Top five mistakes WWE must not make at Night of Champions 2023

Ruby Agarwal

May 26 2023

WWE must steer clear of making this errors in the much-anticipated event.

Night of Champions is one of the most anticipated events in the world of professional wrestling. As the name suggests, the event is known for its showcase of champions defending their titles against worthy challengers.

However, amidst the excitement and anticipation, there are potential pitfalls that could mar the event. In this article, we will delve into the top five mistakes that WWE must avoid at Night of Champions 2023.

5. Logan Paul Returning to Cost Seth Rollins the Championship

Logan Paul’s involvement in the WWE has been met with mixed reactions from fans and wrestlers alike. His appearance at WrestleMania 37 alongside Sami Zayn garnered significant attention, but it also drew criticism. If Logan Paul were to interfere in Seth Rollins’ championship match, it would undermine the integrity of the competition and frustrate the WWE Universe. Night of Champions should focus on the in-ring talent rather than relying on outside interference.

4. The Usos Helping The Bloodline During the Tag Title Match

The Bloodline’s dominance has been a highlight of WWE programming. However, having The Usos interfere in the tag team championship match at Night of Champions would diminish the significance of the event. Tag team wrestling thrives on the chemistry and skills of the participating teams. Letting outside interference determine the outcome would deprive fans of a fair and competitive match.

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3. Brock Lesnar Defeating Cody Rhodes in Their Night of Champions Singles Match

Cody Rhodes has been on a remarkable journey since leaving WWE and establishing himself in other promotions. His return to Night of Champions should be a testament to his hard work and dedication. However, a defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar would undermine the progress he has made. Night of Champions should aim to create compelling storylines that elevate the talents of all involved, rather than overshadowing them.

2. WWE Halts Sami Zayn’s Megastar Build-Up

Sami Zayn’s recent rise in popularity has been a refreshing development in WWE. He has captivated audiences with his eccentric character and impressive in-ring skills. However, WWE must not make the mistake of halting Zayn’s momentum at Night of Champions. He deserves a chance to shine on a grand stage and showcase his abilities. Denying him an opportunity to further establish himself would be a disservice to his talent and the fans who have rallied behind him.

1. No New Champion Is Crowned at the Event Called Night of Champions

Night of Champions is synonymous with title matches and the potential for new champions to emerge. The absence of a title change would be a major letdown for fans expecting groundbreaking moments. It is crucial that Night of Champions lives up to its name by delivering unexpected twists and turns, allowing new champions to be crowned. A lack of title changes would undermine the significance of the event and dampen the enthusiasm of the WWE Universe.


Night of Champions 2023 holds tremendous potential for memorable moments and groundbreaking storylines. However, in order to make the event truly exceptional, WWE must avoid the aforementioned mistakes. Fans deserve fair and competitive matches, free from unnecessary interference and outcomes that undermine the talents of the competitors.

Night of Champions should celebrate the best of professional wrestling and provide opportunities for new stars to shine. Let us hope that WWE heeds these warnings and delivers a Night of Champions that lives up to its name.

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