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Top five players with most away goals in UEFA Champions League knockout phase

Published at :April 24, 2024 at 4:42 PM
Modified at :April 24, 2024 at 4:43 PM
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Rohit Sarkar

These players have made scoring goals on big European nights a habit and some have attained legendary status in the process

It’s not an easy task to stand up and score away goals in the UEFA Champions League knockout games. These are some of the biggest and toughest nights. It is a tough nut to crack given the atmosphere the home fans create for the away team. Teams face a lot of issues and challenges while playing in front of away hostile fans and playing on unfamiliar grounds. In an unfamiliar setting, the away teams really struggle to penetrate their opponent’s defences. Scoring a goal becomes more challenging.

However, the away team gets a significant advantage if they manage to score goals in those hostile territories. Some players have stood up time and time again and have delivered on the important nights in away games of the UCL knockout phase. In this article, we will talk about the top five players with the most away goals in the UEFA Champions League knockout phase.

Sadio Mane (10 Goals)

Sadio Mane has been brilliant in the away games of the UEFA Champions League knockout phases. During his time in Europe, he has scored 10 away goals during the knockout phase of the UCL and is placed at number 5 in this list. Mane has always been a skillful winger who has created chances for his team and has stepped up on important European nights.

Sadio Mane has always been a threat to the opponent’s defence with his skilful dribbles and ability to rip apart the defensive line. He had made a special place in the hearts of the fans because of his ability to stand up and perform when the stakes were high.

Lionel Messi (12 goals)

With twelve away goals in the UEFA Champions League knockout stage, Lionel Messi ranks at number four in the list of the most goals scored away from home. Messi, undoubtedly the greatest ever player in the world, has been a constant threat to the opposition’s defence with his out-of-the-world traits.

As he ruthlessly puts the ball in the back of the net, Messi has not just been a playmaker but a ruthless goal-scorer. When it came to the Champions League nights and especially the away games, he carried Barcelona’s dreams on his shoulders and has scored 12 goals in away games of UCL knockouts.

Karim Benzema (14 goals)

Karim Benzema, a sensational striker, is now in third place on the list of the most away goals scored in the UEFA Champions League knockout phase with an incredible fourteen goals. Benzema has been a lethal finisher while playing for Real Madrid and has stepped up on important UCL nights as a clinical finisher. He is highly adored and regarded by Real Madrid fans.

Benzema has stepped up and contributed to the team’s success in away games of the UCL knockout phases. He has established himself as a highly regarded striker because of his consistent high-level performance in European competition.

Kylian Mbappe (15 goals)

With an incredible fifteen goals in the UEFA Champions League elimination phase, Kylian Mbappe moved up to second place in the list of most goals scored away from home in UCL knockouts. Mbappe is an unbeatable force on the field because of his pace, and clinical finishing. Every time he is on the field, he is a huge looming threat to the opponent’s defensive line. He can effortlessly transition from dribbling to scoring because of his nimbleness and accuracy.

The renowned Mbappe finds a way to score the winning goal no matter where he plays, even on hostile away grounds. Mbappe is currently the number one player in the world and also a big match player. When the stakes are high, Kylian Mbappe delivers. With the future ahead of him, Kylian Mbappe will continue to grow bigger and greater.

Cristiano Ronaldo (23 Goals)

Impressively, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 23 goals in the UEFA Champions League knockout stage while playing away from home. Mr. Champions Legaue, as he is affectionately called, has owned this competition right from the start.

He racks up goals like a pro while playing away from home. When the stakes are high and you need to silence the away crowd on big UCL nights, Cristiano Ronaldo has always come to the forefront. His timing and accuracy are unparalleled. Ronaldo has had a tremendous work ethic and dogged determination. Through his consistent success in high-pressure settings, he has become one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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