The Barcelona captain opens up that he prefers to start on the bench rather than being subbed off in the middle of the match in LaLiga

Lionel Messi has expressed that he doesn’t like being called off the ground in the middle of a fixture. In the past, the Argentine had been very vocal in expressing his displeasure after being removed from the field even after his side leads after a huge margin.

“I don’t like to be replaced,” Messi told TyC Sports. “I prefer to come from the bench and play less than to be taken out.”

“I say that because a lot of games are resolved near the end of the game, or you find more spaces then because you have more rivals that are tired. I prefer to come in and enjoy it than to leave and miss out on the best.”

The number 10 has netted 674 times from 829 games for his club and country but yet stands by his claim that he isn’t a traditional goal-scoring machine.

“I still think I’m not the typical goalscorer,” he said. “I prefer to come from behind, to have more contact with the ball, create.”

“I also like to get there in the box and score but I don’t live off [scoring] goals. I like to be in constant contact with the ball.”

“I have learned to adjust myself in a game and find that moment. There are times when I don’t need to get involved and then I wait for that moment when I think that is the right time to give that physical wear.”

“I have grown in terms of reading the game better. To know at what moment and where I can be more effective and crucial.”

Apart from his gameplay, Messi revealed that he wouldn’t have swapped any victory of his career to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“I would have loved to have been world champion and it was one of my biggest dreams, but I would not change anything,” he added.

“It’s what God gave me and it was for a reason. I cannot complain about what I have from a football and personal standpoint. It happened like that because God wanted it and that’s that.”