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90+5′ FINAL WHISTLE IS BLOWN AS AIZAWL WIN THE GAME 3-1. BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE FROM THE VISITORS AS THEY GO TO THE TOP OF THE TABLE. GOOD VICTORY. Churchill has been defeating the first time since Derrick took over. Deserved win. 

90+2′ Churchill Brothers try to find an opening with a corner as Brandon blasts it over. 

90+1′ Pankaj Sona comes on for Fulganco Cardozo. 

90′ Aizawl know they’ve got it. They’re keeping possession confidently and are playing with a lot of maturity. Lalruatthara coming on for Laldawnmawia. 

88′ Brandon still trying as Churchill play with the ball at their feet. Wolfe is brought down again by Kingsley and Churchill waste another chance. 

85′ Gabriel crosses, trying to up the ante but is wide of the goal. Churchill can either fall back or try and fight. Lalmuankima comes on for Al-Amna as he’s shown the yellow card for time-wasting. 

84′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Laldawnmawia RALTE scores as Jayesh lets him with a brilliant through ball. The game looks settle. Brilliant placement and power from Ralte. 

84′ Amnah plays a heavy pass to Baye forward but is too heavy. Possession lost as Churchill attack with Brandon again. Brandon is tackled well.

83′ Gabriel crosses again but no one is at its ends. Kamo Baye comes in alone and takes a shot but blasted over. 

81′ Kamo is the only man up ahead for Aizawl FC as they’re defending in numbers. Kromah almost scores again but cannot connect. Kingsley leading the defence for the visitors well. 

80′ Brilliant volley from Brandon as the No. 10 shoots powerfully. Blocked by the Aizawl defence. 

79′ Aizawl try to build up a move and Laltan Puia crosses poorly into the building behind Churchill’s goal. 

78′ YELLOW CARD for Gabriel Fernandes as the youngster trips Ralte. 

77′ Laltan Puia comes in for Brandon. Aizawl thrusting more energy as Khalid Jamil trying to hold on to the win. 

76′ Gabriel cross it in from the left but Albino grabs it. Churchill attack again as Gabriel cuts in and lets it loose, but is wide. 

74′ Aizawl living dangerously as they are defending in numbers. Derrick has re-invigorated the side again. Mehta throws in, Amnah can’t connect and Aizawl get back the possession. Jaryan tries to win it back but is tripped by Bektur. Free kick to AFC.

73′ Another corner from Gabriel but Aizawl defend well. Another corner for Churchill as the hosts fire on all cylinders. 

70′ Could’ve been the second one! Kromah fires it again but Gomes with an amzaing save. Brilliant stuff on in Goa.!

69′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Anthony D Souza runs behind Wolfe, who finds him well. Souza finds Kromah who converts with a brilliant tap in. 

69′ Another cross from Brandon, but there’s no one to connect in the box. 

67′ Al Amna! You beauty! The midfielder dispossesses the opposition in the centre of the park as he regains control.

66′ Two corners for the hosts, nothing happening as Aizawl’s famed defence holds tower well. Aizawl now playing comfortable. Brilliant build up for the visitors and Brandon should’ve scored from the volley. 

64′ Good buildup as Brandon goes for the goal but is just wide from a disruption. Anthony D Souza comes in for Richard Costa. 

61′ Brandon Fernandes goes on a solo run but is stopped midway by a brilliant tackle. Rane is playing brilliant balls attackingly. Churchill trying to make things happen but Aizawl retaining control well. 

Chesterpaul makes way for Gabriel Fernandes. 

58′ Jayesh curls it in with a header from Mehta, which goes wide. Didn’t disturb the goalkeeper. Amna playing more centrally now as  Aizawl taking more control. Brandon from the right, accelerates and shoots but Naveen makes an easy save. 

57′ Cardozo elbows an Aizawl player who’s down on the pitch. Must be a yellow card. Should be a free kick on the right wing. Yellow card given to the No. 24 left back. 

55′ Curler from Brandon but is cleared by a powerful header. Churchill stand from the behind again as they build up from the right. 

54′ Brilliant shot from the No. 10. Parried over by Albino for a corner. Another free kick as Albino is tripped by Rane outside the box. Brandon is having a busy day. 

53′ Another free kick to Aizawl FC as they look to score. Brandon will take this one directly. 

50′ Brandon curls in a free kick as Wolfe and Wolfe try to score bu Albino comes up with a brilliant save.Baye fell doen after a tackle from Costa. 

46′ GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Kamo gets another one as Brandon assists with the return! Brilliant stuff from the visitors. They might have already killed the game.


Aizawl FC have done what they came for, getting an early lead. Kamo Baye scores but the chances have been equally weighted. The teams have played some brilliant touch football and have shown why Goa is the hub of football. The audience have been very sporting too. Derrick will surely change the game play and go nowhere, as there’s a lot left in the game. 

45+2′ Anthony Wolfe and Kingsley have been so good in fights today. Sporting spirit and no bad fouls. Half time has been blown.

45′ Two minutes of added time given. If the scores remain the same, Aizawl will move back to the top of the table. Derrick’s team will make that very, very difficult. 

44′ Brandon and Jaryan have exchanged places. What a chance for Aizawl! Brandon crosses but Baye cannot get his head to the ball. Baye is offside in another move. 

42′ The game has been top-notch in terms of quality. Churchill will surely up the ante in the second half. Kromah gets a change with a lovely flick from Wolfe. The defence saves the day. Brandon curls in a corner and builds in again. Albino gets it well.

41′ Lyngdoh goes on a run again but is dispossessed. Good through from Mehta, but Adil defends it. Brandon with a curling effort which flies over. Brilliant build up from  Churchill.

40′ Al Amna’s play making has been top notch again, but the player has also dropped down to defend when needed. What a player to have! 

39′ Aizawl try to find a goal with passes between Brandon, Baye and Al Amna, but is defended well. Brandon, at the other hand, mistargets his cross which goes out. 

37′ Bektur finds Lyngdoh, but the 5’2″ player has sneaked into offside. Free kick to Aizawl. 

36′ Churchill building from the back. Aizawl FC have their supporters, which is a good thing to watch. Brandon and Costa are playing key roles here. Adil, too, has been spot on in leading the defence.

35′ Churchill get a free kick as Kingsley brings Wolfe down. Brandon will take his chances. Another left-footer by the No. 10, but is powerless this time.

32′ Churchill stringing passes now in the midfield, but aren’t being able to do the same in the final third. They need to work harder in the opposition half. Costa and Brandon playing centrally to link up with Kromah and Wolfe. Brandon shoots from distance from his left foot but is just wide. Superb stuff!! 

30′ Kamo shields a ball well and strikes, but wins a corner. Rane standing on the ball. The corner is cleared. 

29′ Al Amna tries to find a striker by a deft chip but there’s too much weight. Possession to Churchill, who try a good pass to Wolfe, but is collected by Gomes. 

27′ Some interesting commentary going on as they take sides giving credits to Aizawl and Churchill. Aizawl try to attack, but Adil stops the attack.

25′ Al Amna changes wings with finding Brandon who heads in Kamo Baye’s way, but Adil clears for a throw in. Mehta throws, Rane crosses, but Brandon misses a shot which could’ve been the second! The flag was up though.

24′ Lalramchullova misses an easy pass and gives away possession in the opposition half. Churchill attack but give away a throw on the right.

23′ Khalid looks animated as Churchill get a free kick in the centre. Adil sends the ball in but well collected by Albino. 

22′ Rane has been brilliant. He has create attackingly and has defended well as well. The Chennaiyin FC player has been energised and has played a key role in Aizawl’s journey this season. 

20′ Kamo runs twice into the six yard box. Adil defends it the first time brilliantly, while the second time his touch is too heavy and he passes back. Naveen saves the attempt from Brandon. 

19′ Brandon and Lyngdoh exchange passes and a cross comes in from the former. It is off target and the ball goes out from a weak, off target shot from Bektur. 

17′ Aizawl’s Jayesh finds Al Amna with a superb ball over the defence. Brandon is played on by Amna, but he’s dispossessed. On the other end, Kromah and Wolfe try to score but cannot link up well. 

15′ Superb ball in the area as the ball changes wings. Chester crosses from the right but Albino clears. The home team is coming close. Pereira was shouting, “Brandon don’t cross, attack”. Ominous signs for the visitors!

13′ Aizawl making another move in the midfield as Chester Paul makes a run on the right wing. Bektur crosses, but no one is there to meet it for Churchill. Free kick won by Churchill as Brandon bangs into Dawnmawia. 

12′ Brandon finds Anthony Wolfe behind the Aizawl defence with a beautiful ball but the captain shoots feebly. 

10′ Pereira is a worried man. The experienced gaffer is at his feet and is shouting instructions at his players. Churchill needs to do something to bring back parity. Mohammed Al Amna tries a shot after a brilliant link up play move from the visitors. It is clear who has made the first impressions. 

09′ Aizawl attacking again. Chullova finds Baye with a throw but a defender pulls him down. Ref says nothing happening!

07′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! !Kamo BAYE draws the first blood. This game’s going to be a killer! Brandon passes it to the striker in a melee and Kamo finishes in calmly. 

06′ Exchange of passes in the midfield but Aizawl is dispossessed. Lalramchullova and Brandon tries to add extra dimensions to their teams in terms of energy.

05′ Valanka and Churchill Alemao sitting in the audience to watch their team performing at home. 

04′ Long free kick from Kingsley, ChesterPaul heads it. Kumar saves it on to the post. Churchill were very close to scoring. 

03′ Baye concedes a free kick in the Churchill half as he brings down a defender trying to get a ball. Both teams trying to gain the initial momentum. 

02′ Jayesh tries to find the winger but has a little less power on his throw as Churchill regain possession. 

01′ Aizawl FC kick it off and try to create things right away. We’ve seen ultra-defensive tactics from Khalid and this is something new and interesting. 

Ranjit Bakshi will be officiating the game and the Churchill are wearing their very distinct Red while Aizawl is in whites. The home side are attacking from left to right. 

The lineups clearly show that both teams are ready to go out and attack! Exciting game on the line. 

04:32 PM Both teams walk out in the centre and have lined up in 4-4-2. Shocking move by Aizawl as Alfred Jaryan has been pushed in beside Baye up ahead. 

The Starting XIs are out. 

Churchill Brothers Starting XI: D’Silva, Kromah, Khan, Seriton, Wolfe, Brandon, Bektur, Lyngdoh, Cardozo, Kumar (GK), Costa

Aizwal XI: Gomes (GK), Kingsley, Ralte, Amna, Rane, Laldanmawia, Alfred, Chullova, Vanlalremdika, Kamo, Mehta

04:00 PM: Hello and Welcome to the Live commentary of the I-league game where Churchill Brothers host Aizawl FC. Please read the match preview before the game begins.  

Churchill Brothers rued their missed chances and opportunities when they drew goalless against bottom-of-the-table side Mumbai FC. The Goan club would look to be back to winning ways after going on a run of good form when they defeated Kolkata giants East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in consecutive games with the identical scoreline of 2-1.

Aizawl FC, on the other hand, will be hoping that Mohun Bagan drop points and they win to get back to the top of the table. The NorthEast club know that this is a key phase in the league and dropping too many points will not help them. Khalid Jamil, one of India’s finest tacticians will need to find a new feather from his book to revamp and start getting points for his club again. It is a case of now or never for the Mizoram club and their levels of concentration will need to be top notch again, against the heavily improved Goa side.

In the first leg, Aizawl FC had defeated Churchill Brothers 3-1. Lalramchullova and Kamo Stephane Baye had scored for Aizawl FC, Churchill’s Nongkhlaw getting an own goal. For Derrick Pereira’s side, Ansumana Kromah had scored the only goal.