India host Kyrgyzstan tomorrow in the AFC Asian Cup qualifying and the visitors’ head coach Aleksandr Krestinin revealed that his squad is more than qualified to play against the Blue Tigers without any ‘big’ preparation.

The 38-year old coach was asked about his team’s last game which they won with a single goal. “Of course the last match was tough for us,” he said before adding, “We will aim for a victory tomorrow. We are ready and we know what we need to do tomorrow.”

Krestinin also revealed that his primary concern from the qualifiers is to secure a birth in the prestigious tournament, “Our main goal is to qualify in first place,” he said before continuing, “We are the favourites in the group.”

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The Kyrgyzstan coach was asked about his preparation to face India when he revealed that he is well prepared to face India tomorrow at the Kantirava Stadium. “Yes, we have information about India and their preparation and conditions.” “I think they also have information about us. This is the 21st century and there are no secrets,” he added.

He also praised the current performances of the Indian team which has resulted in a rapid jump in the FIFA rankings to the top 100. “India are playing smart football recently. Getting good results always gives you confidence. In this day and age, everyone has information about their opponent. We are well prepared for India and we hope that there will be a good contest tomorrow,” he said.

Krestinin was also asked if the preparation his team has had was an ideal one when he answered, It’s true that we didn’t play many matches recently. But my boys play in Europe and all are in good condition. We just need to execute our plans on the pitch to get the result. We don’t need to make some big preparation for this game.”

The manager also decided to shed some light on the injury concerns of his team. “All players who travelled are ready,” he said.

The Kyrghyz head coach was asked for his opinion about the Indian team when he answered, “Of course, we know India is a strong side with good physical condition and good in defence,” before adding, “They are very strong at home.”

The visitors’ gaffer was asked about how many of his current squad members were born in Europe when he replied, “No one born in Europe, all born in Kyrgyzstan.”

Considering the present European experience among the Kyrgyzstan team, the Russian gaffer was asked to point out the technical difference between the players playing in Europe and those who are playing in the domestic league in Kyrgyzstan. “I can say that all are players are the same. This is a result of hard work in training. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses but we are the same,” he said.

Krestinin made his intention from this game clear today when he pointed out that he is here for a victory. “We will not be satisfied with a draw. We came here only for a victory,” he concluded.