The Stallions have kept a low profile in the transfer market so far.

Following an eventful season in the Indian Super League (ISL), FC Pune City came across various developments in their bid to survive in the league. This was naturally an aftermath of alleged reports that hit the headlines during the latter half of the season, suggesting that the club was under a huge financial debt.

The reports also expressed concerns regarding the depth of the issue and whether the club would stay in the league beyond the season. However, responding to the claims and concerns of the fans, CEO Gaurav Modwel rubbished the talks of the club getting disbanded and assured the fans that they will get to see their team next season again whatsoever.

However, the one uncertainty about the club is that they are still in search of appropriate investors, even after a month has passed by since the league season came to conclusion. Moreover, the possibility of the club shifting its base out of Pune cannot be completely denied either.

Whilst all this is happening, there is lack of attention by the club towards the squad. In comparison to the other clubs, Pune are least active in terms of player transfers. Now that it is assured the club is going to stay despite its financial snags, keeping hold of the existing players is of great importance at the moment.

Whether they bring reinforcements at all for the next season is still a matter of uncertainty and in that case, it might turn out to be a detrimental factor for Pune even before the season begins.

For instance, Ashutosh Mehta– a decent option in defence recently left for I-League giants Mohun Bagan. Considering last season’s defensive performance of the team, the Stallions require a commanding figure at the back and Mehta’s departure has created an extra void too.

Moreover, there is also a need for a creative midfielder to provide an option for Marcelinho, who can be a best fit in Phil Brown’s philosophy and of course has an eye for the goal.

However, the fact that the club is currently not much active in the business of player transfers could affect the environment in the dressing room. Further, it is understood that the club may begin looking for options once the upcoming King’s Cup in Thailand where the Indian national team is participating, comes to conclusion.

That might still be a good time, to be fair, as all clubs will be looking forward to their pre season campaigns and the new signatures will get some time to settle down into the team.