As per reports, such incidents are pretty common in Italy and the police think that the actual threat level isn’t alarming.

Former Italy international and current Inter Milan manager, Antonio Conte has received immediate police security after receiving death threats as per a report on Italian outlet, Corriere della Sera

The former Chelsea boss has received a bullet alongside a letter with death threats packed in a parcel recently after which the police security was increased.

The police investigation has already begun as they look for the person behind all of this. Also, extra security has been provided near Conte’s residence citing emergency issues. 

Things like these are pretty common in Italy especially around the political diameter and that is why the police aren’t taking the threats that seriously for now. 

The 50-year old is currently at the helm of Inter Milan and the Nerazzurri look like a formidable force in Italy this season. They seem to be Maurizio Sarri’s biggest competition this season in an otherwise one-sided domestic title race for the Old Lady over the years. Both the clubs are only separated by a single point with Sarri’s men still taking charge.

Inter has shown promise under Conte’s system and it is certainly not restricted to Serie A. The Nerazzurri have also shown their mettle in the Champions League in spite of losing in their latest fixture against Borussia Dortmund. They showed immense dominance in the first half which eventually fizzled out allowing the German giants to come back in the game.

Conte is a well-known figure in Italy and has led Juventus to back to back three Serie A titles from 2011 to 2014. He also won the Premier League with Chelsea back in the 2016-17 season and followed it up with an FA Cup triumph in 2017-18. 

His tenure as the Italy national team was also fruitful as he enjoyed a healthy 56% win percentage from almost two years of managing the Azzurri. Other accolades also include a Serie B win in his early days with Bari.