The Brazilian was taken off after being a the end of a horrible tackle

As the Qatar World Cup recently completed its first round of matches on Sunday, the world witnessed some world-class football during these few days. These matches included various injuries, wins, unexpected setbacks, and defeats and most importantly, people got the opportunity to cheer for their respective idols again. The term ‘idol’ is not only a word but is an emotion for several football fans around the globe at this time of the year. World Cup and its players have influenced millions of people around the world to adopt football and taught individuals to love the game and to support a team and its players.

So after every four years, when the world’s biggest sports carnival rings the bell, everyone can’t hold their excitement for the game. But this year, it seems like the excitement might eventually lead to grief for many true hardcore football fans. This might sound a bit cruel but the harsh reality roams around the air. Messi, Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, and Edison Cavani are certainly some big names on this list.

2nd highest goalscorers for the Brazil national football team

Another big name that every football fan hopes not to see in the list but the player who might be playing his last World Cup is none other than PSG and Brazil player Neymar Jr. The Brazilian is only three goals away in international football from leveling the top goal scorer of Brazil of all time, Pele. Neymar is currently carrying a goal record of 77 goals for the South American subcontinent and could easily surpass the benchmark set by the Brazilian legend.

Who is G.O.A.T of Football?
Lionel Messi
  • 28029 ( 64.04 % )
Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 15739 ( 35.96 % )

But it seems as if injuries have been playing the role of pebbles and sands in Neymar’s World Cup quest for ages. He has been an important target for the opposition. But getting injured in the World Cup opening match with Brazil is surely something everyone must be concerned about. The opening match of Brazil against Serbia was an easy game for the team due to the two fantastic goals scored by Richarlinson but the team’s stress has now shifted towards the team’s main more solid who has wounded himself. Neymar, who is playing his last World Cup. He is now expected to miss the remaining group-stage matches due to his injury.

At such times these are some key players who can replace Neymar for the next upcoming matches:

Everton Ribeiro

The Flamengo attacking midfielder has been showing his skills and style of play in the Copa Liberators for many years and has been a valuable player for the team. He was with the Copa American squad of Brazil during the year 2021-22 and contributed adequately to the team which led the team to enter the finals. Everton had been awarded the title of Best Footballer of the year twice in Brazil. He is an experienced player who has known the squad for many years and can thus play a vital role of an attacking midfielder, affecting the overall performance of the team.


The young and efficient player of the team is also an option who can play the role of an attacking midfielder in the team after playing for Ajax FC and currently playing for Manchester United for many years. The player has been managing the right-wing majorly but has also played the role of managing the squad. His skills and passing mindset is surely something that Brazil needs in that position.

Lucas Paqueta

The Samba boy is a proper replacement for Neymar as from the beginning of his career Paqueta has been known for specializing his style of play in the attacking midfield position. He has been with Brazil for a few years now and has been scoring and making the game for the team due to his expertise in the position. During the first match against Serbia on Sunday. The player was selected in the playing squad to contribute his gameplay as a center midfielder alongside Casemiro. The West Ham player can excel more by shifting his position.


Another young outstanding player that Brazil can look for is Rodrygo Silva. The prodigy can play in any position as required by the team. He can play in attacking midfield, secondary striker, and center forward. The Real Madrid forward can amaze the Brazil side by playing a fantastic role in this position as he can clear the pathways for the team and can create an attacking mode for the team. A player like him, who can adjust in many positions, is certainly someone Brazil is now looking for.

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