This match is regarded as local derbies, but in football, it is one of the biggest rivalries in football.

England and Wales have a lengthy history, and their match used to be their most popular rivalry. They would play each other on an annual basis throughout their home nation’s tournament, which lasted from 1884 to 1984, with a World War in between.

Although the nations now engage in major tournaments such as the World Cup and the Euros, the rivalry between the nations remains heated. Although England have been more prosperous than Wales, with one World Cup title, Wales have never achieved a significant international trophy.

Wales are making its second appearance in the competition after missing out on the mega-event since 1958. England’s previous World Cup victory occurred in 1966. And now they will meet in their final group B encounter of the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday night, with Wales at the bottom of the table with one point and England at the top with four.

This will be a tight contest, with Wales having very slim prospects of going to the knockout phase, whereas England could move further with a win or a draw. We’ll now look their head-to-head performances.

Recent results

08 October 2020: England 3-0 Wales: Friendlies

16 June 2016: England 2-1 Wales: EURO 2016

06 September 2011: England 1-0 Wales: European Qualifiers

26 March 2011: Wales 0-2 England: European Qualifiers

03 Septmeber 2005: Wales 0-1 England: WC Qualifiers Europe

England vs Wales: Overall head-to-head records

Euros Qualifiers 


Wales: 0

Draws: 0

England: 4

Euro 2016

Matches: 1

Wales: 0

Draws: 0

England: 1

International friendlies 


Wales: 14

Draws: 20

England: 58

World Cup qualifiers

Matches: 6

Wales: 0

Draws: 1

England: 5


Matches: 103

Wales: 14

Draws: 21

England: 68

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