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ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao: Updated schedule, fixtures, results, live streaming details

Published at :April 17, 2024 at 4:25 PM
Modified at :May 7, 2024 at 11:56 AM
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Manika Batra and Sreeja Akula are in the fray for India.

Indian Table Tennis players will look forward to getting into top form as they begin their ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 campaign in Macao on April 16 (Tuesday). The ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 is set to take place from April 15 (Monday) to April 21 (Sunday) at the prestigious Galaxy Arena in Macao.

A total of 48 paddlers in both the men’s and women’s singles categories are participating in the tournament, representing various nations from around the world. Each category has been divided into 16 groups, with three paddlers each. Furthermore, the tournament is making a much-anticipated return after a three-year hiatus.

India at the ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao

In the women’s singles, Sreeja Akula and Manika Batra are representing India. Batra, currently ranked World No. 38, has been placed in Group 2 of the ITTF World Cup Macao 2024, alongside China’s Wang Manyu and Romania’s Adina Diaconu.

Batra will face off against Romania’s Diaconu in her opening match of the ITTF World Cup 2024 on Tuesday at 2:30 PM IST. She will then play a pivotal match against World No. 2 Wang in her second group stage match on April 17.

On the other hand, Sreeja Akula, who is in Group 4, will start her ITTF Singles World Cup Macao 2024 journey against WR51 Poland’s Natalia Bajor on Tuesday at 10 AM IST. She is also set to compete against former World No. 1 Chen Meng on Wednesday, April 17. Regrettably, the subcontinent has no representatives in the men’s singles category.

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India’s squad for ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao

Women’s Singles: Manika Batra and Sreeja Akula

Groups at ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao

Men’s Singles

Group 1: Wang Chuqin, Kirill Gerassimenko and An Jaehyun

Group 2: Fan Zhendong, Wong Chun Ting, and Benedikt Duda

Group 3: Liang Jingkun, Kristian Karlsson and Nicholas Lum

Group 4: Ma Long, Edward Ly, and Aditya Sareen

Group 5: Lin Yun-Ju, Sora Matsushima, and Joao Geraldo

Group 6: Lin Gaoyuan, Chuang Chih-Yuan, and Tomislav Pucar

Group 7: Felix Lebrun, Kao Cheng-Jui, and Nicolas Burgos

Group 8: Hugo Calderano, Anders Lind, and Finn Luu

Group 9: Jang Woojin, Simon Gauzy, and Mohamed El-Beiali

Group 10: Tomokazu Harimoto, Jonathan Groth, and Andrej Gacina

Group 11: Dang Qiu, Shunsuke Togami and Ahmed Saleh

Group 12: Darko Jorgic, Lee Sangsu and Tiago Apolonia

Group 13: Lin Shidong, Alexis Lebrun, and Alberto Mino

Group 14: Anton Kallberg, Lim Jonghoon, and Izaac Quek Yong

Group 15: Marcos Freitas, Quadri Aruna, and Daniel Gonzalez

Group 16: Omar Assar, Truls Moregard, and Noshad Alamiyan

Women’s Singles

Group 1: Sun Yingsha, Chen Szu-Yu, and Zhu Chengzhu

Group 2: Wang Manyu, Manika Batra, and Adina Diaconu

Group 3: Wang Yidi, Xiaona Shan, and Doo Hoi Kem

Group 4: Chen Meng, Sreeja Akula, and Natalia Bajor

Group 5: Shin Yubin, Lily Zhang, and Zeng Jian

Group 6: Chen Xingtong, Orawan Paranang, Liu Hsing-Yin

Group 7: Mima Ito, Amy Wang, and Suthasini Sawettabut

Group 8: Hina Hayata, Elizabeta Samara, Sabine Winter

Group 9: Cheng I-Ching, Linda Bergstrom, and Yousra Helmy

Group 10: Miwa Harimoto, Kim Nayeong, and Mo Zhang

Group 11: Bernadette Szocs, Prithika Pavade, and Mariam Alhodaby

Group 12: Adriana Diaz, Hana Goda, and Fu Yu

Group 13: Jeon Jihee, Kuai Man, and Jian Fang Lay

Group 14: Miu Hirano, Jia Nan Yuan, and Jocelyn Lam

Group 15: Joo Cheonhui, Bruna Takahashi, and Sarah Hanffou

Group 16: Nina Mittelham, Sofia Polcanova, and Michelle Bromley

Where and how to watch live telecast and live streaming of ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao in India?

The event won’t be telecasted on any television channel in India.  However, the tournament can be seen on the ITTF World YouTube Channel.

Last month, the Indian men’s and women’s teams secured a spot in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics on a ranking basis.

ITTF Singles World Cup 2024 Macao full schedule and fixtures (All timings are in IST)

April 15 (Monday)

Group Stage games

April 16 (Tuesday)

Group 2: Manika Batra 3-1 Adina Diaconu (9-11, 11-8, 11-6, 11-8)

Group 4: Sreeja Akula 4-0 Natalia Bajor (11-9, 11-6, 11-5, 11-5)

April 17 (Wednesday)

Group 4: Sreeja Akula 1-3 Chen Meng (4-11, 4-11, 15-13, 2-11)

Group 2: Manika Batra lost to Wang Manyu (6-11, 4-11, 9-11, 4-11)

April 18 (Thursday)

Round of 16 matches men’s and women’s singles 

April 19 (Friday)

Quarter-finals of men’s and women’s singles 

April 20 (Saturday)

Semi-finals of men’s and women’s singles 

April 21 (Sunday)

Finals of men’s and women’s singles

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