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Daniel Ricciardo: F1 break may have given me a couple more years in my career

Published at :June 10, 2020 at 1:10 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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Gaurav Singh

The 30-year-old driver is eagerly waiting to get back on the track.

Like every Formula 1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo is itching to get back to racing but reckons the extended break from F1 may have added a couple more seasons in his career.

Speaking on an Instagram Live with Formula 1, he was asked about the effects of the 2020 season delay on the drivers and came away with a positive spin on what will be a much later start to racing than usual.

Daniel Ricciardo said, “We travel so much and you kind of just getting into it and you go and you go and you go. But sometimes, you don't get a chance to stop, and it was, in a way, nice to be forced to stop just for our bodies actually, not being in pressurised cabins [on aeroplanes] all the time and all that sort of stuff."

“It's probably, from a performance point of view, maybe given me a couple more years onto my career. So I see positives in it.”

He also spoke his shock choice during the lockdown to leave Renault and join McLaren for 2021, revealing that it had been weird to make such a big decision while not being able to compare on-track performance.

Daniel Ricciardo revealed, “It wasn’t easy,” Ricciardo said when asked about his decision-making process. “But at the same time, not an overnight decision. I guess I would just say this whole year's been weird and continues to be weird."

“Having a lot of time to think about things like the future was good, but then it was also sometimes not easy because you've got all this time but not much action, I guess. That was certainly difficult. The whole year has been crazy for things – even beyond coronavirus now – that making these decisions with only testing to go by this year, that wasn't easy. For sure ideally, you'd race, you'd get going and you kind of make your mind up, but we're not in those times now with that luxury.”

Following the confirmation that the Formula 1 season would begin in earnest in Austria on July 3-5, meanwhile, Ricciardo added that he was now looking to finish off his time with Renault in the best possible way.

“Now we can get going and absolutely, I'm hanging out obviously to race, to compete but also to finish this journey and this chapter off with Renault in the best way possible. I still feel like I owe a lot to them on and off-track so I'm glad that we can compete soon and try and do what I can. I'm pretty excited, to say the least, to get some sports going again,” he concluded.




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