Nandini Agasara strikes back with strong reply to Swapna Barman’s ‘transgender’ allegation

Gourav SamalGourav Samal
October 4 2023
Nandini Agasara strikes back with strong reply to Swapna Barman's transgender allegation
(Courtesy : The Times of India)

Swapna Barman finished a credible fourth, just a few points behind the bronze medal position.

India’s Nandini Agasara secured the third position in the women’s heptathlon event, earning herself a well-deserved bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 on Sunday (October 1st). With 5712 points Nandini outclassed India’s other medal favourite Swapna Barman, who finished the event with 5708 points, just four points behind the bronze medalist.

The 23-year-old displayed exceptional performance, earning a remarkable 5712 points. Notably, she emerged as the front-runner among India’s talented athletes, surpassing fellow contender Swapna Barman by a mere four points, as Barman concluded the event with a commendable total of 5708 points.

After the women’s heptathlon concluded it gave rise to a contentious situation, wherein Swapna Barman purportedly claimed that she was defeated by a transgender woman.

Swapna Barman on X said (later deleted) “I lost my Asian Games bronze medal to a transgender woman at the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China. I want my medal back as it is against the rules of athletics. Help me and support me please.”

Nandini also didn’t back out on reacting to the claims and told Sportstar “I doubt the timing of her allegations. Why didn’t she make the accusations earlier? How can someone say something like this about another woman?” asked Nandini.

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She even didn’t back out on taking the issue to the federation. “I will definitely take it up with the federation. I will not leave this lightly. I won my first international medal here at the Asian Games and I wanted to enjoy it a little, but have to return as my mother is not well”, added Nandini.

Nandini concluded by expressing her concerns regarding how such statements can potentially damage the reputation of our nation on the global stage. “We only think of winning medals for India. From the moment I embarked upon my journey, my primary objective was to excel in athletic endeavors and thereby contribute to the honour and distinction of our nation by acquiring prestigious medals. Now that I have won, all these trolls have come out.

“Whenever someone starts getting successful, there are always many to pull them down. But, this is not about me at all, I am sad that she did not think before defaming India’s name in a foreign country,” added Nandini.

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