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Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir fight: Reports reveal exact words use by both

Sagar Paul

May 5 2023
Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir fight: Reports reveal exact words use by both

There was a heated verbal exchange between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir following LSG vs RCB clash at Lucknow on Monday.

The IPL 2023 match between the Lucknow Super Giants and the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Ekana Stadium on May 1st will be remembered for the numerous on-field altercations that occurred between the players and support staff of both teams. In particular, Virat Kohli of RCB was involved in several heated exchanges with LSG’s Naveen-ul-Haq, Amit Mishra, Kyle Mayers, and Gautam Gambhir. There are various videos captured from multiple angles, including some recorded by fans in the stands, and reports that provide insights into what unfolded between Virat Kohli and the LSG players.

Altercations between Kohli and LSG players

To provide a chronological account of the incidents, it all began with Virat Kohli’s provocative send-offs and exultations during LSG’s chase. Then in the 17th over, Kohli got into a spat with Naveen-ul-Haq, and when Amit Mishra tried to intervene, he too faced Kohli’s ire. After RCB’s 18-run victory, as the teams lined up for handshakes, Naveen-ul-Haq shook off Kohli’s hand and they had another heated exchange, which was broken up by Glenn Maxwell.

While Kohli was walking away, Mayers approached him and reportedly asked why he had been subjected to abuse. This is when Gambhir stepped in and took Mayers away. There are multiple videos and reports from different perspectives, including those captured by fans from the stands,that offer insights into what happened between Kohli and the LSG players.

Virat Kohli’s provocation and Gambhir’s confrontation

Finally, the reason behind Gambhir’s reaction has been revealed. According to a report by Dainik Jagran, it was Kohli’s words that triggered Gambhir. The report stated that Kohli said “Bloody f***. I want to give him a sendoff,” which infuriated Gambhir, leading him to lose his temper and confront Kohli. An eyewitness gave an account of the incident.

“Gautam asked ‘Kya bol raha hain bol’ (What were you saying?) and Virat replied, ‘Maine aapko kuch bola hi naahin, aap kyon ghus rahein ho’ (Why are you coming in between when I haven’t told you anything).

“Gautam responded, ‘Tuney agar mere player ko bola hai, matlab tune meri family ko gaali diya hai. (You abused my player and that’s like abusing my family) and Virat’s reply was, ‘Toh aap apne family ko sambhal ke rakhiye’. (Then you take care of your family).

“Gambhir’s final reply before they were separated was, ‘Toh ab tu mujhe sikhayega…’ (So now, I have to learn from you…).”

Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq shared posts on instagram

Within a few hours of the incident, the BCCI fined Gambhir, Kohli, and Naveen for their actions on the field. Gambhir and Kohli was fined 100% of their match fees, while Naveen was fined 50% of match fees. It’s worth noting that Kohli and Naveen’s exchange of words didn’t just take place on the cricket field, as they also shared stories on their respective Instagram accounts.

Kohli shared a message on his Instagram story, which has been attributed to Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. The message was “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” On the other hand, Naveen-ul-Haq shared a post that read, “You get what you deserve, that’s how it should be and that’s how it goes.”

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