The Ghanaian has had an instant impact since joining from Atletico Madrid on Deadline Day.

As Arsenal picked up their first win against Manchester United at Old Trafford since 2006 and their first away win against a top-six side in the Premier League in many years, the presence of one player allowed them to put an end to this curse. Thomas Partey looked undaunted by the occasions and in a day when United played four in midfield, dominated every single opponent.

He’s only been associated with the Gunners for just around a month now, but that performance proved why they paid up big bucks to secure his signing. An absolute powerhouse in the midfield with numerous valuable qualities in his skillset, Partey has been like a knight in shining armour for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Here are five reasons why Thomas Partey was also the best summer signing in the Premier League.

5. Brings an immediate upgrade to Arsenal’s midfield

Before arrival of Thomas Partey, Arsenal’s midfield lacked quality to win key battles in the middle. Although Granit Xhaka was a solid option, his lack of displine didn’t the cause. Dani Ceballos, although impressive in patches throughout the season, showed consistency issues. However, the Ghanaian midfielder fixed all these problems with his skillset.

The dominant midfielder now provides Arteta’s side enough options to properly dominate games while not having to worry about oppositions’ swift breaks. With his bullish personality and proactive style, he will ensure that Arsenal’s midfield core remains stable for many years to come and that opponents think twice before trying to create moves through the middle.

4. Will allow Arsenal teammates more freedom to express their ultimate potential

Not only has Thomas Partey started playing a huge role over improving Arsenal’s midfield, but he also acts as an extra layer of protection for the defence. With his ability to sniff out opponents attack and put a stop to swift breaks, his performances will give more confidence to his teammates. Unlike what they had to do in the early months under Arteta, being too cautious defensively after a poor first-half of last season, Arsenal players can be more expressive now.

Knowing they have Partey to cover for their mistakes, the likes of Hector Bellerin, Bukayo Saka, Dani Ceballos and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang can venture forward in a more adventurous fashion. Arsenal might be experiencing a goal-scoring problem as of late, but as the players create better chemistry with Partey, the Gunners’ rich attacking talents should start causing chaos going forward.

3. Relatively a new breed of midfielder

The reason behind the hype around the arrival of Thomas Partey at Arsenal was because he brought something genuinely new to the league. While the EPL boasts some world-class midfielders like Kevin de Bruyne, Jordan Henderson, N’Golo Kante, Bruno Fernandes and others, the Ghanaian is like a new leaf in the tree. To his credit, he can do whatever the abovementioned ones can, albeit not be at par with them on the creative side of things.

He thrives under the pressure of having to deal with multiple midfielders in the middle. It’ll take some time, but once Partey adapts himself to the intensity of the league, he should start outperforming the other top midfielders in the league on a more consistent basis.

2. Could transfer Arsenal into Premier League title contenders soon

Back in 2018, Liverpool needed a spark to start properly competing at the very top of the Premier League. They signed Virgil van Dijk and in the seasons that followed, they won the UEFA Champions League and Premier League title. Thomas Partey could have similar effect for Arsenal, helping them to win silverware in the immediate future.

He’ll ensure that Arsenal’s defensive record remains strong and being motivated from him, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & co possess the quality to grind out wins on a regular basis. While the Gunners might not win the big title soon, don’t rule out them being involved in the title race over the next few years.

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1. Can develop into one of the best in the world

Partey’s arrival at Arsenal has been compared to what happened when Mesut Ozil made the dramatic move from Real Madrid in 2013. But, in reality, the Ghanaian midfielder has the ability to surpass Ozil in terms of his potential. Of course, he won’t be able to contribute as many goals or assists – perhaps not even half of what the German did. But the midfield powerhouse will ensure that Arsenal have one of the strongest midfield lines in the league.

He’s already considered as one of the best defensive-midfielders around, and he’ll only get better. Indeed, as he adapts to the situation, Partey will learn how to time his challenges to perfection, outwit midfielders and develop a more threatening creative edge to himself. Once Thomas Partey taps into his maximum potential, he could make the same impact Patrick Vieira did at Arsenal and bring back the fear-factor about the Gunners.

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