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Hero Tri-Nations Series 2017 Live: India Vs St. Kitts and Nevis

Written by: Punit Tripathi


The Blue Tigers look to make it 10 wins in a row against the Caribbean island nation.


 39' Jackichand
72' Hanley


SUMMARY: It's never safe to sit back on a one-goal cushion and it shows again. India lose their 9-game winning streak with a poor 1-1 draw after taking the lead in the 39th minute. The Blue Tigers played a good game but were poor in converting the chances created. India dominated possession, but allowed the opposition their fair share of possession. 

Stephen Constantine will be a happy man, with a good young nucleus already being built around the experienced players. India is set to lift another trophy, and the National team needs to build on the same as they face Macau in the next AFC Asian Cup qualifier on September 5th. 


90+5' Last chance, last corner. 9, the elusive number for the hosts. Rafique delivers, is flicked on by Robin, but is defended.

90+5' Anas clears an attack, and Kotal does his share of defending. Thapa plays to Poojary, one last burst. Finds Robin, who crosses, defended out. 

90+4' SKN have the last share of possession, but Manvir stels and makes a turn. Thapa finds Robin with great ball, who finds Narzary. The winger twists and turns, and the cross is pushed out for a corner.

90+3' Kotal tries to find a good ball to Kotal. Narzary take the ensuing corner, headed by Rafique, but the direction was lacking. Good football. 

90+2' ROBIN IS SO CLOSE TO SCORE. Controls a ball in the ball, hits on the turn, hits the bar, and the return is collected by the goalkeeper. UNLUCKY. 

90+1' Manvir Singh should've done better. Poojary rounds a good ball, the youngster fails to connect. 

90' Both teams look content to sit back and exchange possession. Stephen Constantine must be a happy man. 

88' Rafique in a little altercation with an opposition player. Referee intervenes.

87' Manvir comes on for Jeje. Another youngster to add speed. 

87' Sandesh Jhingan is the HERO of the MATCH. Captain powerful. 

86' Mohd. Rafique takes it but is poor in the first post. Is cleared out from a chested clearance. 

85' India create again, from the right and Poojary is on fire. Runs with pace, is tackled out for a corner. 

84' BIG CHANCE FOR SKN. One vs Two and a winger crosses, but is a little heavy. Major miss. 

82' Rafique fails to control a pass from Poojary SKN regain possession. Jhingan clears the attempt, so does Thapa. Played back to Paul, who throws it to Das. Das plays a long ball, is cleared out by Justin.

81' Anirudh adds that speed and tries to control a 50-50 chance. Is tackled well to take it away from the youngster. 

80' Anirudh Thapa is set to make his National team debut. 32nd for the Englishman. The No. 25 looks nervous and excited. Borges makes way for him. Highly energy. 

78' Jeje and Robin exchange passes well but passes it back to Borges to build. Kotal threads a pass to Jeje, who makes it sweet for Rafique. Rafique shoots, but is wide and low. 

77' Paul collects a Rogers' effort rather comfortably. Anas makes a good clearance after Sandesh makes a mess. 

75' India look to be lacking confidence suddenly, as SKN has been the better team for the last 10 minutes. Robin Singh, though, wins a through on the left wing. 

74' Rafique tries to thread one to Narzary and an attack happens for SKN. Jhingan tackles and stop a ball from the box. 

73' Robin looks in discomfort after a ball hit from Kotal. 

72' GOAL!!! THE VISITORS HAVE ONE BACK. Corner, Second post, headed and then pushed back in from HANLEY. The substitute does the trick. 

71' Long ball from SKN, headed from the second post, and Subrata gets a hand. Another corner. The visitors growing back into the game. The ball is handed out by Paul again from the corner. 

70' Good chance from the corner, falls for a volley but is hit over. India start again from the goal kick. 

69' SKN build from the back and shoot from the right. Low drive and Paul deals with a strong hand. 

68' India is playing some good football and Rafique is finding Narzary with absolute precision time and again. Good confidence booster before the Macau game. 

68' OFFSIDE! Robin Singh gets a close chance but is the last attacker, beyond the opposition defense. Good pass from Borges to create it though.

67' Anas hitting a long ball from the back. well collected by Narzary, but crosses poorly. 

66' Kimaree makes a runs from the left and passes for a shot, but is over and wide. Subrata asks his defense to cleare it well. 

65' Kotal with a throw from the right wing. Is headed out again. Another throw. Poojary heads in. 

64' The attack drops down and India has a goal kick. Nelson makes way for Anory. 

63' Robin Singh concedes a foul as he tries to control the ensuing GK. SKN create on the right but is cleared well from Das. SKN get their first corner of the game. 

62' Another attack build-up from SKN, is shot wide. Good close passing.

61' Brilliant ball from Rafique to Poojary, who runs on but brings the opposition gk down. 

NIKHIL Poojary comes in for Jackichand Singh, Md. Rafique comes on for Lyngdoh. 

59' Narayan miscues a receive. SKN create from the right, low cross comes in but is cleared. 

58' Tishan makes way for his brother Tiran. The Hanley brothers exchange positions. 

57' Throw in to India. Tishan looks confused on the decision. Cross from Kotal, is cleared. Borges plays it to Das. India playing with the ball. Consolidation on the ball and possession. 

55' Shot from the distance from Lyngdoh, but is over. Narzary had placed it into the path of the No. 7. 

54' Long ball, is headed out from Jhingan. India playing in the opposition half.Jeje plays to Lyngdoh, and India build. Confidence clearly not lacking. 

53' Game resumes, Paul hits it into the orbit from a foul. Jeje regains possession, plays it to Robin, who brings a defender down. 

52' The goalkeeper is down after saving from Robin's shot. Blasted it into the stomach. Medical attention on and the game is paused. Robin should've made it 2-in-2 after the last game's opener for the hosts. 

51' SKN build from the left, cross comes in, is cleared well. Jeje gets it, plays it to a free Robin, runs, shoots, is cleared well. 

50' Jeje fouls Williams, close to the back line. Pushes him from behind. 

49' India attack from the left. Das throws in, Robin controls and cross it with a over head volley. Exchange of passes outisde the box, is giving away but is won back by Kotal. Kotal makes a run, plays a wall pass with Jeje, but scruffs the shot wide over.

48' Free kick to SKN as Robin brings one down. Effect begins. 

47' Rowlin find Jacki with a superb chipped pass, crosses, but is mis-controlled and poorly played by Narzary. 

47' SKN try to find a player in the box, but is knocked out from the onrushing attack. 

46' Robin Singh is on for Balwant Creates from the onset. Tries to play to Jeje, who is unable to control. 


A light drizzle is already on. Robin Singh and Md. Rafique going through the hard drills. After Bengaluru's win yesterday in wet conditions, do we see something similar happening? 

SUMMARY: India gain the lead at Mumbai Football Arena to better their last game's performance and start. India has dominated proceedings, but SKN have also had their share of possession and creative football. Eugene looks a little better, and Balwant has been superb in terms of pressing and running down the channels up top. 

45+2' India set to finish the first half with the lead. Strong performance, with a higher tempo. 

45+1' Jackichand rises the highest again, to head a ball from Paul towards the opposition's goal. Jhingan makes another block and Anas heads it out. SKN, though, create again. 

45' Balwant has been a ball of energy and work throughout the first half. Strong display. Is certain to get a look in against Macau. 

44' Seventh corner, again cleared. 1st post, poorly executed. India though, get back their possession. Das plays it to Narzary, who play it back to Eugeneson. Jhingan cleared a long ball to perfection, headed it out. Balwant tries one from distance, but is way wide. 

43' Eugene delivers, is cleared. Robin is receiving cheers from the crowd. Jeje gets a volley in the box on his left foot, is saved. 

42' India win another corner as Eugene tries to find Jackichand with a long ball. Is headed out. Smart play from the No. 7. 

41' Visitors get a free kick. Curl it in, is headed well from the defenders and Paul collects it comfortably. 

39' JACKICHAND SCORES! THAT TOO, with a header. Borges crosses the ball, Singh gets a free header and loops it over the goalkeeper. India gets the lead. 

38' India have the possession again, as SKN try to find a forward with a long ball but fail to do that. 

37' Das looks certain to take it. Curls it in, is headed out. Kotal hits it in the opposition box. GK goes down and a free kick to SKN. 

36' Jhingan finds Balwant with a long ball, but is pushed from behind off the ball. Free kick to India. 

35' The visitors' coach discusses a thing or two about the decision making with the ref. Heating up a little, but is fair and within regulations. India get the ball back from SKN. 

34' India give the ball to SKN after a good passing sequence. Tishan draws Das down as the visitors get boos. 

32' Free kick to KSN, is easily collected by Paul. India consolidate possession but a SKN player is bundled down. The game is paused. 

Summary: Both teams have had their fair share of chances and possession, but India has been slightly better. The teams look close to score, both of them. India's midfield needs to control the tempo better. 

30' Balwant runs at the opposition defense from the center of the pitch after breaking an opposition attack. Is bundled down by two defenders, referee's not interested. 

29' Corner, first post, headed back to the centre. Balwant gets a chance from a melee, but is blocked. Another corner, played to Rowlin, who crosses but is headed and cleared out for a throw in to India. 

28' Eugene rebuild with a long ball, but is headed out for another corner. India is looking to be on the brink of scoring for some time now. 

26' India score, but is offside. Narayan Das tries to shoot from the free kick, is saved. Jeje tries to convert, but is offside. 

26' India win a free kick in brilliant position as Jeje and Balwant make a move with a series of headers.

25' The crowd cheers, 'India, India'. Always a positive thing. Pushes the team to more effort. SKN, meanwhile, create again. A shot from distance from Joash, is saved by Subrata and then collected. 

24' Jeje play to Eugene, glides with the ball and plays it to Borges. India regain possession after an attempt from SKN. 

23' Jhingan heads the deep corner but is cleared. Jackichand shoots on the rebound, only out of the park. 

22' Another corner to India as Narzary's attempted cross is blocked. 

21' Balwant is showing his worth already, running at balls with conviction and confidence. Looks to be giving the right messages to the manager. Will he read them? Narayan plays a pass to Jeje, who lays it off with a clever flick to Balwant. Wrong direction, though.

21' Jacki misses another pass as India play it close. Nikhil Poojary and Manvir warming up already. 

20' India create with Narzary, who finds Rowlin who plays him back. Good cross to the second post, Balwant heads, but is out off a defender. Positive football from the hosts. 

19' Jackichand has lost possession thrice already. One of those days. Vinceroy dribbles well, and Eugene gets possession on the right central midfield. 

17' Subrata easily collects another high-ball, quite easily. SKN tried to find a player, were unsuccessful. Jeje is being man-marked well. Kimaree creates one from the left. 

15' Anas clears a long ball after a little pressure from Tishan. Throw into SKN. India regain possession, but Jackichand can't control it well. Superb ball to Thrizen, but it crawls over the line. 

14' IM Vijayan in the stands. The legend has spoken kindly about the manager and the national team' achievements. 

13' Goalkick, headed by Balwant to Jeje and India calmly accumulate possession. Rowlin switches the wings to give it to Jacki, isn't controlled well. Eugene looked a little sloppy on the ball, already. 

12' Jeje runs behind a long ball from Jackichand, isn't really controlled well. A cross comes in from the left for SKN, but Narzary deals the heavy one well. 

11' Anas heads a cross over, cleared by Rowlin. SKN regain possession and create again from the left. Jhingan stops a weak shot with a tackle. Captain inspires, yet again. 

10' Narayan Das stalls another attempt. SKN try to create from Tishan, but can't find the right man. Cleared by Anas. 

09' Eugene rounds two players from the clearance off the corner. Kotal crosses after regaining possession, but no one at the end. 

08' Long ball from the foul, Jackichand tries to control but is cleared out for the first corner of the day. 

08' Jackichand tries a backheel but loses possession. Jeje is playing up top. Narzary and Lyngdoh are brought down in quick succession. 

06' Wenger out, is shouting out loud in the stands. India  has played on the front foot. Have tried to create chances. Strong beginning. The opposition have also had their share on the ball. 

05' Anas is down after a high challenge close to the centre circle. Abhishek Bachchan is also in the stands. 

04' Both teams are fast off the blocks, and Balwant makes another foul. Kotal makes a clearance as Vinceroy come in. 

03' Jackichand crosses a ball after a pass from Balwant, but everyone miss. Another cross from Narzary comes in but is into the goalkeeper's hands. 

02' Jackichand brings down Vinceroy on the right wing. And it's the first foul of the game. India win a throw on the left wing. 

01' The whistle blows and the proceedings start. St. Kitts start with a shot from distance. Just wide. Tishan with the attempt. 

19:59 We must remember, this is the final game before the AFC Asian Cup qualifier against Macau. We request you to cheer and follow the side, wherever you are. 

19:58 The tosses happen, as the game is close to beginning. 

19:57 The Indian National anthem plays! 'Jana Gana Mana' always touches your heart, more when you've the colors on your sleeve. 

19:56 St. Kitts & Nevis salute their anthem, standing on the pitch. 

19:53 Jhingan leads the team out on the pitch. The National anthem will happen after a round of hand-shakes. 

19:51 97 vs 125, according to FIFA rankings. The fans are chanting and clapping! Looks interesting and intensified. 

19:50 Nikhil Poojary, Jerry, Rafique, Kaith and Manvir will expect to come off from the bench. 

19:48 Indian Subs: Vishal Kaith, Lalruatthara, Salam Ranjan Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Nikhil Poojary, Robin Singh, Manvir Singh, Rafique and Jerry Lalrinzuala. 

19:46 Balwant has clearly benefited from his inspired performance in the last game. Scored a goal as well. Will he make it 2 in three appearances in the Blue jersey? 

19:43 The passionate fans have already made it to the stands. There's no dearth of excitement there. The fans are certain for the 10th on the trot. Jeje and Balwant and their coordination, according to one of them, are going to be the key.

19:39 Today, the team is set to press higher up, as Balwant is set to work hard. It will be interesting to see who starts the highest above. 

19:38 India is set to make it 10-on-10 before the important game against Macau on 5th September. 

19:32  St. Kitts & Nevis Starting XI: 

Jamal, Thrizen, Justin, Clyde, Gerard, Joash, Vinceroy, Yohannes, Kimaree, Tishan and Raheem. 

19:30 Indian Starting XI: 

Subrata Paul (GK), Pritam Kotal, Anas Edathodika, Sandesh Jhingan (C), Narayan Das; Rowllin Borges; Jackichand Singh, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Halicharan Narzary; Jeje Lalpekhlua, Balwant Singh. (4-4-2)

19:05 So, let's set the scene. The hosts, after beating Mauritius at the weekend, are looking to make it 10 straight wins in all competitions. But, they only need a point to win the inaugural Tri-Nations Series. The visitors need a win, but are playing their second game in three days and that could be a factor.

19:00 Hello and welcome to the Live commentary of the third game in the Hero Tri-Nations Series 2017. Its the hosts India taking on St. Kitts and Nevis and this is your host Punit Tripathi coming to you from the Mumbai Football Arena this Thursday evening.

Published: Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:05 PM IST


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