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        9′ Chhetri             17′ Alves
        90+2′ Miku                  45+1′  Alves
                                      67′ Augusto


10:45 PM It was a really thrilling finale thanks to both teams playing with a lot of intensity and energy throughout the match. In the end, Chennaiyin were more clinical and a stunning brace from Mailson Alves and another beautiful curler from Raphael Augusto was enough to sink the hearts of Bengaluru, who after such a dominant season were ousted in the finale. The Chennaiyin players will definitely party all night long and deservedly so for winning the ISL trophy twice like ATK. This is Uttiyo Sarkar from Khel Now and we’re signing off for the final time in this ISL Season. We will be coming back better and stronger next season! Goodnight, Ladies and Gentlemen.

10:38 PM Henrique Sereno lifts the ISL trophy for Chennaiyin FC! The teams look delighted and are jumping in joy after lifting the trophies. The boys are now having some fun and the trophy is getting passed around the team. They definitely deserve it for being thoroughly brilliant throughout the season.

10:37 PM The winners of ISL 4, Chennaiyin FC make their way to pick up the winners medal and are gracefully greeted by their opponents, who give them a guard of honor for it! 

10:35 PM The Bengaluru FC players get their runners-up medals, which will be very bitter for them. The players look gutted after the defeat but respectfully pick up the medals before exiting the stage for the winners.

10:33 PM The referees get their medallions from Mr. Praful Patel and they are met with resounding boos from the fans. The refereeing has been questionable in the ISL this season, so nobody is surprised at the fans being angered with them.

10:32 PM Sunil Chhetri wins the “Hero of the League” award for having a fantastic season with Bengaluru this year. He was a leader on the pitch and ended the season with the most goals for an Indian player and proved why he’s still the best Indian Player in the country right now. He comes up to pick it up this time, but seems to be gutted in his interview after picking up the trophy. 

10:30 PM Kerala Blasters’ defender Lalruatthara wins the “Emerging Player of the Season” awrd and quite deservedly. He was a rock in the back for the Blasters and awed everyone with his amazing, versatile role for them this season. 

10:29 PM The Indian Spiderman Subrata Paul picks up the Golden Glove award for his amazing performance for Jamshedpur this season. He’s proved why he’s held in high regard in Indian Football this season and earned many points for Jamshedpur in their inaugural season.

10:27 PM Chennaiyin FC’s Inigo Calderon win the “Fittes Player of the Season” award for his amazing, tireless performances for Chennaiyin this season. He was one of the best players in the pitch for Chennaiyin today as well and saved a sure goal for Bengaluru with his amazing clearance in the first half.

10:26 PM Udanta Singh gets some happiness on this sorrow day as he wins the “Winning Pass of the Season” award for his assist. Despite the loss, he’s still loved by the fans here in Bengaluru.

10:24 PM Ferran Corominas is awarded the “Golden Boot” award for his 18 goals in the ISL season. His goals were key to his side’s progression in the ISL and the fans also sing a “Corominas” chant for him.

10:23 PM Delhi Dynamos get the award for the “Bes Pitch” of the season. That’s quite deserved as the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi is definitely one of the best stadiums in the country right now.

10:22 PM Gurpreet Singh Sandhu lost out on the Golden Glove award, which has much-deservedly been won by Jamshedpur FC’s Subrata Paul who won them many points this season.

10:18 PM Mailson seems to be delighted at winning the match and is sure to have become a fan-favorite amongst the Super Machans after this performance.

10:17 PM Young sensation Jerry Lalrinzuala gets the award for the “Emerging Player of the Match” for his great defensive performance. Mailson Alves also gets his award for the “Hero of the Match” for his terrific performance where he scored a brace of stunning headers!

10:16 PM Sunil Chhetri gets the award for the “Fittest Player” of the match, but he isn’t even here to collect it. Captain Fantastic looked heart-broken after the defeat and probably has gone to the back.

10:15 PM Gregory Nelson gets the “Winning Pass of the Match” award for his two assists and both of them were some amazing deliveries from the corner.

10:14 PM The post-match presentation finally begins. Raphael Augusto gets the award for the “Limitless Player” of the match for his terrific curling effort which effectively won the match for his side.

10:08 PM The curse of the ISL continues with Bengaluru FC in this match. They might’ve been absolutely dominant in the league phase and won it emphatically, but they crumbled when it came to the final. Their midfield was poor on the day and Chennaiyin hit their weak spots really well in this match. 

10:04 PM The presentation ceremony is just a few moments away now. Chennaiyin are quite deservedly having fun for being the better team on the day and they will need to thank their defenders for that. Mailson and Calderon were absolutely immense and restrained the stunning attack of Bengaluru very well in this match. 

10:02 PM The Hero of the Match Mailson Alves seems to be ecstatic and is having an absolute blast in the pitch right now. The Chennaiyin players are having fun with their fans right now as they seem to be ready to lift the ISL trophy for the 2nd time tonight.

09:56 PM One has to feel heartbroken for the Bengaluru players who have gone down in the pitch and look absolutely destroyed. Sunil Chhetri seems to be crying and while his side is lamenting the defeat, the Chennaiyin players are wildly celebrating this victory and go towards their fans to thank them for their support. 

90+5 Bengaluru try their best to get a goal before the full time whistle blows but Chennaiyin retain the ball and make the time tick. The whistle finally blows the absolute ecstasy of the Chennaiyin players who go wild along with the fans in the stand. 

90+2′ MIKU PULLS ONE BACK! This game seems set for a grand-stand finish. It’s a great ball from Udanta from the right-wing and Miku meets it with a powerful header which Karanjit cannot save. GAME ON!

90′ PENALTY SHOUT FOR BENGALURU. Nishu Kumar gets into the box and plays a one-two with a man before he is seemingly brought down by Calderon, but the referee waives it off and only gives a goal-kick for Chennaiyin.

89′ Chennaiyin also get a chance to score their 4th goal after making some great passing outside the Bengaluru box, but substitute Jaime Gavilan’s shot goes whiskering past the post. 

88′ BIG CHANCES FOR BENGALURU! Sereno failed to clear off the ball from his box and the ball founds it way to Sunil Chhetri, whose shot skied over the open goal. The captain again gets the ball a few seconds later, but his left-footed shot is also off the mark and frustrates him even more. 

85′ Chennaiyin are just trying to run down the clock at this point. Jeje gets the ball on the counter-attack and plays it across the field to Anirudh Thapa who rather than crossing it, goes back towards his side of the half and is fouled by Chhetri.  

81′ Miku is getting even more frustrated with every passing minute and makes a few fouls in the past few minutes. He tries to shield the ball and play the ball in the right-wing to Udanta, but Jerry recovers well and makes a crunching challenge which goes to his side’s favor.

78′ Mailson is angering a few Bengaluru fans with his antics right now. He gets hurt after getting fouled by Miku but looks to make the most of it, something which hasn’t pleased the Bengaluru players nor the fans in the stands. 

75′ Some terrific defensive work from Chennaiyin right there to preserve their two-goal lead. Miku gets the ball inside the penalty area and sends in a short cross to just outside the goal-post, but Calderon makes a brave header to amazingly clear it off out of danger. What a game he’s having!

74′ Bengaluru receive a promising free-kick from just outside the penalty area and captain Chhetri decides to take it. His free-kick is deflected over the bar, but his header from the corresponding corner is on target and superbly parried away by Karanjit. 

70′ Bengaluru look absolutely heart-broken after conceding the goal. The whole stadium has gone quiet and only the noise of the traveling supporters can be heard right now. Bengaluru are looking to get a goal, but Chennaiyin look comfortable at the back right now. 

67′ CHENNAIYIN WITH THE 3RD GOALL! Jeje does well to go past the defenders but he kept calm and passed it to Raphael Augusto, who hit a beautifully curling shot which was past Gurpreet’s reach and has seemingly won the game for Chennaiyin.

63′ Bengaluru are looking to change up things as Boithang Haokip and Erik Paartulu go off for Daniel Segovia and Nishu Kumar. Chennaiyin also makes a change, with Bikramjit going off for young Anirudh Thapa

61′ Udanta is being an absolute menace on the right-flank for his side. He plays another one-two with Miku and finds a lot of spafce to move through in the right-wing but is caught up by Henrique Sereno. He plays a clever pass to Johnson, who does well to hold off his man but his cross is a really poor one.

59′ The Bengaluru fans have not lost their voice and are doing their best to energize their team as much as they can. Toni Dovale seems to be coming on for his side and is getting some tips from the assistant manager on the side-lines. 

55′ A very good move from Chennaiyin almost leads to another goal. Calderon makes a darting run forward before synching well with Augusto and the right-back sends in a great cross which is cleared well by Bengaluru’s defense. 

52′ UDANTA’s GOAL IS FLAGGED OFF. The right-winger went past his marker and got inside the box, before his shot is deflected and goes into the net but he is flagged offside in what seems a controversial decision as he was level at that time. 

51′ Stunning Save From Gurpreet! The Bengaluru goalkeeper is tested for the first time in the half after Jeje lays out a ball to Gregory, to hits a powerful low shot which is saved brilliantly by the BFC keeper. 

50′ Bengaluru get a lot of corners on the trot but are unable to do anything from them as the third one is cleared off, but a shot from outside the box isn’t enough to test Karanjit and lands on the top of the goal-post.

47′ Viktor Perez, who came in for Dimas Delgado just before the break is trying to make his mark for his side. Bengaluru enjoy a bit of possession early on but Udanta is left frustrated after not being found on the right-wing.

09:05 PM The players are coming out to the field now. Bengaluru are the first ones to rise up from the tunnels and look really energized after the half-time pep talk. Can they come-back from this deficit? 

HALF-TIME ANALYSIS: What an interesting half of footballl it has been so far. While Bengaluru look the more dangerous side because of their constant attacking movements, it’s Chennaiyin FC who go into the break with a lead! Sunil Chhetri put his side ahead early in the game through a diving header, but defender Mailson Alves has risen to the occasion and it was his two amazing headers which were too hot to handle for Gurpreet. Bengaluru also lost Dimas Delgado towards the end of the half and will need to rethink their approach and come out firing in the second half. We’ll be back after the 2nd half kicks off. Stay tuned folks!

45′ GOALLLL! It’s that man Mailson again! What a game the 6ft 4 Center half is having as he rises the highest again after Chennaiyin receive a corner and hits a thumping header which is unstoppable. Chennaiyin take a shocking lead just before half-time!

43′ Close from Chhetri! The Bengaluru captain gets into the middle and takes a crack at goal from outside the box, which is collected very comfortably by Karanjit. On the other side of the field, Bikramjit again makes a darting diagonal run before sending a dangerous cross, but nobody is there at the end of it. 

41′ The teams seem to be running out of steam as we move towards the end of the first half. It has been a thrilling match so far and Bengaluru are looking to regain their lead but are being frustrated by some silly mistakes so far. 

38′ Chenaiyin go into self-destruction mode for sometime as they almost lose the ball just outside the box, before it is cleared out of danger. Bengaluru are pressing high up and Chennaiyin are definitely feeling that heat right now. 

34′ Bengaluru seem to be a bit shocked after that clearance and they definitely thought that was going in.  They are aiming to work their way through the middle but are struggling due to Chennaiyin’s brilliant midfield layout which is forcing them to move through the wings. 

30′ WHAT A CLEARANCE FROM CALDERON! Bengaluru move through that right-wing again and a dangerous cross finds Dimas Delgado inside the box, who hits a powerful volley which is astonishingly headed out for a corner by Inigo Calderon, who surely saves his side  from conceding one more. 

29′ Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is tested well through a curling ball from the wing from Gregory Nelson and the keeper can only parry it out for a corner. The corresponding corner is pretty good and Henrique Sereno’s header is not good enough to properly test the Indian #1.

26′ The West Block Blues seem to be singing a “This Is Sparta” chant as another Chhenaiyin player is brought down after a rough challenge. Bengaluru are taking this Southern Derby very seriously and don’t seem afraid to put in a few hard challenges to rough up the Chennaiyin players today. 

23′ The game is getting a bit heated now as Dhanpal Ganesh receives a yellow card for bringing down Udanta after BFC stole the ball from Jerry Lalrinzuala. 

21′ The Blues are moving through the right-wing really well and create another chance when Rahul Bheke’s long-throw finds Miku with space inside the box, but his pass into the middle is collected well by Karanjit Singh. 

19′ Bengaluru seemed to be shocked by that goal and seem to be desperate to get the equalizer. They receive a corner of their own a few minutes after the goal, which is sent in really well and John Johnson receives a free header which goes over the post. What a final this is turning out to be so far!

16′  GOALLL! CHENNAIYIN EQUALISE! The Marina Machans get a corner which is sent in really well and Mailson Alves jumps the highest and hits an amazing header which bounces off the post into the net, leaving Gurpreet speechless. 

12′ Bengaluru are not letting up after getting that lead, which was incidentally the fastest goal ever in an ISL final. They are on the attack in every possible opportunity but are almost found out by Chennaiyin, who create a great move and Jeje is found out free inside the box one on one against Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, but deemed offside by the assistant referee.

9′ GOALLLL!! CAPTAIN FANTASTIC GETS THE LEAD FOR BENGALURU! It’s some fantastic movement from Udanta who is found out well by Miku, before the winger finds Sunil Chhetri whose powerful header was unstoppable. Lift-off here at the Sree Kanteerava which erupts from joy!

6′ The midfield battle is going to be key tonight and that is already on show as both the teams are trying to retain possession. Bengaluru are pressing very high up and creating problems for Chennaiyin, who have kept calm and passed around the ball pretty well so far.

3′ Bengaluru are enjoying the lions share of possession so far and almost create their first chance when Udanta and Bheke link well on the right flank before the right-back sends in an inviting ball which is cleared off very well. 

1′ And we kickoff! Bengaluru try to attack right from the get-go but lose the ball in midfield. They are taking it slower after retaining the ball and it looks like it’ll be difficult for them to break down this stubborn Chennaiyin side.

08:00 PM The toss is won by Chennaiyin FC as it seems that Bengaluru will kick-off. The teams look ready to do battle and will kick-off the final of the 4th ISL season in a few moments now!

07:58 PM The trophy is in the ground! It gets set beside the two teams who have lined up beside each other in the pitch, as Mrs. Nita Ambani gives a speech prior to the match. The national anthem is played and the players do the hand-shake before what is expected to be a heated bout. We’re just minutes away from kick-off folks!

07:55 PM None of the teams who topped the league phase of the Indian Super League have managed to win the finals yet. Bengaluru have been extremely dominant throughout the season, but will they be able to thwart Chennaiyin and lift the ISL trophy in their inaugural season or will they feel bitter defeat tonight? We are now minutes away from kick-off folks!

07:50 PM The Super Machans have also made the journey from Chennai to Bengaluru for the game and are making their presence felt. Chennaiyin were the side who went out with a win the last time these two sides met at the Sree Kanteerava, so can the Marina Machans replicate that and lift their 2nd ISL trophy today? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

07:45 PM It’s an absolutely jam-packed house in Bengaluru today and the BFC supporters have come in large groups to cheer on their team in their momentum occasion. The West Block Blues have already spread out some great banners all over the stands and it can be assured that we will hear their voices throughout the match. 

07:40 PM There’s only a single change for the hosts, who will be missing left-back Subhashish Bose who is suspended for the match. It seems like Bengaluru will play a 3 man defense, with Bheke and Haokip being wing-backs for them. Chennaiyin, on the other hand, go with their strongest team and have some super subs in Anirudh Thapa and Mohammed Rafi, who will be playing his 3rd ISL final if he comes on. 

07:35 PM The Sree Kanteerava seems set to host this massive final which looks like it’s going to be a thriller amongst these rivals. Here are the line-ups for the final of the ISL 2017/18 season.

BENGALURU FC: Gurpreet, Bheke, Johnson, Juanan, Paartulu, Haokip, Lenny, Delgado, Udanta, Chhetti(C), Miku.

Subs: Ralte, Kumar, George, Mawia, Segovia, Perez, Dovale.

CHENNAIYIN FC: Karanjit, Calderon, Sereno, Alves, Jerry, Ganesh, Bikramjit, Fernandes, Augusto, Nelson, Jeje.  

Subs: Kumar, Thapa, Gavilan, Nworuh, Singh, Rafi, Mihelic.

07:30 PM Hello everyone, it is a wonderful evening in Bengaluru and it is a delight to host such a high voltage game here. The weather here is just perfect for the 2017-18 Final of the Indian Super League between the two sides, Bengaluru FC and Chennaiyin FC. This is your host Uttiyo Sarkar, stay tuned and enjoy the commentary with Khel Now Football!