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FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 FULL TIME: India 1-2 Colombia

Written by: Punit Tripathi


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50' 83' PENALOZA


Here's the match report of Indian History's biggest game: India fight Colombia and the World to prove a point in the FIFA U-17 World Cup

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COLOMBIA WIN IT 1-2, and INDIA SHOW WHAT THEY CAN DO. A little luck and the scoreline would've been reversed. Luis Matos cheers the crowds with the boys, who're living a dream. Jeakson Singh is part of history now, becoming the first ever Indian to score a goal at a FIFA World Cup. 

The Indian players gave their all in the pursuit of happiness and victory, but it was a matter of brilliant perseverance. They will play again, and will live again, and will succeed again, but will never forget this! This is brilliant. The best ever you've seen. India, we're proud of us. 


The celebrations in the media box after the goal

93' Anwar tries to find a player up top, but We're still playing with two atop and not more. We don't understand why! Dheeraj with another blinder as No. 10 Gomez brilliantly attemps on in the top left corner. 

92' India, India chants again pour into the air as the crowd tries to give in that final push to the boys. India have been the better team, attacking wise throughout the game. 

90' India should push their life out, as the team needs exactly that. Meetei tries to outrun the Colombian midfield, but is fouled. Naorem dribbles in the box and gets the crowd at its feet, beating two, and then overdoing it. 

89' push everyone, India. That's what the message should be at this point of time. FIVE MINUTES ADDED ON. 

88' India stop another attack and Anwar go down trying to stop the shot. Diverted for a free kick. 

87' Who'll bring that moment of magic for the hosts? Cast your vosts in the comments' section! Colombia, meanwhile, are happy sitting with possession at the back. 

86' The crowds is cheering in waves, and JLN will never see anything like this ever again! India, win or lose, is united, is proud, is confident here as Dheeraj makes a save and a long throw. 

85' Five minutes to play for life, for resurrection, for pride, and for everything they've put in over the last three years. 

84' Another Colombian is down and draws boos from the crowds. This goal will go down in history as India's first ever in a World Cup. 

83' PENALOZA silences the crowd as he scores another for the visitors. Controls a ball from outside the box, slots in in the corner.

82' Sanjeev curls in! INDIA SCORES! JAEKSON SINGH with a cool header. 

81' India wins a corner as Aniket runs to a no-man's land for a ball. Good intent by the No. 9. 

80' Dheeraj launches another one in their air as another attack from Colombia goes wide. India rebuild, but Aniket is pushed off the ball. 

79' Colombia now looking to switch it off, as they've six players in their own half. Campaz, though, continue to be their main threatt. 

78' Campaz making his presence felt on the right, as he makes two attempts in two. Both wide and over. Aniket is caught by the opposition No. 10. Limps a little. 

77' Chance goes begging for Colombia as they shoot wide from the left. Dheeraj tries to save, but reads it well and lets it go. Goalkick to the hosts. 

Martinez comes on for Angel. 

ANIKET and RAHIM were so close! THE GOALKEEPER WAS BEATEN. ANIKET Deserves the credit. India, though, fail to push it over the line. 

76' A foul is not given against Jeakson Singh as Colombia lose possesion and India build again. 



73' BORIS THANGJAM, TAKE A BOW! Brilliant tackle on the left back line from the No. 2 to keep out a Colombian onslaught and keeping the hopes on. 

72' Colombia attack, but Dheeraj comes out and clears with a brilliant ball. Boris looks to be in difficulty. 


70' Colombia play close to the Indian box, but are forced to go back under pressure. The visitors are now trying to turn down the tempo, but India, whenever on the ball, is ensuring the intensity is intact. 

68' India create another, but is wrongly adjudged offside as Aniket is on from a Meetei flick. Poor refereeing. Wouldn't be a certain goal, but cancelling out chances when you're trying to come back in a game is poor. 

67' Anwar clears another one, and is cheered by the crowd well. The No. 5 is the new junior wall of India. 

65' Boris looks to be in a little difficulty but is running his heart out. A bandaged head, a troubled hamstring, and ANIKET is here, replacing ABHIJIT SARKAR. 

63' Colombia would've got another, but it's an offside. Good trap, and India continue their attempt in the opposition half with Dheeraj hitting it long. 

62' The Colombians are getting a little physical and are raining balls in the air. Aniket looks to be coming on. 

61' Sanjeev and Meetei try to counter, but are stopped by a good tackle. Meanwhile, Namit defends another attack, which could've made life difficult for Dheeraj. 

60' Corner to the visitors, is headed out. Colombia's tactic to attack looks to be working, and the Yellow team is not sitting back with a 1-0 lead. 


58' Dheeraj comes out and clears a good through from the Colombian midfield.

56' RAHIM SCORES, but is offside. India growing, and growing fast. There are clear signs of attempts to recover and get at least a goal back. Something, better than nothing. 

55' Both sides receiving treatment as Boris and the Colombian goalkeeper are down. Boris has been brilliant; effortless in attack and relentless when covering back. Brilliant stuff from the No. 2. 

54' Two offsides in two minutes for Colombia, as their goalkeeper looks down with a cramp. 

53' Indian crowd is too hard to pull down, as India create again. Jeakson sends Meetei on a run, but it is defended for a throw-in. Rahul mis-controls a ball and gives away possession. 

51' Abhijit comes close to scoring, and so does Rahul KP. Meetei sends in a delightful cross from the right, but is headed wide. 

50' PENALOZA Score for COLOMBIA against the run of play. A ball comes in from the from the left to him, just outside the box on the right. The No. 11 controls it well, and slots it past Dheeraj. Good goal. 

49' Colombia playing with more attackers now, but India continue to dominate. 

48' Boris tries a cheeky little low cross into the box but misplaces it. Colombia's frustration is evident as India continue to build with Rahul being caught down. 

47' The intensity looks to be continuing, as India push for the elusive goal they've come close to, twice. Colombia is playing a little higher. The team looks to be playing a high line. 

46' Colombia restart the game. 

The teams walk back and the game is set to resume with the ref's whistle. Gomez comes in for Angel for Colombia




THE FANS ARE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT AT THE MOMENT, AND THE TEAM SEEMS TO BE FEEDING OFF THEM. Brilliant presence, brilliant push and a brilliant attitude. That's how they want the team to play. 

We are in the media box, but the hope around the ground is palpable. The scenes are beautiful, and people are showing their full support. The benched boys are playing small touches. 

Predict your scoreline, guys. The game has got to halftime and the addition of Komal and Naorem at any point can add energy to the gameplay. India proving why it is a giant and the line that 'It's what you do on the football pitch matters' as India come close twice to pull off stunners against the South Americans. 

Public reactions as Rahul KP hits the post. You can't have better scenes!  

HALF-TIME, and the crowd can't believe this. India is the better team on the pitch and believes India can do it. Brilliant game. 

45+2' Mohd. Shahjahan proves we've a XAVI in store. Brilliant turn to evade a Colombian midfielder.

45+1' RAHUL HITS THE POST WITH A VOLLEY! That's as unlucky as it gets. Played in empty space by Boris, the left winger volleys it powerfully. Hits the post! India will do this, India can do this.! 

45' India, analytically, have been the better side in the first half, and that's no mean task against the team which has recently produced the likes of James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao and Juan Cuadrado. 

44' HE'S BACK TO HIS FEET, TO THE DELIGHT OF THE MEN AT HIS FEET! The fans acknowledge his game, and they love their future No. 1 already. The boots of Subrata and Gurpreet are heavy, but Dheeraj isn't light-hearted. 

3' Dheeraj is down, after clattering to the post in trying to keep the corner out. They're playing there's hearts out. 

42' Point black shot from outside the box, is brilliantly saved by Dheeraj. Corner to the visitors. Curled it, on to the post. Is out for a Colombian throw. 

41' Jitendra warm-up alone in the presence of a team staff as India look to keep Anwar's replacement ready. Abhijit has showed what he can do, and the fans want more from him.

40' Boris with a throw from the right. Rahim receives, plays it to Amarjit, who's pulled down. Ball into the box, is headed goalwards by Anwar, but is easily collected. 

39' Colombia slowly building in the game. India, India chants grow as Colombia try to play the long diagonal balls. 

38' Abhijit was down for a while, but gets up and continues. Everyone wants to play a part. Every one wants to give their everything. The what the nation and the game is known for. 

36' Colombian cross comes in from the right and is headed by Cortes, but Dheeraj is nowhere to go. The Indian No. 1 saves cleanly and pushes it to his right. 

35' Rahim and Abhijit have done a good job, building up the pressure against the sturdy Colombian defence, way stronger than them, talking physically. Another Colombian throw-in on the right back side. 

34' Rahul steals and runs from the corner, but the ball is taken away with a clear challenge.

33' Colombia enjoying a little possession at the back, and play it from the left. Anwar clears it again, but looks in a little discomfort. The Minerva defender is key to the side's survival against Colombian attacks.

32'  Dheeraj starts from the back as Colombia fouls Anwar in the box. India continue their domination in the attacking statistics.

31' Colombia throw-in on the left, and Anwar clears the ensuing attack with a breath-taking tackle. Brilliant stuff from the side which looks changed. 

30' At the half-hour mark, India look to have been taking the attack to the opposition. Colombia, though, look to be happy recycling possession and sitting back deep. The hosts have had the better chances. 

28' India playing with a much higher tempo and intensity. Meetei is fouled from behind as he goes on a solo run. Controversial and questionable. 


26' Brois tries a run but is tackled well for a throw into India. Dheeraj clears an awkward ball and India receive a free kick in the right wing of the Colombian half. 

25' Stalin sends a message across with a cheeky dribble, and Shahjahan is brought down by a Colombian. Free kick to India as they build again. 

24' Stalin and Rahul receive a little treatment as India create from the back. The crowd is on the seventh heaven, looking at this inspired performance from the boys. 

22' Namit blanks the opponents' attacker with a Xavi-like 360 turn. Dheeraj composedly collects a ground through from No. 16 Angel. 

21' Meetei goes on a solo run after a through ball from Shahjahan. Tries to play an onrushing Rahim, but the ball is a little too heavy. Good intent from India in the first 20 minutes. 

20' Stalin goes on the solo run down the left but is dispossessed. 

19' Colombia, now, calm themselves down, playing the ball at the back. Slowing down the tempo, the left back tries to find Campaz on the wing, but is deemed offside. 

18' Colombia win a free kick, but Dheeraj saves it with a dive. Our own De Gea in the making. ;) Rahim is pulled down as he tries to make a run from the left wing. 

17' The best chance of the game, till now, and Abhijit's brilliance was down to it. Should've finished, but full points to the lad anyway. The crowd is crazy. Best scenes are on here. The fans are making it very difficult for the away side.! 

15' Meetei goes on a lone run down the right channel, and Boris supports him well. India attacking with flair and CREATE A CHANCE! ABHIJIT plays a one-two with Meetei and shoots, but is saved over. CORNER FOR INDIA! 

14'  India try to create from the right. Win a throw on the right wing. Amarjit plays it back for Namit to build on. 

13' Another throw in, on the left. Amarjit misplaces a pass under pressure. Rahul should've been lower. 

12' Colombia get two consecutive throws on the right wing. The Yellow side is building up the pressure. Long throw, cleared by Anwar and Meetei. 

The game has been smooth in the first 10 minutes, both teams exchanging possession equally well. There hasn't been any full chances, and the intensity has been good. Much expected form the home side. 

10' Namit looks a little slow, but has managed well so far. India should not play the offside trap. 

09' The crowd, if you're here, could get to you. It's nauseous to be fair. It's cheering India, it's jeering Colombia, and it's a feeling unmatched. The boys are in for a treat tonight. Just keep the hope alive. Stalin continues to impress with a strong clearance on the left. 

08' Campaz receives a ball on his chest on the left wing, but is clearly cheated off it by Meetei. In turn, the India No.7 gets hurt. 

07' America regain possession on the left wing and play it to the right. Abhijit and Rahim pressing higher up the pitch, something which is very essential. 

06' India exerting pressure, having played the last two minutes in the American half. Rahul and Rahul displaying good perseverance. 

04' India continue to receive attacks from the right. Carvajal with the first shot of the game from distance, is way off target. Dheeraj launches one deep. 

03' Dheeraj has already collected two long balls, but there's a zip in the India game as well. As predicted, Amarjit is playing a little higher and the boys are playing long balls. 

02' Everytime India is on the ball, the shouts are deafening. That's the kind of backing you need to win such encounters.  

01' Rahim Ali starts, and India play from left to right. Predictions? Rahul has started as the left winger as Meetei continues to be on the right. Let's see what India's No. 17 does in the game after impressing at the makeshift right-back position in the last game. 

7:58 PM: The school kids look good, and excited. The gut feeling is coming back. It feels something is going to happen. The teams have huddled together; final vows being taken before the first kick. 

7:57 PM: INDIA, INDIA Chants have started again, and they don't seem to stop. The players look very charming in their jerseys, and we're sure its always a great feeling to don the National crest. 

7:54 PM: The scenes are lovely, and all cameras are out. The proceedings start off with the National anthems of both countries.

7:53 PM: The teams walk out, and Amarjit is followed by India's No. 1 Dheeraj, last match's star according to many experts. 

7:53 PM: The flags are out, and the school kids who walk it to the centre must be having a very heavy feeling at the moment. They're making their little contribution to the history. To the game. 

7:52 PM: The FIFA banner and the motto: 'My game is fair play' is what embodies the game. 

7:51 PM: Abhijit Sarkar, India's No. 10, is walking a thin line. As Khel Now predicted in its preview, Suresh Singh Wangjam has already made way for Jeakson Singh. Physicality as well as contribution. 

7:50 PM: Just over 10 minutes to go, and most of the sections are filled. We're predicting the house to be close to 30,000-odd. The FIFA U-17 WC banner is out on the pitch.

7:48 PM: India need to get the three points, but mathematics say that a draw, too, would keep their chances open. The teams can walk out anytime now. The crowd enthusiasm looks positive. They know that their support is important for the players, and they're giving their best. 

7:45 PM: The kids are dreaming, and their heroes will walk the most difficult evening of their lives. They need to stun us, they need to silence the crowds and they need to go beyond expectations. The crowd is going berserk here at the JLN Stadium, New Delhi. This is the DEN of the Colts. 

7:44 PM: The Colombian bench has also walked to its dugout. The teams have lined up at the entry. Colombian supporters in the crowd look beautiful. 

7:39 PM: The last game ended 1-0 in the favour of USA, who've made it to the knockout stages. India will need to have a positive result to ensure they're alive in the tournament. There are rapturous waves of crowd cheerings as the Indian National team substitutes walk out to the dugout. 

7:37 PM: The balls boys are here. These kids, too, do a commendable piece of work. The LOC have also put in a lot of changes after the controversies of the first game. 

7:35 PM: The pitch is being made ready, and about 11 groundsmen are cleaning the pitch and balancing the torn-out grass if any. 

7:34 PM: The teams are back in the dressing room after their final training and warm-ups. There's excitement all around the pitch, and numbers are swelling up.

India's No. 2 will be Sunny Dhaliwal, and not Prabhsukhan Gill, according to the training going on the pitch. 

Tactically, India need the physical domination of Jeakson and Namit. Suresh is no pushover, but looking at the Colombian side, it wouldn't be a crime to say that the South American will physically dominate the Blue Cubs. 

India's bench players playing small passes in front of the media box

Rahul KP's inclusion is surprising. The winger has impressed a lot and Meetei will probably shift to the left wing. Rahul will play on the right. Amarjit will team up with Shahjahan in the centre. 

The India team is practising in two halves. One, the bench, two, the Starting XI. The Starting XI is running and warming up on the sidelines while the bench players are playing one-touch passes on the side. 

The Colombia team is out to train, and their White-and-Yellow is making the scene bright and competitive. 

India's Starting XI vs Colombia in a virtual do-or-die

'INDIA, INDIA' cheers filling the ground already, and a wave of noise is filling us in. Such a dream for these footballers to live this life, accept this invitation and play for what's on the chest. 

THE INDIAN TEAM JUST WALKED OUT TO TRAIN, and the confidence is palpable. A walk speaks a lot, and certainly, it proves that the team is out to outplay. 

India is certainly playing a physical game, or at least trying to play one. Additions Jeakson Singh and Namit Deshpande add that little flavour of weight and power, much needed against the South American opponents. 

Colombia Starting XI: Mier, Cifuentes, Tegue, Gutierrez, Campaz, Lopez, Penaloza, Meneses, Carvajal, Angel, Cortes

India has made four chances, and the name which caught a lot of eyes, Komal Thatal, is on the bench. Noarem, too, is on the bench. Dheeraj is warming up currently. 

India Starting XI: Dheeraj, Boris Thangjam,Namit Deshpande, Anwar Ali, Sanjeev Stalin, Amarjit, Jeakson Singh, Abhijit, Meetei, Rahul KP, Rahim Ali. 

Meanwhile, here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, US are leading 1-0 against Ghana. Substitute Ayo Akinola has made the difference for his side. 

Colombia National Team coach Orlando Respreto: We will deliver what the game demands- Colombia coach Orlando Restrepo

Indian National team coach Luis Norton De Matos: Every match we play is to win and if we win against Colombia we will be creating history!

We will give it our very best as it is a do-or-die game for us: Komal Thatal

First and foremost, let me start this off with this game's preview, and how we see things would pan out when the teams take the pitch at 8 PM IST. 

India chase first points in FIFA U-17 World Cup as other ties revolve in Round 4

18:30 Hello and welcome to the Live commentary of the most awaited game. Its the hosts, India, taking on Colombia in their second game of the FIFA U-17 World Cup and this is your host Punit Tripathi coming to you LIVE from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in New Delhi. After a chastening defeat to the USA on Friday its the moment of reckoning for the Junior Colts who must produce a result to remain in contention to advance from the group. I'll be bringing you every moment as it happens so keep it right here.

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