Legendary footballers have been honored in this manner

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there is a significant football stadium called Maracana Stadium. The FIFA World Cup was held there when the stadium opened in 1950.

Since the government owns the stadium and not the clubs, the clubs utilize it in exchange for rent. Originally able to hold about 200,000 people, the stadium’s capacity has been reduced to 78,838 as a result of renovations that replaced the terraced portions with seats.

It is still Brazil’s largest stadium and South America’s second-largest overall. The stadium’s record crowd was a whopping 199,854 during the 1950 World Cup match between Brazil and Uruguay.

It is only after years of hard effort and success that a footballer is invited to join the Maracana Stadium Hall of Fame, making it the most unique aspect of the stadium. Footprints of the best footballers of the century may be found there.

In all, there are around 100 notable players, with Brazil sending inv the most players as the host country. Some of the most recognizable names in soccer history—Garrincha, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Ronaldo, Romario, Bebeto, Kaka, Skin, Maradona, Platini, Eusebio—are immortalized here.
Obviously, Pele was a pioneer in Hall’s opening. The wall of the dressing area features a list of Paseo members. An unusual method of introducing the team and reminding those who will soon be sprinting out onto the pitch of the legendary setting.

And that’s true whether you think Maracana is a good idea or a bad idea. Also, the next soccer World Cup final will be played in what is perhaps the best stadium in the world. The holy ground for this magnificent activity.

What is the new update for the Hall of Fame of the Maracana?

The Rio de Janeiro State Sports Superintendence announced that Lionel Messi, captain of the winning Argentina team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has been asked to “eternalize” his mark at Brazil’s historic Maracana stadium by placing his footprints in the iconic stadium’s Hall of Fame.

When Argentina overcame France 4-2 on penalties in a nail-biting World Cup final on Sunday, the public authority in charge of the stadium extended Messi the same offer they had extended to him after Argentina won the Copa America in 2021.

“Messi has already demonstrated his importance on and off the pitch. He is a player who has been at the highest level in the history of football for years,” said the president of the superintendence, Adriano Santos, in a letter sent to Argentina captain Messi via the Argentine FA (AFA).

“And nothing could be more fitting than for the Maracana to also pay tribute to him. After all, Messi is a genius with the ball,”

Also, Maracana Stadium, site of two World Cup finals (1950 and 2014), witnessed Messi and his team win the 2021 Copa America with a 1-0 victory over Brazil.

Messi’s footprints at the Maracana would join those of Brazilian legends like Pele, Garrincha, Rivelino, and Ronaldo, as well as those of other legendary players from Chile, Serbia, Portugal, Uruguay, and Germany, such as Elias Figueroa, Dejan Petkovic, Eusebio, Sebastian Abreu, and Franz Beckenbauer.

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