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Federation Cup Athletics 2023: Jyothi Yarraji bags gold in women's 100m hurdles

Published at :May 18, 2023 at 5:03 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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(Courtesy : Twitter/@afiindia)

M Sudharshan

Four women's 100m hurdlers breached the qualification mark for Asian Athletics Championships.

National Record holder Jyothi Yarraji won the gold medal in women's 100m hurdles by clocking 12.89 secs at the Federation Cup Senior Athletics Championships. The athlete from Andhra Pradesh went on to break her own meet record for the second time in two successive days.

In the heats yesterday, Jyothi clocked 13.18 sec (breaking her meet record set last year at 13.44 sec) and today in the final went below 13 sec. This was the 23-year-old's second run below the 13-sec mark (officially) with the NR set at 12.82 sec.

Along with breaking the meet record, Jyothi Yarraji has also breached the Asian Championship qualification standard (13.63 sec) set by AFI (Athletics Federation of India). Four women hurdlers have breached the qualification mark along with Jyothi (Nithya Ramaraj - 13.44 sec, Sapna Kumari - 13.58 sec, and Pragyan Sahu - 13.60 sec).

Jyothi was once again back on the track within a time frame of 50 minutes and was set to take part in the 200m. She clocked 23.47 sec in heat 2 while Archana Suseendran clocked 23.46 sec in heat 1 with both finishing on top in their respective heats. Both Archana and Jyothi surpassed the qualification mark (23.50 sec) for the Asian Athletics Championship.

In the men's 110m hurdles, Maharashtra's Tejas Shirse bagged the gold medal by clocking 13.72 sec and was the only athlete to clock sub 14 sec. In the heats, Shirse clocked 13.61 sec (breaking the Meet Record set by Siddhant Thingalaya) and many were hopeful of him bettering his heat timings.

22-year-old Damneet Singh from Punjab bagged the gold medal in the men's discus throw with a best result of 64.91m. The qualification mark for Asian Athletics Championship was set at 71.10m (which is more than NR - 70.73m). In the men's decathlon, Usaid Khan from Uttar Pradesh stood first by scoring 6970 points followed by Mohit (6794 points) and Gokul (6752 points).

Day 1 Medal Winners

Men’s 10,000m - 1. Gulveer Singh (29:05.90), 2. Abhishek Pal (29:07.11), and 3. Rohit Kumar (29:08.95)

Women’s 10,000m - 1. Sanjivani Jadhav (33:32.73), 2. Kavita Yadav (34:05.47), and 3. Seema (34:43.66)

Women’s hammer throw -1. Tanya Chaudhary (60.54m), 2. Sarita R Singh (60.45m), and 3. Manpreet Kaur (57.08m)

Men’s 3000m steeplechase - 1. Md Nur Hasan (8:30.56), 2. Vikram Singh (8:40.20), and 3. Sumit Kumar (8:48.49)

Women’s 3000m steeplechase - 1. Priti Lamba (9:47.78), 2. Bhagyashree Lahanu (10:24.03), and 3. Komal Chandraka Jagadale (10:25.32)

Day 2 Medal Winners

Men’s shot put - 1. Tajinderpal Singh Toor (20.42m), 2. Sahib Singh (19.23m), and 3. Karanveer Singh (19.05m)

Men’s high jump -1. Sarvesh Anil Kushare (2.22m), 2. Jesse Sandesh (2.18m), and 3. Swadhin Kumar Majhi (2.11m)

Men’s 100m - 1. Amiya Kumar Mallick (10.31), 2. Elakkiadasan (10.37), and 3. Dondapati Mruty Jayaram (10.40)

Men’s discus throw - 1. Harpreet Singh (55.63m); 2. Nirbhay Singh (54.39m); 3. Sachin Suhag (51.34m)

Men’s long jump - 1. David P (7.75m); 2. Muhammed Anees Yahiya (7.73m); 3. Samuel R (7.59m)

Men’s 400m - 1. Rajesh Ramesh (45.75); 2. Muhammed Ajmal V (45.85); 3. Muhammed Anas Yahiya (46.19)

Men’s 1500m - 1. Jinson Johnson (3:44.43); 2. Abhishek Singh Thakur (3:45.32), and 3. Rahul (3:45.72)

Women’s javelin throw - 1. Annu Rani (59.24m), 2. Uma Choudhary (51.15m), and 3. Shilpa Rani (50.87m)

Women’s triple jump - 1. Poorva Hitesh Sawant (13.27m), 2. Mallala Anusha (13.11m), and 3. Karthika Gothandapni (13.10m)

Women’s 100m: 1. Srabani Nanda (11.57); 2. Archana Suseendran (11.66); 3. Daneshwari AT (11.69)

Women’s shot put - 1. Manpreet Kaur (16.57m), 2. Abha Khatua (16.57m), and 3. Paramjit Kaur (15.79m)

Women’s 400m - 1. Priya Mohan (53.40), 2. Sonia Baishya (53.42), and 3. Florence Barla (53.76)

Women’s 1500m - 1. Ankita (4:16.99), 2. Chanda (4:17.55), and 3. Pooja (4:20.03)

Decathlon -1. Usaid Khan (6970), 2. Mohit (6794), and 3. Gokul S (6752)

Day 3 Medal Winners

Women's 100m hurdles - Jyothi Yarraji (12.89), Nithya Ramaraj (13.44), and Sapna Kumari (13.58)

Men's 110m hurdles - Tejas Shirse (13.71), Madhvendra Singh (14.01), and Sachin Bina (14.23)

Men's hammer throw - Damneet Singh (64.91m), Taranveer Singh (64.81m), and Lokesh Poonia (57.61m)

Women's discuss throw - Shalini Chaudhary (49.35m), Paramjot Kaur (48.76m), and Salmi (46.31m)