a lot of noise already. The supporters are entering in numbers now as the teams walk out. 

19:50 PM: 10 minutes to go, and we’re LIVE from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Goa. Fans are slowly coming on in numbers. 

19:49 PM: Chennaiyin FC will be proud. Two players break into the XI, both of them from the Super Machans. 

19:47 PM: India can surely benefit from the energy and the youth factor of both Jerry and Germanpreet. Both youngsters need to play without fear and do what they do best, play confident, positive football. 

19:46 PM: Paul Masefield things it is going to be an Indian win or a draw? What’s your take on the same?

19:45 PM: We prepared a special tribute to the Indian Football Team on their qualification to the AFC Asian Cup and for the fans. Check it out. 

19:43 PM: Stephen Constantine: We want to finish the calendar year on a high. We want to continue the run. The morale in the camp is high. The players need to continue the good and hard work and will be playing for their places for the AFC Asian Cup 2019.

19:42 PM: The last time India faced Myanmar, this happened: 

19:40 PM: Both Jerry and Germanpreet have made their debuts for the National teams, German starting for the 2nd time. This is Jerry’s first start. 

19:38 PM: Gurpreet, Sandesh and Chhetri all three want to end the qualification on a high note. 

19:36 PM: Myanmar Starting XI: Htet, Win, Tut, Htut, Htan, Aung, Kyaw, Bo Bo, Naing Oo, Ko Ko, Aung Thu

19:34 PM: India is at the top, followed by the Kyrgyz Republic and Myanmar in Group A. Macau have been the punching bags, losing all four of their games.  

19:33 PM: Indian Football Team is on a 12 match unbeaten run. Will they make it 13 and match Belgium at the International level? We bet they can. 

19:30 PM: This is how the boys would be lining up: 

India’s starting XI

19:20 PM: India have already qualified for the AFC Asian Cup 2019 and won the last game against Macau 4-1. Chhetri, Borges (injured for today), Jeje and an own goal caused the defeat. 

19:00 PM: Indian Starting XI: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Anas Edathodika, Sandesh Jhingan, Pritam Kotal, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Germanpreet Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Holicharan Narzary, Udanta Singh, Jeje Lalpekhlua


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18:30 Hello and welcome to the Live commentary of the crucial AFC Asian Cup Qualifier between hosts India and Myanmar. This is your host Punit Tripathi standing by to bring you all the action as it happens at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Goa.