Bengaluru Torpedoes’ Noah Taitano also shares thoughts on his team’s next match.

Bengaluru Torpedoes and Chennai Blitz are in readiness to go up against each other in the eighteenth match of the Prime Volleyball League at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday. 

Speaking ahead of their match against the Torpedoes, Chennai’s Akhin GS said, “It’ll be a tough game against Bengaluru Torpedoes. We might be out of the Semi-Final race, but the points are important for our opponents. We will go all out and definitely try to win the match. It’s also been great to play in this tournament. Many players from the grassroots level have contacted me to ask about how they can enter the competition. They want to prove themselves in the limelight.”

When asked about what went wrong for the Chennai team this season, the Middle Blocker said, “We couldn’t get our team combination right in our first four matches and that’s why we couldn’t be on the right side of the results. We also made a lot of errors which cost us the first four matches. However, we got our combination right and rectified our mistakes against Calicut Heroes and that’s what helped us register our first victory in the tournament.”

Bengaluru Torpedoes will be looking to strengthen their chances of making it to the semi-finals when they take on the Blitz on Sunday. The Universal player Noah Taitano said that the Torpedoes are ready for the challenge, “We are really excited about our chances of making it to the Semi-Finals. I think our energy is going to roll into our next game. We are ready for tomorrow’s game and hopefully we get the desired result. All the guys are ready to make it to the Semis.”

After going down against Kolkata Thunderbolts and Calicut Heroes, Bengaluru produced a brilliant performance to defeat Ahmedabad Defenders on Thursday. Reflecting on the team’s performance, Taitano expressed, “We played more as a team in our last game against Ahmedabad Defenders.

When we encountered the losses against Kolkata Thunderbolts and Calicut Heroes, we were playing as individuals. When we started playing as one unit, the result went in our favour. Our setters also did an amazing job against Ahmedabad Defenders. We will ensure that we play as one unit in our next match as well. As long as we keep playing as a team, we are going to keep winning.”

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