WWE Raw Results & Winners (October 16, 2023): Judgment Day wins the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 17 2023
WWE RAW (October 16, 2023)

Judgment Day regains the Tag Team title with Jimmy’s assist, Gunther retains the IC title, Mami’s title is in major threat, Nakamura buried Ricochet and much more!

The October 16, 2023, Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw is officially over with some of the best matches and segments. This is one of the much seen episode of Raw featuring a special stipulation match, two championship matches, where one championship changed hands. Get to know, what happened on this week’s episode of Raw as we came with the complete match summary, results, ratings and winners list.

Raw Summary

Judgment Day interrupts Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn kicked-off Monday Night Raw, he addressed the WWE Universe and Owens being traded to SmackDown. He states that he is filled with mixed emotions as he is very sad that Owens is not here, but he feels excited as well, as it is time for both of them to prove that they are world championship level superstars.

He stated that he was the one who was happy to welcome Jey to Raw, but is now worrying he is the cause for him to lose his friend on Raw. He said that the past year was one of the best year of his career because of the support of the WWE Universe.

When he was about to speak the next work, Judgment Day interrupted. Balor said that The Judgment Day should have kicked off the season premiere. Priest said that he is happy that Owens is removed, and is excited to remove Zayn too.

Priest said that he will kick Zayn & Drew, but Rhea Ripley stopped him. Rhea says not to comment on Drew. The Judgment Day surrounded Zayn, where Jey came with a couple of steel chairs to make Judgment Day retreat.

Jey Uso met Sami Zayn backstage, Zayn was frustrated that Owens is not here because of Jey, they are not champions because of him, Jey got it all, but he lost all. He yells Jey, but anyway he apologized and compromised between themselves.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Falls Count Anywhere Match- Ricochet vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The moment when Nakamura enter the ring Ricochet kicked Nakamura out. But as soon as both enter the ring, Nakamura took the advantage with a kick and overhead suplex. Ricochet fought back, sends Nakamura out and dives through the top rope. They took the fight to the backstage, production area and returned to the entrance ramp. Ricochet with a one leg throw and a standing splash on the entrance ramp.

During the commercial, they went to the audience area. Ricochet climbed the upper stands and hit Nakamura with a Shooting Star. Nakamura soon took gets the control, sends Ricochet back to the ringside, threw him to the barricade and introduces weapons. Sets the table, hit Ricochet with Nunchaku, and clears the commentary table. Ricochet stopped him with a knee to the head, and lays Nakamura over the table. He climbed the top rope, but Nakamura stops him.

Nakamura hit a GTS and measures for Kinshasa, but Ricochet hit a over head kick and a 450 Splash from the Springboard. Ricochet climbs the top rope, but Nakamura pushed him down through the table, breaking it, delivers a Kinshasa and pinned him outside the ring for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura Ratings: 3.8/5

Piper Niven vs Natalya

Niven pushes Natalya to the corner, as Natalya slapped her on the face and sends her face first to the turnbuckle. Niven and Natalya went for a back to back Rollup and Niven sends Natalya out with a kick. After the commercial, Natalya tried to finisher the match.

Natalya measured for a Sharpshooter, Niven kicks her to push Green down, she gets distracted and Niven pulls her down and hit her with a Splash for the win. After the match they attack Natalya as Tegan Nox comes to the aid and the champs retreats.

Winner: Piper Niven Ratings: 3/5

Backstage- Judgment Day

The Judgment Day was on backstage. Priest again spoke about beating Drew, but Dom and Rhea stopped him and said that they will take care of McIntyre. She told them to focus on the tag team championship business for tonight.

Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre

Rollins spoke about the new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Champion that they found last week and about he stopping Priest and Dom from cash-in. Why did he do that? He calls out Drew and asks for an explanation.

Rollins says that he can handle his own business. Rollins plays a video clip of Drew and Rhea discuss backstage. Drew tells that what they spoke is none of Rollins business. Rollins said that nobody is taking the championship from him, especially Drew. He suspects that Drew is looking to have a backup from Judgment Day, but he thinks that it doesn’t matter as he still gonna be champion.

Drew spoke about last time they have a match, where he beat Rollins and recalls the loss he suffered by The Bloodline. Rollins advices Drew to move on as The Bloodline are definitely moved on and to focus on the present. Rollins makes the statement that nothing gonna stop him from being the World Champion.

Ratings: 4/5

Ludwig Kaiser vs Johnny Gargano

Gargano straight away took Kaiser down with a beat down and suicide dive. Kaiser fights back and sent Gargano to the turnbuckle. Gargano locks Kaiser’s hands on the rope, Kaiser then hit a clothesline and a push Gargano the barricade which landed him hard. Kaise is in control of the match after the commercial, locking the neck of Gargano.

Gargano fights back and sent Kaiser head first to the turnbuckle. Gargano lands back to back strikes, hit a spring board spear and a jumping sideliner. Kaiser tries to fight back and climbs the middle rope, but Gargano turned it into a powerbomb.

Kaiser fought back with a rolling senton, but Gargano sends him out. Gargano hit a couple of Willow’s bell for the pin, but Vinci plucked Gargano’s eye. Kaiser delivers a step up enziguri and a modified DDT for the win.

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser Ratings: 3.5/5

Backstage- Becky Lynch, Indie Hartwell, Xia Lee, Jade Cargill, Rhea Ripley

India Hartwell & Candice LaRae met Becky Lynch and Hartwell challenged her. Becky accepts and went to make it official by meeting Adam Pearce. On the way, she had a quick face off with the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Becky made her match with Indie Hartwell official by meeting Adam Pearce. Xia Lee came to her and ask for a chance and was named as the third challenger for the title. After Lee left, Jade Cargill had a face off with Becky Lynch. Lynch walked out and Cargill was welcomed by Adam Pearce.

Backstage- Drew McIntyre & Sami Zayn

Drew meets Zayn and talked about Jey Uso which cost him lose Zayn’s friend Owens. He told not to trust The Right Hand man of the Bloodline. Zayn advices him to get rid of The Bloodline and move on. Zayn says that Jey is changed, but Drew advices him that with the same mentality of backing up others and forgiving all will not make Zayn a World Champion. Zayn challenges McIntyre for a match next week.

Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler

Ripley and Baszler take down each other with a throwdown. Ripley landed bad on her shoulder and Baszler stomped on her elbow. Rhea hit a drop kick. Both exchange hands and kicks, as Baszler lays Ripley with a German Suplex and a knee to the jaw. Baszler looked for her finisher, but Ripley escapes climbing the top rope and hit a missile drop kick.

Rhea went for a Riptide, but Baszler converts it into a arm bar. Rhea hit a powerbomb. Nia Jax marched to the ring, Raquel Rodriguez and Zoey Stark stopped her. Zoey attacked Rhea to end the match in a no contest, Rhea and Zoey took Nia Jax and Zoey cleared the house to stand tall.

Result: No Contest Ratings: 3.8/5

Intercontinental Championship Match

Hands locked and both pushes each other showcasing the strength. Gunther hit a shoulder tackle and Reed hits one. Gunther delivers a couple of big boot, and a chop, but Reed runs over him to take him down.

Gunther fights back and looks for a Powerbomb, but couldn’t able to lift him. Gunther then locked Reed with a Sleeper holds. Reed escaped and took down Gunther to went for a top rope, Gunther stopped him. As fight went on Apron Reed took Gunther down.

After the commercial, both exchange chops as Reed hits a kind of Fantom Driver, Gunther fights back by hitting a Clothesline. Reed delivers a top rope vertical Super-plex and went for a Tsunami, but Gunther countered him. Gunther was fired up as he quickly shifted the momentum by laying him down, top rope frog splash and Powerbomb to retain the Intercontinental championship.

Winner: Gunther Ratings: 4/5

Backstage- The Miz & Nia Jax

The Miz was interviewed backstage, where he states that Adam Pearce shouldn’t be Raw GM as he puts him in the third hour of the show. He says that Aldis should be the GM of all the three as he might know to put some respect on him. Nia Jax interrupts them and makes a statement to the Raw Women’s division and the attackers.

Backstage- Rhea Ripley & Adam Pearce

Rhea meets Adam Pearce. Pearce made Women’s World Championship match for Crown Jewel by forcing Rhea to defend against Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Raquel Rodriguez, and Zoey Stark in a Fatal 5-Way Match.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Cody Rhodes and Finn Balor starts rhe match. Cody is fired up straight away and has the initial strikes on Balor. Jey and Priest tagged in, where Priest shifted the momentum to Judgmenr Day by taking Beh down. They locked Jey on their corner, but he escapes and tags Cody in.

Cody hit a disaster kick on Priest, measured Balor for a Cross Rhodes, Balor escaped and looks for a Sling Blade. Jey Uso super kicked him, Cody hit a Cross Rhodes on Priest and went for cover, but Dominik grabbed Priest leg over the ropes to break the fall.

Cody chased Dom, Balor tagged himself in and stopped the chase by hitting a flying clothesline on Cody. After the commercial, Priest and Rhodes was in the ring, where Cody delivered a Pedigree on Priest. Jey Uso tagged-in and so does Balor.

Balor measured for a Coupe de Grace, but Jey super kicked him and went for Cody-One D combination. Priest took Cody out, while he performs Suicide Dive and hit a Chokeslam on Apron. When Jey went for the top rope for Uso Splash, Dom stopped him and diverts the referee.

Sami Zayn took Dom down, Priest powerbombed Cody on the commentary table, Jey hit a couple of spear on Priest and Balor. When Jey went for a top rope, Jimmy Uso showedup and super kicked Jey Uso. Balor hit the Coupe De Grace and won the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

Winner: Damien Priest & Finn Balor Ratings: 4.2/5

Raw Results

  • Shinsuke Nakamura (W) def. Ricochet by Pinfall.
  • Piper Niven (W) def. Natalya by Pinfall.
  • Ludwig Kaiser (W) def. Johnny Gargano by Pinfall.
  • Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler ended in a No Contest.
  • Gunther (C) def. Bronson Reed to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
  • Judgment Day (C) def. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso to win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

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