The Napoli manager opens up about the issue of racism in Serie A games and the steps taken to curb it.

Carlo Ancelotti has appreciated the decision taken by the referee in the Serie A match between Atalanta and Fiorentina on Sunday afternoon. Daniele Orsato stopped the play of game mid-match much to the irritation and dismay of the audience.

“Orsato has done very well by temporarily suspending the match between Fiorentina and Atalanta for what happened to Dalbert. It is a step forward, others will be there,” he said to Calciomercato.

This decision was taken after a string of nasty incidents towards Kessie and Romelu Lukaku, Dalbert was abused by Atalanta fans in the fixture. As a consequence, Orsato ordered the halt of play and asked the stadium announcer to read out the customary anti-racism message and slogan. This wasn’t received well by the crowd and was met with howls and whistles.

His views against racism back in January 2019

He also spoke about the technical advancements in the infrastructure of the stadium, which has aided in strict policing of hooligan crowds. The cameras are used to identify the particular sections responsible for rowdy behaviour. This helps in punishments to be meted out only to those responsible rather than punishing the entire fan base.

“We must follow this line. Today (yesterday), Infantino said “enough “and we say so too. Now we also have the advantage of having cameras in the stadiums, we need to intervene,” he concluded.