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SportVot & Sheru Classic World join hands to create the biggest Kabaddi league in Mumbai

Published at :August 3, 2022 at 7:33 PM
Modified at :August 3, 2022 at 7:33 PM
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The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League will be commencing from the 13th of August 2022

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is all set to take the centre stage , with less than a  month for the tournament . The league is an innovative step to explore, promote, empower and celebrate the Kabaddi talent from Mumbai Suburbs. It has successfully turned many eyeballs with reputed names from the sports community associating with the league. 

League have announced partnership with Sheru Classic World, a premier International body-building and fitness platform, as the league gets bigger. 

Sheru classic world is one of the biggest body building and fitness platforms in the world .  In India under the leadership of Mr. Manish Gandhi and Mr. Sheru Aangrish, Sheru Classic has become the epitome of body building in the last 11 years. 

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League was designed in a way that the athletes get the much-deserved spotlight. The organisation as claimed by ‘Sheru Aangrish, CEO and Founder Sheru Classic World’  resonated with this vision of the league as they themselves have been actively and successfully working on creating a platform that paves the way to International success for the Indian body-building and fitness fraternity Sheru Aangrish says, ‘ The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is focused on empowering and celebrating the grassroots talent by bringing them under the limelight and providing them with a platform that can help boost professional sports participation. Kabaddi as a sports is an indigenous sport and we believe it is our responsibility to make it big and take it to the sports community across the globe! So, we are really excited to come on board as partners and we are confident of taking kabaddi and grassroots talent to newer heights in the upcoming period!

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is co-created in association with SportVot, with an end-to-end digitization of the tournament. SportVot is a multi-sports platform that caters to domestic talent by creating newer and better opportunities and developing modern technology to help them display their skills to the world, reach out to the sports community, develop their game and promote the sport. Sidhhant Agarwal, founder and CEO of SportVot expressed, ‘ I am extremely delighted to have Sheru Classic and Sheru Paaji on board the MMKL journey. We at SportVot have always tried to develop new ways to empower the domestic talent, the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League has been our dream project and the way the community has responded to the league is absolutely overwhelming. A sport like kabaddi is creating opportunities for so many individuals and leagues like the MMKL are only a channel to boost these talented individuals to take up professional sports. With the Sheru Classic World now being associated with the league, we are absolutely confident about the league making a huge and positive impact on the kabaddi community across the nation and we only hope to make it bigger and better from here.

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League will be commencing from the 13th of August 2022 , Venue Partner - Mumbai University Kalina Campus. 

The Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League is giving an opportunity to 500+ kabaddi athletes from the mega-city to flaunt their skills and spread the joy of kabaddi! The league will be commencing in the month of August, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!