A ‘mechanical sound device’ fitted inside the ball helps visually challenged footballers to play more easily.

Football – ‘the beautiful game’, has mostly been inaccessible to those who are visually challenged due to the shortage of necessary arrangements. With inclusivity as one of its core brand values, Vector X, an innovative sports brand, has launched ‘Sound Ball’ – a football with sound, intending to make this sport accessible to one and all.

Soccer Group India, as a firm, are ardent believers in curating products that are accessible to people from all walks of life. Developed based on extensive trials and player feedback with the Indian Blind Football Association’s assistance, the ‘Sound Ball’ is the first of its kind to be made in India. The ball is made with soft PU leather and fitted with a ‘mechanical sound device’ to assist visually challenged football players who depend on their hearing skills to play.

The in-built six sound devices fixed under the ball’s hexagon panels create a sound that guides them. This hand-stitched football has a low bounce bladder to allow for better game control. This leading-edge product will allow visually challenged Indian football players across all age groups, to access international quality Sound Balls at a fraction of the price. With this innovative gear, Vector X aims to boost the sport and the morale of those who may not have been able to access it, given their physical restrictions.

The ‘Sound Ball’ Project was taken up as a unique initiative by the R&D team to have an affordable football of International Quality Standard. Spearheading this project is Shaalini Gupta, a Member of the Board of Directors of Soccer Group India. She leads the R&D and Special Product Development at Soccer International Pvt. Ltd.

Through years of product development experience, Shaalini Gupta has designed multiple innovative products that have been granted International Patents and Design Registrations.

”India is a hub of potential that goes undiscovered primarily due to a lack of inclusivity and resources. With this ‘Sound Ball’, we hope to encourage all those skilled individuals, who may have been held back because of these restrictions.”, she said.

The Sound Ball is available for purchase on the brand’s website – www.vector-x.com

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