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F1: Who could Carlos Sainz team up with following Ferrari exit in 2025?

Published at :February 3, 2024 at 1:30 PM
Modified at :February 3, 2024 at 1:30 PM
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Arpit Anand

The Formula 1 landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, especially with Lewis Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes to Ferrari, leaving fans in anticipation of the 2025 season. Now, all eyes are on who will fill the gap left by the seven-time world champion. One name that looms large in the driver market is Carlos Sainz. His contract is up in 2024, and there’s a lot of speculation about where he might go next.

This article dives into the possible options for Sainz, breaking down the pros and cons of each choice. As the dust settles from Hamilton’s surprising move, Sainz becomes a central figure in shaping how competitive Formula 1 will be in the upcoming season.

Red Bull

Carlos Sainz could explore a return to Red Bull, given the potential opening in 2025. With Sergio Perez’s contract uncertainty and Daniel Ricciardo waiting in the wings, Sainz might weigh the possibilities.

However, the historical dynamics between Sainz and Max Verstappen during their Toro Rosso days might be a factor. The rapport between Verstappen and Ricciardo was more amicable, adding a layer of complexity to Sainz’s potential reunion. The performance of Red Bull in the early races of 2024 and Verstappen’s preferences could significantly influence this decision.


Taking a gamble, Sainz might explore the prospect of joining Audi, a newcomer to Formula 1 set to fully join the grid in 2026. The Sauber team, transitioning to Audi, presents a potential seat for Sainz in 2025. This move could offer him a unique opportunity to shape and contribute to the team’s development before the major technical and engine regulation changes in 2026.

Sainz might also consider a sabbatical before returning for the new regulations. The decision depends on Audi’s commitment, competitiveness, and the financial offer. Recent events, including Sainz Sr’s Dakar Rally win with Audi, add a sentimental aspect. Yet, uncertainties around Audi’s F1 program, like delayed engine development, may impact Sainz’s decision.

Aston Martin

A return to Aston Martin emerges as an upwardly mobile option for Sainz. The team’s recent investments in infrastructure and technical staff signal ambitions for championship contention. With his contract at Ferrari ending in 2024, Sainz might find Aston Martin appealing if the team seeks a more competitive replacement for Lance Stroll.

The potential emotional connection of partnering with his childhood hero, Fernando Alonso, could add to the attractiveness of the move.


Mercedes faces a crucial decision after Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, creating an opportunity for Carlos Sainz to potentially join the team. Sainz’s successful tenure at Ferrari makes him a strong candidate. Mercedes, amidst technical changes and a new car design, may view Sainz as a stable choice, especially with the promising junior driver Andrea Kimi Antonelli in the pipeline.

While Sainz seems like a logical fit, the dynamic nature of F1 contracts and Mercedes’ strategic considerations make the final decision uncertain. The upcoming 2024 season will play a key role in shaping this decision.

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