Some score headers, some curl it from out of the box, but some make it look like magic.

There are few things that bring football fans more joy than seeing the ball hit the back of the net, or more devastation than when the opposition score against your side. Goals ultimately decide success and failure. At the FIFA World Cup, these joys and sorrows are heightened ever still, magnified on the global stage.

In the fabled 90-year history of the World Cup, nearly 2,400 goals have been scored. Not all of them have been spectacular, but some of the most beautiful or dramatic goals are remembered by generations of football fans.

In the new “Hyundai Anatomy of a Goal” series, FIFA closely analyses some of the most memorable goals in World Cup history. Have fun watching!

Pele, 1958 World Cup Final

The game: Brazil 5-2 Sweden
The goal: 3-1, Pele (BRA, 55′)

Carlos Alberto, 1970 World Cup Final

The game: Brazil 4-1 Italy
The goal: 4-1, Carlos Alberto (BRA, 86′)

Manuel Negrete, 1986 World Cup Round of 16

The game: Mexico 2-0 Bulgaria
The goal1-0, Manuel Negrete (MEX, 34′)

Diego Maradona, 1986 World Cup quarter-final

The game: Argentina 2-1 England
The goal: 2-0, Diego Maradona (ARG, 55′)

Lothar Matthaus, 1990 World Cup Group D

The game: Germany 4-1 Yugoslavia
The goal: 1-3, Lothar Matthaus (GER, 64′)

Said Al Owair, 1994 World Cup Group F

The game: Belgium 0-1 Saudi Arabia
The goal: 0-1 , Saeed Al-Owairan (KSA, 5′)

Daniel Amokachi, 1994 World Cup Group D

The game: Greece 0-2 Nigeria
The goal: 0-2, Daniel Amokachi (NGA, 90′)

Micheal Owen, 1998 World Cup Round of 16

The game: Argentina 2-2 England, ARG win 4-3 on penalties 
The goal: 1-2,  Michael Owen (ENG, 16′)

Davor Suker, 1998 World Cup quarter-final

The game: Germany 0-3 Croatia
The goal: 0-3, Davor Suker (CRO, 85′)

Park Ji-Sung, 2002 World Cup Group D

The game: Portugal 0-1 Korea Republic
The goal: 0-1, Park Jisung (KOR, 70′)

Esteban Cambiasso, 2006 World Cup Group C

The game: Argentina 6-0 Serbia and Montenegro
The goal: 2-0, Esteban Cambiasso (ARG, 31′)

Diego Forlan, 2010 World Cup Match for third place

The game: Uruguay 2-3 Germany
The goal: 2-1 , Diego Forlan (URU, 51′)

Tim Cahill, 2014 World Cup Group B

The game: Australia 2-3 Netherlands
The goal: 1-1, Tim Cahill (AUS, 21′)

James Rodriguez, 2014 World Cup Round of 16

The game: Colombia 2-0 Uruguay
The goal: 1-0, James Rodriguez (COL, 28′)