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PKL 10: Bengaluru Bulls full squad


October 19 2023
PKL 10: Bengaluru Bulls full squad

The team’s balance is quite good this time.

Before the PKL 10 auction, the Bengaluru Bulls had released most of their players and retained only five, including Neeraj Narwal, Bharat, Saurabh Nandal, Aman, and Yash Hooda. Several players, including Vikash Kandola, were released. During the auction, the Bengaluru Bulls bought a total of 16 players, including six raiders, eight defenders, and two all-rounders. Vikash Kandola was acquired by the team once again, despite being released earlier.

During the auction, the Bengaluru Bulls attempted to purchase Pawan Sehrawat, but the bidding became too expensive for them to secure his return. Let’s find out who the players are for the 10th season of PKL with the Bengaluru Bulls.

Many options in the raiding department

Bengaluru Bulls have several options in raiding, with Bharat and Vikash Kandola being notable choices, along with the addition of Abhishek Singh. Abhishek Singh has considerable experience, having played for several seasons. Neeraj Narwal, who performed well in the previous season, is also part of the team, providing the Bulls with a strong lineup of raiders.

In addition to having two main raiders, the Bengaluru Bulls also have solid backup options in their raiding department, with a total of 9 choices in the raiding category. Vikash Kandola will have significant responsibilities on his shoulders.

Ran Singh and Surjeet Singh will lead the defense

In the defense department, the team has acquired experienced players like Ran Singh and Surjeet Singh during the auction. This defensive duo, along with Saurabh Nandal and Aman, whom the team retained, provides the Bengaluru Bulls with a strong defensive lineup. The addition of Surjeet and Ran Singh could make for a winning combination for the team.

Here is the list of players acquired by the Bengaluru Bulls in the PKL 10 auction:

Sachin Narwal (23 lakh, 25 thousand), Vishal (20 lakh), Vikash Kandola (55 lakh, 25 thousand), Ran Singh (13 lakh), Sundar (13 lakh), P. Subramanyam (19 lakh, 20 thousand), Surjeet Singh (14 lakh, 20 thousand), Abhishek Singh (14 lakh), Banti (13 lakh), Littan Ali (13 lakh), Monu (24 lakh, 10 thousand), Ankit (9 lakh), Sushil (13 lakh), Rakshit (9 lakh), Rohit Kumar (13 lakh)

Here is the complete squad of Bengaluru Bulls for the PKL 10:

Raiders: Vikash Kandola (Left Raider), Monu (Right Raider), Piotr Pamulak, Abhishek Singh (Right Raider), Banti (Right Raider), Neeraj Narwal (Left-Right Raider), Sushil (Left Raider), Bharat (Left-Right Raider), Akshit (Raider)

Defenders: Surjeet Singh (Right Cover), Vishal (Left Cover), Rakshit (Right Cover), P. Subramanyam (Right Cover), Saurabh Nandal (Right Corner), Aman (Left Corner), Sundar (Defender), Yash Hooda (Right Corner), Littan Ali (Right Corner), Aditya Pawar (Left Corner), Prateek (Left Cover), Arulnanath Babu (Right Corner), Ankit (Left Cover), Rohit Kumar (Left Cover)

All-rounders: Ran Singh and Sachin Narwal

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