The Blasters have now lost successive games in ISL 2022-23.

Kerala Blasters once again failed to feel the sweetness of victory after being defeated by Odisha FC at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. KBFC found the opening goal in the early minutes through defender Harmanjot Khabra. Later Jerry netted the equaliser in the second half. However, all hopes for at least a point were laid to waste when Pedro Martin scored the winner for the hosts with four minutes remaining. Kerala Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovic discussed his side’s performance at the post-match press conference.

Here’s what the Kerala Blasters’ head coach said:

Team’s performance in the second-half after a brilliant start

The KBFC head coach said that his side had full control over the game but at some point, his team lost the rhythm. He also said that the second goal from their opponents made him frustrated. He mentioned that he already knew that this game would end up ugly and they are unhappy with the result.

“We had everything under control. Then in the second half, you concede those kinds of goals that we did today that put you in a moment of doubt. But even after the first goal, we knew what we wanted to do. We knew how to control the situation. After the second goal as a coach, it made me frustrated.

“Both teams had moments where they could score goals. But we know that it will be ugly. In one moment the officials kind of lost control over their decisions. It just makes players frustrated and we are unhappy with the result. We have to regroup and prepare for the next game.”

Thoughts about Odisha FC

Ivan Vukomanovic said that Odisha FC are one of the toughest teams to beat. He also said that his side was aware that the game would be difficult and that every game is a fight for them.

“They are a tough team to beat. They are very hard. Even last season they had a good campaign as well. We knew that it would be difficult. Actually, for us every team is difficult. We as a team know that we have to fight every time.”

Thoughts on Kerala Blasters’ performances

Ivan said that all the goals in today’s match were nothing tactical. He said that the second goal they conceded showed the quality of the player (Pedro Martin) who scored since it was from a long ball. He added that he is quite disappointed with today’s game as they lost another three important points. 

“The situations that occurred during the first and second half, there were no tactical or movements that brought the teams difficulties. If we were talking about our goal, it’s from a set-piece. If we were talking about the first goal that we conceded it’s from a throw-in. These moments are nothing tactical that you have to worry about. The last goal was from a long ball. And it was the individual quality of that player. It was a nice goal. Unfortunately, we lost the game but we have to continue.”

Finishing a problem? Happy with ball possession?

He said that every game has different aspects whih=ch need to be looked into. Ivan Vukomanovic added that they will practice more and learn from the mistakes they have gone through so far. 

“There are many aspects in every game. What you want to do, when you have the ball. How to press, how to tackle, how to defend, how to play set pieces. And also in the previous match, there were many chances. This is the kind of work that you have to continue practicing on. Hopefully one day it will happen. We are just unhappy because we lost the game. We will travel back tomorrow and we have to get ready for the next game.”

Words on away fans 

Ivan Vukomanovic felt very happy to see the fans at the Kalinga Stadium. He said that Kerala Blasters have the best fans. He also said that wherever they play, they play for the fans. 

“We have the best fans. Wherever we go, we will be playing for them. And for me, it’s always a pleasure to be part of Kerala Blasters.

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